Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update #2

Oh no, Knowshon Moreno is gone. And then, depression set in.

I was shocked to see him go to the Broncos. They need D. And more D. I just wasn't of the belief they could go for a RB.

The Eagles still have targets on the board.

DE Robert Ayers
CB Darius Butler
CB Vontae Davis
CB Alphonso Smith
TE Brandon Pettigrew (maybe)

RB Donald Brown is in play if they trade back.



Cliff said...

Spadaro is obsessed with Macklin. Do you think the Eagles are watching him slip with interest?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I don't see Maclin as being the guy we'd really want. His skill set is similar to D-Jax, although they are different size wise.

Baloophi said...

I don't get a good gut feeling with Ayers... I hope it's not him. If Maclin is there - trade the pick to the Giants (oh no!) and extort them for the other throw-in pick, use that to get another second and come out with D. Brown and Nicks/Robiskie/Ingram plus a DB.

Tommy Lawlor said...

PFT reported the Ravens covet Pettigrew. We could move back to 26, add a 4th, and then take Donald Brown or a CB.

That'd be fine with me.

Baloophi said...


Jerry's not on the Eagles' board, is he?

Cliff said...

C'mon Tommy, give us an update maaaan! I want your notes on Maclin!

Baloophi said...

From Scouts Notebook:

Redshirt Sophomore. Big time playmaker with explosive speed. Not a polished WR, though. Knee injury cost him the 2006 season. Mizzou used him very creatively. They understood what a dynamic force Maclin was and got him the ball as much as possible. Had 91 career carries for 668 yards and 6 TDs. Caught 182 passes for 2315 yards and 22 TDs. One concern is that Maclin was used in a spread offense. His route running will need work. Mizzou got him the ball by design. That won't happen as much in the NFL. Has good, but not great hands.

Not only was Maclin their best offensive player, but he was an elite kick returner. He ran back 3 punts for TDs and 2 kickoffs.

Top 25 pick.