Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day is Here

No action so far.

I wrote a lengthy Eagles Draft Preview. It is too long for this format so I posted it on the EMB and at scoutsnotebook. Here's a link to SNB:

I'll be posting updates here as I get info or stories break.

There was a report yesterday that the Raiders were shopping Derrick Burgess. I'd certainly be interested in him if the price was right. Derrick could come here and battle Abiamiri for the LDE job. I would not trade as much as a 3rd for him. We don't have a 4th. Could we add him for a 5th?


Cliff said...

Tommy, sort of a strange question, but where do you stay when you visit Training Camp in the summer? Or where do you reccommend?

We're trying to get a jump on planning our annual trip, but the Bethlehem hotels are expensive.

Just curious.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I haven't been in a couple of years. I live down in NC and normally go up with another Eagles fan who lives down here. He knows that area better than I do. We stayed at a Comfort Inn or something like that one year that was a real short distance from Lehigh. The next year we stayed 10 or more miles away. Can't remember the town. It was a dive kind of place, but was close to Dunkin Donuts and the highway, so it worked well.

I'm sure there are some others that can offer sage advice.

Baloophi said...


Where are you hanging out, cyber-wise for the draft? Are you gonna blog on here or the notebook or EMB? I am - amazingly - without cable right now (just moved) so I'm trying to follow along on my laptop and obviously you are my network of choice...

Cliff said...

Thanks. I live in Virginia, not too far from North Carolina (Hampton Roads).

Staying in town will run around $140 a night at least, so I was looking in to other options. Oh well.

Have a happy Draft Day.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'm at