Friday, April 17, 2009

Jason Peters to the Eagles?

Jay Glazer of Fox is reporting the deal is done.

Jay is very good with his sources and stories. I trust him above all the info guys. Assuming there are no last minute complications, this is great news.

The Eagles could have moved Todd or Shawn to LT, but that would have created a new hole on the OL. Peters has proven to be a very good LT in the NFL. You get a Pro Bowl caliber player at a key position.

That gives you the Andrews brothers on the right side. Todd is entrenched at LG. Jamaal is the man in the middle (isn't that a Michael Jackson song?). Mike McGlynn and Nick Cole are the top backups. That's 7 quality players. Max, when he gets healthy, gives you an 8th guy. King Dunlap, Chris Patrick, and Mike Gibson will battle for backup spots.

Glazer reports the deal is #28 and a 2nd day pick this year, as well as a late rounder next year. That is good value for both sides. The Eagles get a LT. The Bills get a couple of extra picks. They can possibly land a replacement at #11 or can use the extra 2nd day pick to move into the Top 10 and get the LT they want. Plus, the Bills don't have to worry about paying Peters a big contract.

Great news.


Mark H. said...

I guess the only downside is that it probably takes them out of the running for Boldin. But you can't complain about solidifying the OL like this.

So now what happens with the 21st pick? RB or Pettigrew maybe?

tobylove said...

One thing I was worried about coming into this offseason was all the moving around we were doing on the offensive line.

With this signing we'll now have 3 returning starters on our line, at both guards and center. Much better for continuity.

I am also excited about the possibility of using Peters as a tight end on the goal line, moving Todd out to tackle and putting in McGlynn or Cole at guard. I don't know if that's a realistic scenario but fun to roll around in my mind.

I love this trade. I'm too excited. And to think we have a big draft ahead. More goodies : D. Can't we just go ahead and start the season after the draft?

T_S_O_P said...

Peters' shortcomings have been raised quite a bit from his play last year, even though he made the Pro Bowl. How was different when he was named All-Pro in 07?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'll be watching some Peters tape this weekend and posting notes. I have games from throughout his career to check. I won't just watch his best.

RE: Boldin

Price is too steep right now. If the Cards lower it, we'll see. The Eagles are talking to teams about other players. I'm not sure how aggressive those talks will be after this deal, though.

RE: Stability

Exactly. Todd is now set at LG. Shawn is set at RG. That kind of stability and continuity makes a huge difference on the OL.

Mr_Boomy said...

I'm so excited man, after these slow months of off-season, we got ourselves a All-Pro LT.

I think he's an upgrade over Tra Thomas, isn't he?

And man, you've just finished the eagles mock draft, you gotta do it again this time without the 28th pick.

Cliff said...

Tommy, the MJ song is "Man in the Mirror," I think.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Cliff...

The man is in the mirror. Malcolm is in the middle. I'm all clear now.

Who's on first?

Cliff said...

It's only my favorite Michael Jackson song. Gosh.

Stephen said...

I like the price we paid, was even 28 not 21. I am curious as well as to what we do with pick 21, what kind of target are we looking at here? Does this take us out of the Pettigrew running? Is Knowshon Moreno the guy?

Adam said...

Love this trade a lot. I'm glad the speculation about moving up into the top 10 to grab a tackle is over. Still think they take Pettigrew with 21, imagine the 2 TE set. This O-line, pettigrew and celek, westbrook, jackson and curtis. You would have to respect the run so much that PA would be unbelievably effective with every single guy on the field capable of making a big play. The secreen game to the left side with Pettigrew and Peters blocking/athleticism downfield...yikes!

Prem Prakash said...

What's not to like here? We lose Tra and Jon and hardly skip a beat. Whether the new guys will fill their shoes remains to be seen, but there is certainly cause for optomism. Good job by the front office on getting it done.

On the other hand (there's always an other hand being an Eagles fan), this does reveal how when the f.o. is serious they find stud players. Their inability to secure a true #1 wr demonstrates a lack of commitment on the same level as they show to building the o line.

