Friday, April 24, 2009

My Ideal Scenario

This is what I'd love to have happen.

1st Round - RB Donald Brown, UConn

We trade back with Pittsburgh. They give us pick 32 (one day maybe we'll get that on our own...or not), their 3rd rounder, and a late rounder in 2010. The Steelers are interested in DE Jarron Gilbert and don't want to risk some other 3-4 getting him.

Brown is the most NFL-ready of the RBs in this draft. He can run, catch, and block. He has great feet. Size is okay, especially with his athletic ability. Led the nation in rushing. He also reminds me of Matt Forte in the sense that he's from a non-football school, but had a great season and is ready for pro football.

2nd Round - WR Hakeem Nicks, UNC

We trade up. This time we send Reggie Brown and pick 53 to the Jaguars for their 2nd rounder. They just signed Torry Holt the other day. Wanna see the rest of their WR corps?

Dennis Northcutt
Mike Walker
Troy Williamson
D'Juan Woods
Nate Hughes

And people complain about the Eagles WRs??? Reggie gives them a starter. Northcutt slides to the slot. They still have a 2nd round pick. All is well.

Nicks slides because of some character issues. So did DeSean Jackson last year. Hakeem can only hope he works out as well as DeSean. Hakeem gives us a tough, physical WR with great RAC ability. He also has big hands and can make tough catches. If things pan out, he could develop into a Boldin type of WR.

3rd Round - DE David Veikune, Hawaii

I wasn't sure if the Birds wanted him more as a LDE or SAM. After some further research, Veikune is a LDE. He's only 6'2, 257, but did 35 reps at the Combine and he plays the run well. Rugged guy. Good STs player. You bring him in to back up Abiamiri and that allows you to trade Juqua Parker at some point.

3rd Round - TE Travis Beckum, Wisconsin

This pick came over from the earlier deal with the Steelers. I love Beckum as a receiver. I know there are some concerns with his blocking. He's only 6'3, 240. Travis did play at Wisconsin, a running school. He lined up out wide at times, but also knows how to get on the line and block. He needs to get a lot better in that area, but there is potential. Terrific receiver. Has great hands and he can make spectacular grabs.

4th Round - CB/RS Joe Burnett, UCF

We trade 2 of our 5th round picks (141, 153) to move up into the 4th. Joe is a very experienced player that can step in immediately if needed. He has excellent ball skills (16 career INTs). He also is very good on KOs and punts. Joe doesn't have great size or speed, but he is very productive as a CB. I value those guys. He also would take pressure off Demps and DeSean in the return game.

5th Round - TE Dan Gronkowski, Maryland

We now have a quality #3 TE prospect. Dan can catch and block. Had a great workout at the Combine, but needs to show that athletic ability on the field more often. Unlike Schobel, Dan could be a good STer.

5th Round - S Deangelo Smith, Cincinnati

Played mostly CB at Cincy. Might not last this long, but he isn't the most agile guy and I can easily see him sliding down. Did play some FS as a Senior. He is an excellent hitter and tackler. Also has good hands.

6th Round - FB Quin Johnson, LSU

Will he last this long? I'm not sure, but we'll be optimistic for the purposes of this exercise. Quin is the best lead blocker in the draft. Enough said as far as I'm concerned.

6th Round - LB Mike Rivera, Kansas

We need someone as a backup at SAM. Mike played WLB in college, but he has a SAM build and skill set. Covers well. Good tackler.

7th Round - CB Derek Cox, William and Mary

Cox would be a big, talented, athletic CB prospect. Imagine Rashad Barksdale, but with football skills. Don't let the Willian and Mary tag fool ya. This kid can play.

Off topic note. I'm reminded of a great football quote. Lou Holtz used to coach at W&M. He was asked about a loss and responded that the team had too many Marys and not enough Williams.


Christian said...

So you rate Brown ahead of Moreno? Interesting. Can you tell us why?

Tommy Lawlor said...

No. I like Knowshon better, but if we move back to 32 I don't think he'll still be available.

As for NFL-ready...I do think Donald Brown is more of a natural fit based on the offense he played in and the fact he's a good blocker and can catch the ball in space.

I hope that makes sense.

orangecrush007 said...

You like Nicks better than Britt? Can you expand on that?

Tommy Lawlor said...

Simply put, I like Nicks better.

Kenny is bigger and faster, but I think Hakeem is the better player and pro prospect.

I like Nicks ability to make tough catches. I love his physical style of play. I think he's got great RAC skills.

I do like Britt as well. Apparently he has some teams nervous because of perceived arrogance/attitude. He was nicknamed "Hollywood" at the Combine by Gil Brandt. I don't think that was meant as a compliment.

Christian said...

So wait...are you saying that we trade back b/c someone takes Moreno before pick #21?

orangecrush007 said...

Why would the Eagles draft an RB in the first round and pay him buckoo bucks if they pass the ball 65% of the time. That's how I see it.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Christian...

My scenario has us trade out of 21 whether Moreno is there or not. The goal was to add more ammo for the middle rounds and still come away with a very good RB in Donald Brown.

@ OC007...

1st round picks do not make huge money outside the Top 10. The salaries aren't cheap, but the money isn't what you may think.

Last year Pick 21 was OT Sam Baker. He got a 5 yr, $13M deal. Say we gave that to a RB. The first 2 years he'd be a backup, but the last 3 he might be our starter. And his price would be very reasonable.

orangecrush007 said...

I hear ya Tommy. About the money. I saw we exte4nded Patterson for 7 years 32 Mil to 37 mil (incentives). That's close to 5 mil per year. I think that is fair especially since he was drafted 3 years ago at a later spot. But there is concern he will be crying about his contract before all is said and done. Looking at the situation now I think he made out. Especially if at #21 they are making 2.6 mil per year for 4 years.

Christian said...

And further, the RB we bring in plays a HUGE role in the passing game...whether it be catching the ball out of the backfield or staying in to block. Both Moreno and Brown are generally regarded as backs who can run, catch and block.