Friday, April 3, 2009

The Eagles and the Draft

Over on the EMB we track which players the Eagles show interest in. The list doesn't always mesh with what happens on draft day, but there are more than a few guys that do match up every year.

Here is the list as of 4/2/09:


OT Eugene Monroe - Virginia ... likely top 5 pick

TE Brandon Pettigrew - Oklahoma State ... 1st rounder

RB Donald Brown - UConn ... likely late 1st rounder

RB LeSean McCoy - Pitt ... 2nd rounder

OT Andre Smith - Alabama ... top 20 pick

DE Lawrence Sidbury - Richmond ...2nd rounder

S Patrick Chung - Oregon ... 2nd, maybe 3rd rounder

DE Robert Ayers - Tennessee ... mid 1st to early 2nd

Special Comments of Interest

* Knowshon Moreno said that the Chargers and Eagles showed the most interest in him at the Combine.

* Hakeem Nicks..."Among the coaches I met today were Bill Belichik and Andy Reid, who said I would look good with some wings on my helmet."

* William Moore continues to say the Eagles showed him a lot of interest and that he thinks he'd be a great fit here and wants to play for the Eagles.



QB Graham Harrell - Texas Tech ... met with him at Senior Bowl
QB Rhett Bomar - Sam Houston State ... met with him at Senior Bowl
QB Nathan Brown - Central Arkansas ... met with him at Senior Bowl
QB John White - Bentley (also a P) ... college visit

FB Eric Kettani - Navy ... met with him at Senior Bowl
FB Maurice Manley - Mesa State ... talked to his coach
FB Tony Fiametta - Syracuse ... Eagles reportedly looking hard at him
FB Chris Pressley - Wisconsin ... private workout

RB Knowshon Moreno - Georgia .... met with him at the Combine
RB Devin Moore - Wyoming ... attended private workout in Indy (outside of Combine)
RB LeSean McCoy - Pitt ... met him at the Combine ... RB coach was at Pro Day, private workout
RB Donald Brown - UConn ... private workout, visit
RB Rashad Jennings - Liberty ... private workout

WR Hakeem Nicks - UNC ... met with him at the Combine
WR Kenny Britt - Rutgers ... met Andy at a banquet & has private workout set up with team
WR Darrius Heyward-Bey - Maryland... attended his Pro Day ... private workout is set up
WR Quinten Lawrence - McNeese State ... attended his Pro Day
WR Deon Butler - Penn State .... said Eagles were showing interest, also a private workout
WR Johnny Knox - Abilene Christian ... private workout
WR Louis Murphy - Florida ... private workout
WR Derrick Williams - Penn State ... private workout
WR Jordan Norwood - Penn State ... private workout
WR DJ Boldin - Wake Forest ... private workout

TE Brandon Pettigrew - Oklahoma State - 6'5, 263 ... met with him at Senior Bowl ... coming to Philly
TE Zach Miller - Nebraska-Omaha
TE Jared Cook - South Carolina ... "showing interest", met with him at Combine...private workout
TE Jared Bronson - Central Washington ... private workout
TE Cornelius Ingram - Florida ... private workout
TE John Nalbone - Monmouth ... private workout
TE Robby Agnone - Delaware ... showing interest

T Phil Loadholt - Oklahoma ... met with him at the Combine
T Chris Rutledge - Miami ... Eagles attended his Pro Day, showed interest
T Andre Smith - Alabama ... private meeting
T Dallas Reynolds - BYU ... showing interest ... could play G or C
T Kyle Link - McNeese State ... attended his Pro Day
T Jason Watkins - Florida ... showing interest
T Jamon Meredith - South Carolina ... showing interest
T Eben Britton - Arizona ... private workout
T Gerald Cadogan - Penn State ... private workout
T Joel Bell - Furman ... attended his Pro Day
T Robert Brewster - Ball State ... private workout

G/C Anthony Parker - Tennessee ... met with him at Senior Bowl
G Andy Levitre - Oregon State ... met with him at the Combine
G Andy Kemp - Wisconsin ... met with Eagles coaches
G Greg Isdaner - West Va ... private workout
G Louis Vasquez - Texas Tech ... private workout
G Rich Ohrnberger - Penn State ... private workout
G Lawrence Lovell - Stony Brook ... private workout (played LT in college)
G Paul Fanaika - Arizona State ... private workout

