Saturday, February 28, 2009

Couple of Thoughts

* Shawn Andrews has an interview with Shawn that is good to listen to. Go to the Eagles Live archive for Saturday and fast forward to about the 3/4 mark. Shawn is part of a conference call with reporters.

I've talked about some of his issues on here. If Shawn is excited by the presence of Stacy, as he sounds like in the interview, that is a great thing. He is a Pro Bowl RG. He could play RT while Stacy recovers. Shawn also indicated in the interview that he's been taking some reps as a LT and feels comfortable there.

No matter where Shawn plays, he gives the Eagles a huge boost with his presence up front. He joked about him and Stacy being the "Great Wall of Philadelphia". I love the attitude. I hope...I pray that Shawn comes back to the team and is 100% in '09.

* Cover LB

Someone asked about the need for a cover LB. He mentioned the importance of Ike Reese in the past. Cover LBs are few and far between. They aren't like 3rd down backs or something like that. Not every team has a true cover 'backer.

Akeem Jordan has shown good cover ability. He understands the importance of hitting a receiver early in the route to throw the guy off his path. Jordan is quick and fast enough to cover a good amount of ground. I don't have a good feel yet for his instincts and ability to play the ball in the air. We'll have to see how that comes.

As you look over draft prospects, check out the number of INTs and PDs (passes defensed). Those numbers can help you to see which players make coverage plays. Obviously they don't account for how often a guy blitzes or covers so well that the ball doesn't come to his area.

In a recent mock draft I had the Eagles take LB Mortty Ivy in the 7th round as a SAM LB. He had 3 INTs and 6 PDs this year. He's also 6'1, 248.

* Salaries

Dealing with the ever changing world of NFL salaries is tricky. Joselio Hanson is due to make more in 2009 than Sheldon Brown. However, Brown signed a better deal than Hanson and Sheldon did that several years ago. Trying to balance keeping everyone under contract and everyone happy is tricky. It requires flexibility while also the ability to be cold and business like. You can't upgrade every player's salary every year. Someone is always going to feel underpaid based on the new market.

Shawn Andrews made some noise about wanting more money last year. His brother is now earning probably close to twice what he does. Shawn is the better player. Stacy just happened to make it to FA. Shawn made more in his first 4 years than Stacy did.

The Eagles might be willing to redo Shawn's deal, but that will only happen if he comes back to the team and there are no issues. If they feel that he's trying to take advantage of them, they will not give him an extra nickel. The Eagles are brutally tough negotiators...for better or worse.

If Shawn were to take over the LT spot, the team would be able to give him a raise and not feel bad about it. That could be a really interesting development. Stay tuned.

* Slow Start to the Offseason

Zack is concerned that the team lost the RT, LT, FS, and some key backups while only adding an injured RT. That is one way to look at things.

Tra played poorly in the NFC-CG. I was ready to send him to the South Pole when I re-watched that game. He really pissed me off. Runyan was playing on one good leg in the last couple of months. He was a shell of his old self. Dawk was a very good player for 6 weeks, an inconsistent guy for the first 10 games.

We didn't lose Trent Cole or Westy or DeSean or Asante. Herremans is the best OL. McNabb is still here. You can argue that Mikell was the better Safety over the course of the year. The DTs and LBs were terrific for most of the year.

The core of the Eagles is in place. We do need to add some players, but don't mistake past glory for current ability.

A couple of solid FA additions and a good draft class will have this team back in the hunt for the NFC title.

Deals Are Final

Brian Dawkins is in fact a Bronco. He signed a 5-year $17 MIL deal. In essence it is really a 2-year $9 MIL deal. He got $7.2 MIL in guaranteed money. You sure can't blame Dawk for taking the money. That's a good deal for him.

Should the Eagles have paid that much? Opinions will be all over the place on this issue. I don't think so. About midseason I was writing that Dawk might not be back in 2009. He was very up and down early in the year. Dawk played his best football from Thanksgiving on.

Dawk has actually started slow each of the last 3 years. Each of those years Dawk has come alive late. He won NFC Defensive Player of the Month in both December 2006 and 2008.

The problem is that one of these years Dawk will start slow, but won't have the good finish. Will that be 2009? 2010? The theory that some coaches and personnel guys have is that you are smarter to let a player go too soon rather than too late. Dawk had 1 INT and 6 pass breakups this year. I haven't researched it, but a couple of those were probably deflections at the line of scrimmage. He simply wasn't making the kind of coverage plays that he has in the past.

