Monday, April 6, 2009

A Look at the O-line

Someone wondered if the OL was getting too crowded. I don't think so at all. Let's take a look at the group as it would likely play out right now:

LT Todd Herremans ... King Dunlap
LG Nick Cole .......... Mike McGlynn
OC Jamaal Jackson ... Mike Gibson
RG Shawn Andrews ....
RT Stacy Andrews .... Chris Patrick

We also have:

RT/G Winston Justice
G Max Jean-Gilles

I don't think Justice has much of a chance to make the team. I think they'll try to deal him on draft weekend. Obviously they won't get much for him, but maybe you can move up 10 spots in a late round or something like that.

Max is off the top group because we don't know what kind of medical shape he's in. He could be forced to start the year on the PUP list. I know Stacy is also coming off an injury. Clearly the team expects him back for the opener or something like that. I'm still skeptical. Let's hope they're right. I want him on the field and ready to go.

Dunlap, Patrick and Gibson aren't locks to make the team. There are only 6 guys I feel strongly about. Now, I am optimistic about Gibson. I thought he looked good last summer. Dunlap and Patrick I'm hopeful with, but can't say anything more than that.

There is room for new players. Think about the addition of Peters.

LT Jason Peters ....... King Dunlap
LG Todd Herremans ... Mike McGlynn
OC Jamaal Jackson ... Mike Gibson
RG Shawn Andrews .... Nick Cole
RT Stacy Andrews .... Chris Patrick

Add Max to that group and you have a good group of OL. The backups still need to prove themselves, but the key is the starters. That would be a really good set of blockers.

We don't need Jason Peters, but he would be a very good addition. If we do pass on him, then I think we need to find a good OT/OG prospect in the mid-rounds.

We could still sign Jon Runyan if he gets healthy and Stacy is going to miss part of the season. That would cover us at RT and keep us from getting spread too thin.

If McGlynn and Dunlap are able to show improvement, we could have a deep, talented group of OL.


tobylove said...

my dream o-line for next year
LT Peters
LG Shawn
C Jackson
RG Stacy
RT Herremans

I know all signs point to Stacy at RT but I've always wanted to see Todd there.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'd love to see Todd at OT. I know he wants to play OT.

They gave a big deal to Stacy, and as you say, that points to him playing RT and Todd staying inside.

Stephen said...

I think it would come down to what Buffalo wants for Peters. I'm kind of leery about his contract demands, players like him remind me of Me-O. Obviously he's not the narcissistic locker room wrecking ball (no one else could be) but still players who get crazy about their contracts worry me.

orangecrush007 said...

One question about your post, Tommy. Is there 8 roster spots reserved for O-Lineman? What about the practice squad and who is eligible for the practice squad (Dunal McGlyn?)? Great info. Thanks so much!

Also, let's assume they get Peters. Do you think they will only draft one other o-lineman?

Any chance you could go over the d-line in a similar fashion?

I am interested to know at this point who is pretty much a lock to have a roster spot. This will lead us to determine where (what positions) they are going to be focusing on for the draft.

Early draft picks are going to require more money up front. I dont think the Eagles would like to pay a player gaurantees money if they may not even get a roster spot. So maybe in the middle rounds they draft oline. But early I think they are going to be looking at RB, TE, WR. These are positions where spots are open (Buck, LJ, G. Lewis).

orangecrush007 said...

Sorry for all my typos. I use one of these netbooks and the keyboard is tiny!

izzylangfan said...

Does everyone really think that the Eagles would pay up for Peters. He wants to be the highest paid OT in the league. Given that what would the Eagles have to/be willing to give up in a trade. The Eagles usually like to do things on the cheap, albeit occasionally paying up for a top line free agent. However, in this case they would have have to pay big twice in trade value and salary. I don' see it happening.

orangecrush007 said...

The Eagles paid top dollar for Kearse and Assante Samuel. If it is a position they see as deserving then they pay. I dont see that as an issue. T.O. was also due to make a lot of money if he would have just taken zoloft.

Adam said...

They paid good money for Kearse and Samuel yes, but they were free agents. Didn't give up any picks for those guys on top of the large contracts. I would love to have Peters here but it's a big price to pay. At least we will know in the next 18 days. C'mon Moreno/Pettigrew