Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update #1

The rumor in the Philly media is that the Eagles want Vontae Davis.

Not exactly. The Eagles prefer Knowshon Moreno or a DE. I think Ayers and Maybin are the 2 DEs they have interest in. If none of those guys makes it to pick 21, then CB is on the table.

I don't know their pecking order between Darius Butler, Vontae Davis, and Alphonso Smith. Butler is the most complete. Davis has the best upside. Smith is the most productive and has the "it" factor you like in players.

I like Smith quite a bit, but he's only 5'9, 190. Would that make us too small at CB? Maybe. The flip side of that is that Smith is a big time playmaker. How many picks did Hanson and Sheldon drop last year? You shouldn't see that with Smith. He had 21 picks at Wake Forest and also was a PR. He can catch the ball. While he is small, he's not soft. Smith is a good tackler and run defender.

Alphonso Smith would be my preference.

The Eagles could also deal back from 21. There is definite logic in dropping back.

Stay tuned.


Michael said...

If they want Moreno why don't they do something about it? Trade with NO at 14 or, if he makes it past the Chargers, trade with the Jets at 17 if they don't trade up themselves for Sanchez. The Jets can get DHB at 21 and we can steal Moreno from Denver.

Baloophi said...

If they go Smith, I'd hope they pick up a taller DB in a later round just to "cover" themselves... if it ultimately shakes out to Samuel and Smith I feel like we'd have two smaller gamblers back there which might be one too many...

Tommy Lawlor said...

They want Moreno, but will not sell out to get him. They need the 2nd and 3rd Rders to address TE, WR, DE, LB, etc.

If the early 5th would help, I'm sure they'd consider it. I doubt that helps very much.

Juqua Parker could be trade bait. I think they'll save Reggie for another round.

Cliff said...

I like Smith. He sounds like a young Sheldon, but with better hands.

Cliff said...

Quote of the Night has already come from NFL Network's Eisen: "Look at that Green Room jammed with all that POSSE!" LOL.