I wanted Dawk back in 2009. I wanted him to have one final year to close out his career so that he could leave as an Eagle. Unfortunately Dawk is under the belief that he can play a few more years. I think the Eagles were smart to only want him for one year.

I am disappointed something wasn't worked out. I'd love to know what the Eagles offer was. I'd be fine if they offered one year at $5 MIL or so. I hope we don't find out it was only $3.5 MIL or something like that.

We knew Dawk's career as an Eagle was coming to an end. This isn't the way we wanted it to happen. No one is happy about this.

Let's set aside the Dawk angle for a moment and talk about the 2009 season. Quintin Demps is the FS as of now. I doubt the Eagles will go after a free agent to come in as a starter. They prefer draft picks to step up and take jobs. Demps showed enough in '08 that I'm comfortable with giving him the job.

Demps has better speed and range than Dawk. He isn't anywhere close to being the hitter/tackler than Brian is. Dawk is also one of the best blitzers in the entire league. Demps won't be nearly as effective at that. He will give us the speed in the backend that has been missing for a couple of years. We better get more INTs and PBUs from Demps. Dawk only had 2 INTs in his last 26 games. Let's put that in perspective. Stewart Bradley has 2 INTs in his last 18 games.

I love Dawk. I'm not trying to rip the guy. You just have to understand that Demps will be better in some areas because of his youth and athleticism. Obviously Dawk is the better player as of right now. There's a reason Demps was a backup. At midseason next year we'll see where they stand. Demps could light it up for us or struggle. Dawk could actually get off to a fast start in Denver or he could completely hit the wall. I hope both guys play great. I've followed Dawk since he was a draft prospect at Clemson. I hate seeing his career nearing the end.

I know a lot of fans are going to wonder about the emotion and leadership that Dawk brings to the team. What happens in those areas? Someone else will step up. Heck, it will probably take multiple guys. No one will be as fiery as Dawk and take his spot exactly. Maybe Stewart Bradley emerges as a leader. Or Trent Cole. The dynamic of the group will be different and that will allow other personalities to become more assertive. Players watched Dawk lead. Now he's gone and the gap is there for one or more of them to step up.

Backup Sean Considine is also gone. He headed to JAX. That means we have 2 known commodities at Safety...both of the Quintins. We do need depth. I expect some veteran to be brought in as a backup. I haven't had a chance to study player lists to see who I want.

The other Safety will get added through the draft. There are plenty of choices. The Eagles will likely take a SS prospect to develop behind Mikell. However, these days a lot of Safeties play both spots so the Eagles may just take the best available guy.

There are a couple of interesting possibilities on the roster. Byron Parker was brought in from the CFL. Could he develop into a good backup? I'm excited to see him play. He was a real ballhawk in Canada. The other idea that will get tossed around is moving Sheldon Brown to Safety. I don't think that will happen, but you never know. If Jack Ikegwuonu somehow looks great in the camps, that could force the coaches to try and get the best players on the field. I think Brown will stay at CB, but this option will get talked about.


Stacy Andrews officially signed today. I've watched some tape on him to get a good feel for what we're getting.

Andrews is a very interesting player. Didn't play football in HS. He loved basketball and track so stayed off the gridiron. Decided to give football a try while at Ole Miss and showed some real ability. That got him picked back in 2004.

Stacy didn't play a whole lot in his first 3 years. Started 14 games in 2007, playing both LG and RT. Stacy tarted 15 games at RT in 2008. He then tore his ACL and MCL in Week 16.

We are not getting Jon Runyan. Stacy is more raw than you'd expect for a guy at age 28. However, he is still an ascending player. He's now been a RT for over 20 starts. He's starting to develop a comfort zone and could become a really good player. Andrews also lacks the nastiness of Runyan. Stacy can be a big, physical blocker, but he doesn't have the edge that Big Jon did. Here are some raw notes on him:

STACY ANDREWS - Really looks the part. Big guy. Has pretty good feet. Speed rushers can be tough on him. Hops a bit more than you'd like in pass pro. Coaches prefer the kick slide. However, that can be taught. Nimble for a big guy. Gets off balance at times. Looks okay out in space. He's able to pull effectively. He's able to block guys when he squares up. Doesn't have the mean streak that you prefer in a RT. Run blocking is inconsistent, but shows promise. Very effective when he gets his hands on the defender. Hasn't peaked as a player.

STATS Inc has him with 1 sack allowed in 2007. They have him with 9.5 sacks allowed and one holding penalty in 2008.

