Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Mock Draft

I posted a new mock for the Eagles in my article.

Here's the Reader's Digest version:

1 - 8 - OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia
1 - 28 - RB Donald Brown, UConn
2 - TE Shawn Nelson, So Miss
4 - CB Bradley Fletcher, Iowa
5 - WR Brian Hartline, Ohio State
5 - FB Quinn Johnson, LSU
5 - DT Terrance Knighton, Temple
5 - SS Otis Wiley, Michigan State
6 - LB Victor Butler, Oregon State
6 - WR Brooks Foster, UNC
7 - TE John Nalbone, Monmouth

I had the Eagles trade 21 and 53 to get pick 8. Monroe could slide that far and JAX would like to move back.

I had the Eagles trade their 3rd Rd pick + Reggie Brown to the Jets for a mid-2nd to get Shawn Nelson.

The rest of the picks I left as is. Too complicated to do a lot of moving around.

The biggest flaw is the lack of a top WR, but you can't have everything. We must get a RB early. There is no backup to Westy right now. We must get a quality TE. If Celek got hurt we'd be up the creek. I had them trade up for the LT because I think that is what AR would like to do. I'm still intrigued by the thought of sliding Todd outside and just adding a mid-round player for depth.


The team is talking to other clubs about veteran players. I didn't factor in a trade for an established player, but that doesn't mean those deals won't happen. I wanted to take a look at what is available if you strictly focus on using the picks.


shlynch said...

I love the mock, I just don't see Monroe lasting that long. I would be surprised if a non-OT (or QB) were taken in the top 4 at this point -- IMHO, teams should take the risk at the position where at least the salaries aren't out of line for the position even in the best case scenario.

That said, like I have been arguing elsewhere, I don't think the picks you give up are inappropriate for #3, so the end result of the mock is pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

I agree with shlynch that Monroe is unlikely to be available at No. 8. But...Andre Smith could definitely be available there, or later. How do we feel about him Tommy?

Tommy Lawlor said...

Here's the thing.

* DET - should go QB
* STL - expected to go OT
* KC - has a LT in place. GM has a history of not taking OL very early. Would he take Monroe and put him at RT or move Albert to LG or RT? Curry makes a lot of sense to their defense.
* SEA - GM Tim Ruskell has stated multiple times that he doesn't believe in taking OL very early. He believes in drafting mid-round guys and developing them.
* CLE - They have a stud LT. They've made moves to improve RT.
* CIN - They could go any number of positions. They could also prefer Andre Smith over Monroe. That wouldn't shock me in the least.
* OAK - With Al Davis, aka Skeletor, at the helm...your guess is as good as mine.

That is the first 7 teams. Monroe could go as high as #2 or fall down to the 8 range. I don't know that it is likely he falls, but I don't think he is a virtual lock to go in the top 5.

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: Andre Smith

I've asked around to see if the Eagles like him. No replies. I guess that means we still don't know.

I do think he's a terrific player. I just wonder if he's got the maturity to handle the business side of pro football.

I'm hoping he goes at pick 11 to Buffalo. I'm sure you can guess why.

Baloophi said...

You seem to be taking a lot of heat for the Monroe at 8 possibility and that's a shame. It's not that crazy that three tackles DON'T go in the top 7 and - like actual teams - this mock prepares for that contingency. Also, with Oakland and both Ohio teams picking in the top 7, anything is possible.

That said, I was wondering about the Otis Wiley selection. You said the team is happy with Demps as the future at FS, which allows them to target a SS. Are they really confident Demps will get it done, or are you thinking ahead to Berry pastures...?

Lastly, any thought to kickers? I know not very many get selected in the draft, but with so many late-rounders is there anyone you think should be on the Eagles radar?

shlynch said...

I don't think KC picks at 3. I really think they give the pick away. And the only player worth the salary up there will be an OT or a QB.

In any case, I would be surprised if after all that he did in NE with veteran LBs, Scott Pioli was willing to make a rookie LB the highest paid player at his position prior to taking a single snap. I mean, before last year, did the Pats even draft LBs at all? So even if they stay put, I have to think they would rather take an expensive position to fill (LT) over one where they can do so much more cheaply.

rick said...

I doubt Monroe will drop past the Bengals but the thing that's a bigger surprise to me is the value you give Reggie Brown. Do you really think he allows us to move up a whole round plus at that early stage? I like the pick in the 2nd though...

aaron said...

For a vaule driven FO like the Eagles (not a negative connotation) in regards to the draft, it slightly surprises me that they would move up for a LT this year.

I like Monroe quite a bit and think his upside it easily worth the #8 pick. That being said staying in place last year and taking Otah who has proved to be solid, would allow them not to have to trade away a 2nd this year.

Obviously there are quite a few variables, but giving up an extra 1st as well as a 2nd for a player of comparable value to what you could have had originally is negative ROI.

The fact that numerous publications and "experts" have also said the value of this years draft falls around 15-28 would also make me wonder why the Eagles would opt to again just stay where they are and take the BPA.

Adam said...

Aaron makes a good point about ROI. I wouldn't be all that suprised if they trade up to get Monroe but I wouldn't be all that happy either. I think Monroe is a great player but how much better is he than Oher or Britton? I don't know too much about them and how much gap is there in the est. contracts? If they feel that they must take a tackle with their first pick is it worth giving up a second to move up or do you take the best available at 21?

I'm not opposed to them taking tackle with the 21st pick but I think it would be better served taking Pettigrew because he gives us much more at a position lacking options. I think there are good TE's to be had in the 2nd and 3rd rounds but Pettigrew is clearly the cream of the crop in this draft. If he is there at 21 he could be the BPA and also fill a need, I don't see how they pass on that. He won't make it past ATL to #28 and I think Moreno(please!) and Brown are both there still.

We have Herremans and Andrews who could play LT, possibly, we don't really know yet. Although it isn't great to be in an unknown situation at LT, of all positions, I'm confident that either of those guys would be solid.

orangecrush007 said...

I dont think they have given up on Booker yet. I'd rather take a RB later than a WR.

T_S_O_P said...

I really like that mock too, and IMO I believe Monroe is the Eagles top target, followed by A Smith (at the right value).