Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Draft Follow-up

I did another podcast with the guys at EaglesFanCast. We discussed the new players and how they'll fit in, as well as the Sheldon situation and some other stuff. I managed to sneak in a reference to the bald chick from the original Star Trek movie. The actress was Persis Khambatta, but no one would no that name.

My newest article is also up. More draft thoughts and some additional UDFA info. RB Walter Mendenhall really is an interesting guy.

More Moves?

It doesn't sound like anything else significant is going to happen any time soon. The Eagles will tweak the roster here and there based on how guys look in this weekend's mini-camp and the passing camps. We're talking more about the fringe players than anyone who will be close to a starting or key role.

LB Josh Maugua is scheduled to meet with the team in a few days. He played ILB at Nevada this year and was a solid prospect, but went unpicked because of some medical concerns (chest muscle & bulging disc). If he checks out, Josh could be a solid guy to add to the roster. He could fit in at SLB or MLB.


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