C Juan Garcia - Washington ... met with him at the Combine
C Max Unger - Oregon ... met with him at the Combine
C AQ Shipley - Penn State ... private workout or visit. not sure which
C Eric Wood - Louisville ... private workout
C Alex Derenthal - Temple ... private workout



DE Larry English - Northern Illinois - 6'2, 254
DE Everette Brown - Florida State ... met with him at the Combine
DE Robert Ayers - Tennessee ... private workout / meeting
DE J.D. Skolnitsky - James Madison .... attended his Pro Day
DE Lawrence Sidbury - Richmond ... private visit
DE David Veikune - Hawaii ... private workout

DT Vance Walker - Georgia Tech ... met with him at the Combine
DT Dorell Scott - Clemson ... private workout
DT Everette Pedescleaux - Northern Iowa ... private visit before his Pro Day
DT Sammie Lee Hill - Stillman ... private visit
NT Lonnie Harvey - Morgan State ... attended his Pro Day

MLB Rey Maualuga - USC ... met with him at Senior Bowl
MLB Frantz Joseph - Fla. Atlantic ... Eagles attended his Pro Day (might be WLB in our system)
MLB Scott McKillop - Pitt ... LB coach was at his Pro Day

LB Clint Sintim - Virginia - 6'2, 254 ... met with him at Senior Bowl
LB Tyrone McKenzie - USF - 6'2, 235 ... met with him at Senior Bowl
LB Clay Matthews - USC - 6'2, 247 ... met with him at Senior Bowl and Combine
LB Cody Brown - UConn - 6'2, 246 ... met him at Senior Bowl(played DE, but we looked at him as SAM)
LB Jason Williams - Western Illinois ... met with him at his Pro Day & have a private workout scheduled
LB Andy Schantz - Portland State ... private workout

S/LB Nic Harris - Oklahoma - 6'2, 233 ... met with him at Senior Bowl and Combine
S William Moore - Missouri - ... met with him at Senior Bowl
S Chris Clemons - Clemson ... private workout
S Patrick Chung - Oregon ... private workout
S Louis Delmas - Western Michigan ... private workout
S K.J. Gerard - Northern Arizona ... showing interest

CB Alphonso Smith - Wake Forest - 5'9, 193 ... met with him at Senior Bowl
CB Kevin Barnes - Maryland ... private workout
CB/RS Reggie Jones - Portland State ... private workout
CB Vontae Davis - Illinois ... met with him at Combine
CB Mike Mickens - Cincinnati ... private visit set up
CB DeAngelo Willingham - Tennessee ... private workout
CB/S Sean Smith - Utah ... private workout/visit set up

LS Jake Ingram - Hawaii ... met with him at Senior Bowl

P Kevin Huber - Cincinnati ... private workout

Special Ties To

WR Austin Collie - BYU ... his brother was a camp player for us a couple of years back


Misc Stuff

* attened La-Lafayette Pro Day
* had LB coach at Florida State Pro Day



rick said...

Tommy - Great list...are all those names just floating around on the web or do some come from your sources?

Tommy Lawlor said...

At this point that list is just internet research. I'm checking for additional info and will add anything I find.

Cliff said...

I just got incredibly confused when I saw "Zach Miller" listed under TE. Didn't he get drafted two years ago? Thank the Lord for Google.

I love looking at this list every year on the EMB because it shows the great amount of work that goes in to drafting players. The vast majority of these players are guys I've never even heard of, especially if they're outside the ACC or not nationally known. I have no idea how Reid and his team decides on one player over another or finds the "diamonds in the rough" at less-prestigious football programs.

I'm excited. It looks like we're looking at a diverse group of RB's with different skill-sets. That intrigues me because some of the RB's are seemingly terrible or perfect fits for the offense. Why bother looking at the terrible fits? Smoke screen?

Mark H. said...

I feel reasonably confident that the Eagles will end up with at LEAST one of these players. ;)

tagryn said...

For what its worth,
here's the thread on EMB.