Andrews sounds optimistic about playing in 2009. Maybe I'm being to negative. I'm just hesitant to think he can really be our starting RT on opening day. I'd be ecstatic if he was able to play half the season.

Good signing.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Update Time

The reports are now saying that Dawk has gotten to Denver and signed a deal with the Broncos. See earlier post for my initial thoughts.


The reports say Lito is going to be in NY to take a physical and that the deal is done. The Eagles get a 2009 5th round pick and a conditional pick in 2010. It could be as high as a 2nd or as low as a 4th. Smart deal for the Eagles and Jets.

If Lito plays up to his potential, he's worth a 2nd and 5th from the Jets perspective. The Eagles get a reasonable pick this year. You generally expect 5th rounders to make the team. Also, it frees the Eagles up to trade a 5th (they have 2 others) for a future pick. You can deal a 5th on Draft Day for a 4th in the future.

It was smart to get a 2010 pick from the Jets so that there won't be as much guess work involved. Both teams will know how Lito performed and what fair compensation is. Good deal for both sides.


Maybe Dawk isn't gone. Adam Schefter is reporting that he's visiting Denver, but there is no deal in place. This doesn't mean that Dawk won't become an ex-Eagle, but rather just that it hasn't happened yet.

I want Dawk back...for 2009. He started the year slowly, then got hot late, especially Thanksgiving and beyond. I trust him for one more year, but I do think Dawk has to realize that his career is winding down. He only had 1 INT and only broke up a few passes this year. What made Dawk special is that he could make plays at the LOS and also in coverage. He can still make the plays at the line, but coverage is a whole other story.

Let's hope Dawk and the Eagles can work out a final deal.


The best news of the day is that Lito Sheppard will be visiting the Jets this weekend. I'd be ecstatic if we can get a decent pick for him. The CB market is drying up in a hurry. That could force the Jets hand. Rex Ryan needs gifted cover corners for his defense to work. Darrelle Revis is one of the best CBs in the league. The Jets need someone opposite of him. Dwight Lowery had a terrific rookie year, but he's ideally a slot guy.

I'm furious at Lito for how he handled things in 2008. He basically quit on the team from what I saw. That said, he is a gifted cover corner and can be a playmaker. He could actually thrive in the Ryan defense.

I hope the Eagles aren't too greedy. A 2-time Pro Bowl CB should be worth at least a 2nd round pick, but Lito's baggage complicates the situation. I'd love a 3rd, but might even settle for their 4th.

Please Lito...impress Rex Ryan and the Jets. Say the right things and sell yourself well. Don't be a greedy turd.


I've made a few M*A*S*H references over the years. The greatest episode of that series (and quite possibly TV history) is Colonel Blake's final episode. He gets enough points to go home. Henry flies off in a chopper. In the next scene Radar walks into the operating room without a mask. The doctors yell at him, but see that he's got a stunned look on his face. Radar then announces that "Colonel Henry Blake's plane crashed in the Sea of Japan. There were no survivors." I still get chills thinking about that scene. Great emotional impact as you learn the loss of a loved one. I bring this up today because Brian Dawkins is no longer an Eagle. I've checked with my sources and the news is legit. Dawk is now a Bronco.

...stunned silence...

I took it for granted that he was coming back. Brian Dawkins is a lifer. No two ways about it. Reality check. Football is a business. LaDainian Tomlinson is possibly going to be cut by the Chargers. Mike Vrabel was traded by the Pats. Dawk is a Bronco. Being the heart and soul of a team or unit only matters during the year. February is a time for business. The Eagles apparently wanted Dawk for a year. He wanted a longer deal. He is now gone.

I'll write more about him tomorrow. This is a complex story. Dawkins has started to show his age. I think the Eagles were wise to only offer him a year. However, I hate that they didn't offer enough money to get him to take the deal. Crazy situation. Sad day.


I'll watch some tape of him tonight. I'll post a scouting report on Saturday.

I could be wrong about his health. There is a chance Stacy comes back in time to play a full season. I'm just hesitant to think that is likely. College kids can come back in 6 to 8 months. They're facing college competition and can get by at 80%. NFL guys need to be all the way back or close to it.

Plus, a torn MCL and ACL complicates things. Even if the MCL wasn't a severe tear that is still a complication that slows down the process of getting back to full speed.

I hope I'm wrong and Stacy is fine by September. We'll see what happens.