Adam said...

I think they have made it clear that they don't see WR as big of a priority as most everybody else does. They also aren't going to shell out huge $$ for somebody they don't think fills that role correctly, and I for one agree with them. You'd think the way that this WR corps is talked about that they are the worst in the league, and it's getting old real quick. I think, barring any injuries, that these WR's will open some eyes this year. The top 3seem to have carved out a nice role and spot for themselves here and with a potentially dangerous running game(I'll believe it when I see the commitment) that will only help the WR's.

Prem Prakash said...

Adam, I agree with you that our wr corps may be good. Curtis has good hands and can get yac, Desean could turn into something special, and Avant has proven he can play a role. Who knows, maybe Reggie Brown will even come back? If Westy is healthy this year (and has some kind of backup) we could be in good shape.

I also agree with you that the talent that is out there right now may not fit the bill and/or the asking price may be too high. My point, though, is that the Birds consistently have a fine O line under Reid because they draft, trade and pay for quality guys. They have not, in the past 10 years, shown the same determination to upgrade the receivers. Considering the pass-happy offense that Coach likes to run, this simply doesn't make sense.

Adam said...

I see where you're coming from, but it seems to be improving as of late. They tried with Brown, Avant is a 3rd rnd, Jackson a 2nd, so it seems like they are trying to identify guys in the draft that fit what they are looking for. I don't think Johnson or Edwards made as big of an impact as Jackson did their rookie years. So I think we need to give the kid 3 seasons to develop into that #1 role before we start completely criticizing the FO. If he doesn't turn into the stud he appears to have the potential to become then I too will question their thinking.

Adam said...

I was thinking this morning about the draft and this came to mind, let me know if you guys think it's reasonable. Now that they no longer have #28 but have the LT they need could the Eagles trade their 2nd and 3rd round to move up into the first 5 picks of the 2nd round? Let's say they select Pettigrew at 21, now RB would be the next logical selection. There is a very good chance that one of the following guys is still available around #36, Moreno/Wells/Brown/McCoy. But it seems unlikely that any of them will last until #53. The value chart says the two picks are worth 535 and pick #36 is worth 540. I may be wrong but I believe KC owns 36 and they may like to add some more picks.

What do you think? is this realistic, and/or would you like it?

orangecrush007 said...

I think they trade down to 27 and take Kenny Britt. When the Eagles had the oppurtunity to to gake Greg Olsen who was the top TE prospect, they passed. They also are not a running team so they wont take a RB. Curtis is now 30 years old. That throws up a huge red flag. Look for a WR to be taken with the Eagles first pick.

Cliff said...

I can (and kind of like) the Eagles trading back to pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but I can't see them drafting Britt. Despite popular opinion, we're stacked at WR. That doesn't mean we can't add a top shelf player, but it does mean we probably won't draft a guy like Britt with our highest pick. Maybe a Crabtree or Macklin, but Britt doesn't look to be worth it when we just drafted DJax last season and Avant seems to be coming alive.

I guess if we trade away Reggie, then there would be space for a drafted rookie, but TE and RB absolutely have to be day 1 priorities. Not because I don't like the guys that are already there (a la fans' WR desires) but because there are no guys there. We simply don't have depth at those positions.

VicenzaWildcats said...

Very interesting read. A deep analysis of every sack that Peters gave up last year. The writer says that he should only be accounted for 5.5 sacks allowed

orangecrush007 said...

Look at all the names on this list of available RBs from last year :

I dont think the Eagles need to go with an RB so early. They are a dime a dozen anymore.

Prem Prakash said...

Yea, Adam, I'm not saying the f.o. doesn't give it a try in the draft, even going back to Freddie. Let's hope Desean makes them look like geniuses. It's just hard to imagine they would ever offer a 1st plus for anyone other than a lineman.

All in all, I am as psyched as could be with the Peters trade, so know that my whining is just because I spend too much time thinking about the Eagles, even during off-season.