Friday, April 24, 2009

More WR Talk

We know the Eagles have talked to Arizona about Anquan Boldin. There have been reports that the team has checked with the Bengals about Chad Johnson. The Eagles have been linked with draft prospects like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Hakeem Nicks.

All of these guys are big WRs. DHB has tremendous speed. The other guys are thick, strong, possession type WRs. There is another player in the draft that sorta fits this description...Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech.

In my final mock I had him fall out of the Top Ten. Let's say that happens. Should the Eagles consider moving up? Would the Eagles consider moving up?

We know trading up doesn't have the usual cost this year. I wonder if we could move up with Jacksonville for 21, Reggie Brown, and a lesser pick. Should Crabtree fall to the Saints spot at 14, they could be a partner. The Saints are hoping to pick up extra draft choices.

Crabtree has his warts, but could be an interesting target if he truly does slide like we're hearing he might.


shlynch said...

Moving up to the top 10 doesn't have unusual cost this year. I think you will find that moving up outside of the top 10 is more difficult.

mcud77 said...

Yes. Move up. 21 years old. RZ specialist. Your X is 31. Your other WRs are set for FA after this season. A chance to add a true blue chipper.

I didn't see any warts when I watched him play.

Cliff said...

Crabtree would certainly be an exciting pick, but would the cost disallow us from getting a RB and TE from this draft?

I'd rather draft a RB and TE than one WR, but maybe that's not necessarily the only choice.

rick said...

I think it would take at least 21 and 53, then throw in Reggie. Not sure I'd want to get into that bidding war with the Jets and Redskins for #8 if Sanchez slims. Also, starting to hear the stories of Crabtree as that typical WR star headcase....(warts)