Andrews To Philly

3 comments is reporting that Stacy Andrews is visiting the Eagles. PFT reported that he already agreed to a deal. Very good signing.

Andrews (6'7, 342) is the right tackle of the future. His only drawback is that he's coming off a major ACL/MCL injury. That happened in late December. I would think that him playing in 2009 is a longshot. Stacy and his agent let it be known recently that he was on track to be ready for June minicamps. Right. That's when Megan Fox and I will be announcing our engagement and GM stock will be $200 a share.

Being an OL it is possible that he can come back quicker than a skill player. Those guys have to run at full speed and then make abrupt cuts. An OL has to fire off the ball and adjust to defenders, but not running full speed while doing that should make it easier on the knee.

Maybe Stacy goes on the PUP List. At that point he would sit out the first 6 games and then be eligible to return between weeks 7-10. If not, he'd go to IR and miss the year. That's more likely.

Worst case scenario is that Stacy misses all of 2009 and is back on the field at full strength in 2010. No matter how you look at it, the Eagles have found a long term solution at RT. This is predicated on the basis of him staying healthy. You can bet the Eagles doctors will check his knee out carefully and only okay him if things look good for the future.

Aside from getting a talented player in Stacy you have to think the Eagles expect a side benefit in the return of Shawn Andrews, his brother for those who don't know. Shawn has been a player that I didn't count on to be part of the Eagles plans because of some issues he's dealing with. The presence of his brother at RT should be a good thing and hopefully will make Shawn comfortable with coming back. If you think of this as a 2 for 1 deal the Eagles made a great signing.

What happens at RT in 2009? This is still a mystery.

If Tra comes back to the team, Todd can slide out to RT for a season. If Tra moves on (more on that later) then Todd needs to take over LT.

On the current roster you have Winston Justice and Chris Patrick who can play the right side. Neither option is great. Jon Runyan is coming off knee surgery himself. I don't know if he'd be interested in a 1-year deal. One interesting option could be Daniel Loper of the Titans. He has not started a regular season game in his career. The Eagles could offer him the RT job for this year with the notion of him then being able to be a top FA in 2010.

If Andrews is able to comeback at midseason, maybe you could get away with either Justice or Patrick for 6 games. That isn't ideal.

The x-factor would be Shawn. He could slide out to RT for half the year or the entire season. The only problem is that you need a good backup plan in case something happens and he either gets hurt or something bizarre happens.

The Eagles could draft someone, but this gets tricky. Stacy is the RT of the future. Todd is likely the LT of the future. If they pick someone, it has to be a player who can play OT, but also slide inside to G or C in the future. Too early now to start throwing around names.


Brian Dawkins is reportedly being offered a one-year deal by the team. I hate to say it, but that's smart. Dawk has struggled at times in the last couple of seasons. You cannot make a long term commitment to him.

Tra sounds like someone who is upset with the team and won't return. I think he wants big money. I think the Eagles will pay him well for a year, but don't want to commit to him long term. Tra is the best OT on the market, but teams who want a run blocker will hate him. Anyone who watches the NFC-CG will be discouraged by him. I can see some team overpaying for him. The Eagles won't try to match that.

Sean Considine is on his way to Jacksonville. He's high character and could be a solid player in their system. They like to do a lot of Cover 2, which he knows from his days at Iowa.

LJ Smith has reportedly signed with the Falcons. Good for him. LJ isn't my favorite player, but he didn't quit on the team like #26 did. Plus, hopefully it takes Atlanta out of the running for a 1st round TE.

Buck is a Bronco. I hope they feed him the ball and he puts up big numbers. I'd love to see him thrive in his new setting.

And They're Off...

Correll Buckhalter is going to be a Denver Bronco. Good for him, bad for us. Maybe. If losing him pushes Big Red to take a RB early in the draft then maybe it is a good thing in the long run. I wish Buck all the luck in the world. Good guy. Tough as nails.

UPDATE --- Buck is just going to visit Denver. We'll see what happens. ---

All the Stacy Andrews stuff from the probably gonna turn out to be right on the money. Could be some action with him on Friday.

I know there is some talk about Jason Brown and TJ Houshmandzadeh, but I'm hearing that those are false reports and media speculation. I read somewhere that TJ wants 10 MIL a year. No thank you for that price. Cut that in half and I might be interested, but I'm not even sure at that point.

