Saturday, April 4, 2009

Old Notes on Jason Peters

I stumbled across this recently and thought it might be of interest. Here are some pre-draft notes I had on Peters.

* Jason Peters, TE - ARK - Jason is mammoth. 6'4, 336. He is a good athlete. Light on his feet. Soft hands. I watched him in a game vs. South Carolina. He caught a few balls. On one catch, he made the grab and then juked a LB and got upfield to gain extra yards. On another catch he tip-toed down the sideline. He won't be a great TE, but could be a real specialized weapon. Has the potential to be a good OT. He's a good pass blocker, but isn't as good a drive blocker as I expected.

* TE Jason Peters is a guy I've mentioned before. Goes 6'4 , 336. Could very well be a LT. The previous game I took in left me with the impression that he was a bit on the passive side. Glad I watched some more tape. He was a good aggressive blocker vs LSU. He drove SLB Eric Alexander about 8 yds downfield. Eric had to spin to get off the block (and to his credit made the tackle). On a passing play Jason was lined up beside the LT. The LSU DE took an inside slant on the LT. Peters stepped forward and shoved him from the side. The DE went down and also took out the DT beside him. They looked like bowling pins. Would've taken out the other DT, but he was just out of the way. Hilarious play. One block and half the pass rush was gone.

Don't be fooled by Jason's size. He is very light on his feet and looks pretty agile for a guy with that size body. Could be a backup TE for a year or two before moving to OT.

I am hoping the Bills do look to deal him in the next few weeks. Jason would be a great addition at LT.


orangecrush007 said...

Are you disseminating this information at the behest of the Eagles?

Are we giving up a first rounder? I hope the 28th not the 21st.

I am on board with whatever the Eagles do, but man our offensive line is going to be so crowded. I think they are going to bring in a center to push Jackson too. I would like to have Cole as a backup due to his versatility. Something has to give with Jackson because he seems to be relaxxing and not improving based on AR's comments.

Is Peters going to want best player money? I guess that is why they left all the money in the bank. What is it 40 mil. You cant convince me that is going to the rookies.

Tommy Lawlor said...

If the Eagles are using me, they are doing a good job of keeping it secret from me. :)

I've thought about Peters for quite a while. Heck, those notes on him go back to the spring of 2004.

Our OL isn't over-crowded yet. I'll put up a post tomorrow looking at the possible lineup and talking about a couple of ideas.

T_S_O_P said...

I was chewing some of this over in a discussion on the EMB last night, or afternoon as it was over there.

One possibility that had never struck me was trading #21 (or #28) for a 1st next year. We could then see if the answer at LT is already on the squad and still have the ammo for next. This wouldn't be the first choice, but surely is a possibility. What do you think?

Nice info on TE Jerimiah Wurzbacher over on tSN. It's his LSing from 2005 that intrigues me. Now Jamar Hunt of UTEP, there was an Eagle in attendance at his proday, but am not sure that Demps being there even counts as misc.

Cliff said...

I just assume we'll draft a center for competition, but I don't think that player will be selected until the 4th or 5th round. We just re-signed Nick Cole and we have McGlynn; both of whom play guard as well.

I don't see this as overcrowding, rather, I see it as a smart strategy. Every lineman on our roster plays multiple positions. And by that I don't mean "can play," I mean has a history of playing either G/T or G/C. The wild card, I think, is MJG. What's his status?

orangecrush007 said...

I guess if they have given up on Justice that could open 3 roster spots at oline. That could allow for Peters and a center.

I didnt know there was anyone else on the roster who could play center and guard besides Cole.

As far as waiting to find out if we have a starting caliber left tackle til next year, I'd rather not. I dont mind taking chances on a kick return or a fullback but I dont think you can mess around at left tackle.

Adam said...

If we have a chance to solidify the LT position for years to come again I am all for it. I would much rather trade that 28th and a later round for Peters than draft Britton or Beatty at 28, too much uncertainty for me. I don't think Oher lasts to 28 and I'd rather they took Moreno with 21 than Oher. As much as I'd love to see moreno/pettigrew as our first two picks I'd be fine with moreno/peters.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Trading for the 1st rounder next year is an interesting notion. I wouldn't be against it, depending on how the board plays out.

The goal is to get good value and this isn't a great class of players.