Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Update


Shawn Andrews is not being shopped, from what I am told. The Eagles have him penciled in at RG and look forward to him playing like his old self. As for the notion that he might be wanting a new deal, Shawn understands the situation. He has to prove to the Eagles that he can stay healthy and play at a high level. Down the road? He might talk to the team about a new deal. He's fine with the way things are at this time.


The Eagles will send Sheldon, Shawn, and #21 to the Browns for Braylon and #5. I've checked and it is 100% bogus.

I know a lot of Eagles fans are excited, or at least interested, in Braylon Edwards. I don't think the Eagles are. I get the feeling they love his talent, but are scared by his inconsistency. Is he going to thrive on a new team after you hand him a big, new contract? Maybe, but he could easily remain one of those guys that teases you with his potential, but doesn't deliver regularly enough. WR is an incredibly tricky position.

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