Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shady Time

LeSean McCoy is an Eagle. Here is my writeup on him:

McCoy is extremely talented. He has the kind of ability to be a good starter in the NFL. Can he handle the business side of football and stay focused and prepared? He did play for a former NFL coach in Wannstedt. That should help the transition. Also, he's coming in with Westy entrenched as the starter. That takes pressure off McCoy. He also never got to play on a dynamic offense at Pitt. He was far and away the best player.

The Eagles add someone who can be a terrific backup and who can start for the game or two that Westy inevitably will miss. He catches the ball well and is very dangerous in the screen game. He has a nose for the endzone, although he's not the kind of guy who will force his way in. He just finds his way in there. Ran for 35 TDs in two seasons.

McCoy is good value at pick 53.



Baloophi said...

Have we learned nothing about drafting McCoys?

Cliff said...

Ah, but this is the real one.

ZackISM said...


Do you think the Eagles had a similar grade on Maclin as they had on Crabtree? As a less than educated college talent evalutator myself, I was wondering if it wouldn't have been worth the cost to trade up for Crabtree?

Also was Michael Mitchell your 73rd ranked Safety like Mel Kiper? Should the Raiders just have a "fans vote for the pick" instead of whatever they are using for a scouting department?

orangecrush007 said...

What's with this good value crap you are bringing up? THe Eagles got Maclin who fell all the way from mock draft top 10 to the Eagles. Now they get a stud RB. Two positions they would have drafted. I disagree they would have taken the best man on the board.