Sunday, April 12, 2009

21 and 28

Will the Eagles stay put? Move up? Move back?

We've talked about this quite a bit in the last 6 or so weeks. There's no way to really know what the Eagles will do. A lot of people assume the Eagles will look to move because of the last 2 years when the Birds moved back.

The goal heading into the draft is almost never "Let's trade back". Go back to 2007. I've heard that the Eagles had a pair of key targets. They liked CB Aaron Ross quite a bit. He was a key target. Unfortunately the Giants snagged him at pick 20. The Eagles sat at pick 26. Their next target was Miami FS Brandon Meriweather. He got taken by the Patriots at pick 24.

The Eagles next key target was Kevin Kolb. They decided to move back and take him. He would be ideal value in the 2nd and they would add an extra pick.

Along comes the 2008 draft. The Eagles have one player they are really excited by, OL Branden Albert. He slides down to pick 15. The Lions are on the clock. Both KC and the Eagles want Albert. The Chiefs made a better offer, partially because their pick was a few spots ahead of the Eagles. When pick 19 rolled around the Eagles decided moving back was good value based on the offer they got.

As for this year...I think the Eagles would love to stay put and land good players. The problem is that they need the right guys to be on the board. We have no idea at this point how things will pan out.

I still think the team would love to deal #21 for Jason Peters. Nothing is likely to happen on that front until draft week. For some reason, teams like to wait even though there isn't a whole lot happening right now.


rick said...

Tommy - The Bills have said they'd like to start the bidding at a 1st and a 3rd round pick with the implication that it would go up from there for Peters. Do you think he's worth the 21 pick, plus our 3rd and a 5th or 6th? Also, if that doesn't work out, do you think they would move up to take Moreno? The Jets and Chargers are mentioned as teams that could be interested in him. I guess it might depend on how much the Eagles value him (and whether anyone would trade with them) as against taking a Donald Brown at 28, or Rashad Jennings at 53....

Cliff said...

I don't mind trading back with either of the 1st round picks at all, if it means adding 2nd or 3rd round picks. There are real NFL players in those two rounds that after a month in to the season, fans forget they weren't drafted in the first round... because it doesn't matter.

Macs said...

Tommy, what's your thought on the S. Brown story? I'm very disappointed, now we have to take a cb with one of the first 3 picks. rb,te and cb should be our first 3 picks, so there is no room for a wr before the 5th round...