Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

I'm working on the lengthy draft review. Right now I'm re-watching some tape on the early picks to offer more detailed thoughts. I'm also watching tape of the UDFAs. RB Walter Mendendhall is a really interesting kid. He is someone to keep an eye on. FB Marcus Mailei actually made a pre-draft visit to Philly. They didn't draft him, but he was a targeted player.


* TE Bo Scaife

He was a player the Eagles targeted in FA. The Titans drafted a quality TE named Jared Cook. That gives them 4 good bodies at that spot. They can deal Scaife or they could cut veteran Alge Crumpler late in the summer. If Scaife becomes available, you can bet Heckert or Reid will be calling Jeff Fisher.

* CB Rod Hood

He was cut today by the Cardinals. The Eagles could have interest in picking him up if they intend to deal Sheldon. I'm still not clear on what they want to do with Brown. He's saying all the right things this week. There is a mini-camp over the weekend. We'll see what he does and says at that point.



Arno said...

do you expect Scaife to be available in the next month or so? Would he come in as the first or second TE?

T_S_O_P said...

Would Scaife sign a 1 year contract? I can't believe we'd offer more. I suppose it depends on the market.

Rod's a good guy hope he lands somewhere.

Stephen said...

I'm curious about Rod Hood being released, was he not performing up to his contract in Zona? Last I saw him he was busy draping himself all over Kevin Curtis and keeping us out of the super bowl >:(

mosdefinite said...

i was reading some comments from Cardinals fans on an article talking about the release of Edge, Travis Laboy and Rod Hood, and some of them were confused as well. one of them broke down the figures and it looks like Rod was a casualty of the salary cap. releasing the 3 seems to be a move to free cap space to sign Anquan and Carlos Dansby.

too bad this didn't happen before the draft...i think the Birds would've been interested in bringing Rod back as another option other than the trade for Hobbs to bolster the CB depth. Rod and Sheldon seem to have similar game types to me. i'd be more comfortable starting Rod over Hobbs in place of Sheldon...although Hobbs is an excellent returner...then again we do have Maclin, and Demps, and Jackson. lol, u think Andy's overcompensating much for the debacle that was the return game in '07?

Stephen said...

We definitely don't have a shortage of guys who can return kicks now, and do it well. Thats a relief.

Prem Prakash said...

I know this is somewhat off-topic, but I am wondering if you guys think Maclin and McCoy will be able to help this year with the red zone problems?

orangecrush007 said...

All the highlights I see of McCoy he is mostly running to the outside. Ryan Moats did the same thing. He broke all his runs to the outside. They didn't teach him how to run up the middle. Dont gate your panties all in a tizzy just yet on this guy.