I carefully went over the FA list this evening after all the late cuts and re-signings. What a bunch of dogs and really old dogs. I can't believe how many 33, 34, and 35 year old guys are amongst the best players available. Joe Banner is probably having nightmares about being forced to sign some 37-year old player to a 3-year deal. The horror...the horror.

Sounds like Tra is likely to leave at this point. He is a convenient solution at LT, but I have to tell you that his performance in the postseason really bugged me. He really struggled at times in the NFC-CG. There is a part of me that wants Todd at LT. We can figure something out at RT.

No word on Dawk. I still expect him to stay, but I have to admit that I'm shocked the deal isn't done. I'm wondering if he wants to test the market to see just how much money is out there.

We have a new mock draft posted on the website:


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have to give credit to Christian for the title. Of course we're talking about the allegations that McNabb said he'll only sign an extension if the Eagles prove to him they are going to be aggressive in the offseason at upgrading the team. This situation gives me mixed feelings.

We're always picking at McNabb to be more vocal, to be more of a leader. This would certainly go in that direction. It shows a sense of ownership in the situation. I have to admit to liking some of that.

I remember in September of 2003 the Patriots cut Lawyer Milloy. As soon as he heard, Tom Brady got in his car and went to Lawyer's house. Brady was furious about the cut and wanted to know if he could do anything to affect the situation. Lawyer explained that was just the business side of pro football and headed off to Buffalo as a free agent. I loved the fact that Brady was so into his team. He had 2 1/2 years as the starting QB, but he felt an ownership of that team. How dare they cut his starting Strong Safety?

Seeing more stuff like that out of McNabb can be a good thing. It has to be done the right way and with the right intentions. Trying to strong arm the team is no good. The player must be thinking about the team as a whole and not just using his leverage to push the situation. Hard to say if that is the case in this situation.

The real problem could come in terms of what McNabb's expectations are. He might want an elite playmaker added. Sounds great, but how many elite players are available? Would McNabb be satisfied if the team told him they planned to add a TE and WR early in the draft? Is he gonna push for Houshmandzadeh or Tony Gonzalez?

The Eagles are amazingly secretive. Last year I wrote an article for and mentioned that a RB from Cal was going to visit Philly to meet with the team. I got the info from a newspaper story out in California. It was public knowledge. Dave Spadaro had me remove the item. The thinking was that some other team might not have heard the nugget so why put it on the official site and help them out. I wasn't offended. That's just how the Eagles roll. Okay. So are they now going to spill the beans to McNabb about their plans? I love Donovan, but he can't keep his mouth shut at times. Do you really want him knowing what FAs the team will pursue and what the draft plans are?

This is the part of the situation that fascinates me. What will the team say? What will they commit to? Will Donovan keep an open mind or is he set on having "star" players added to the roster?

The nightmare scenario is that McNabb decides to wait until after the draft to see what happens. The Eagles add some weapons, but it doesn't happen to be the guys he wants. Now the team has to deal with a veteran QB who is unhappy. The draft is done. FA is 90% done. The Eagles have to handle a live hand grenade, but can't really count on full help until the next offseason. If McNabb pulled a stunt like that, he would become my sworn enemy.

Luckily Donovan has been a pretty high character guy in his time as an Eagle. He's not perfect, but he is way above average. I don't think he'd try to screw over the team.

I do like the fact that someone is putting pressure on Andy and Joe to be aggressive. Unfortunately there are slim pickings in FA this year, but too often I feel like our FO tries to be perfect. "Let's get the right guy". "Let's not overpay for him". Andy would be smart to study the 1995 Eagles and the 2000 Patriots. Both teams were basically re-built in a year by adding a ton of mid-level veterans. Both teams went to the playoffs. The Pats, of course, won the SB.

I like the basic way our Front Office does business. However, they could learn to take a few more chances on veterans. Go get me a blocking TE. Sign a veteran OL and get rid of Winston Justice. Go look for another Dorsey Levens type of RB to add to the roster if we lose Buck. And so on. Adding a veteran or two doesn't mean we've let Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen take over the team and add the Geritol crowd. You focus on the draft and ascending players in FA, but there is nothing wrong with bringing in some veterans.

I guess we'll see how things go on Friday. Will the Eagles make a splash? If so, they'll please McNabb and most of the fanbase. I just don't know that there are many good choices. I've been thinking a lot about trade scenarios, but even then I'm not seeing a whole lot of situations that make sense. We're less than 60 hours to FA. I'll check with my sources and see if they know anything. If not, we sit back and wait.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Combine and Some FA Stuff

As I said yesterday, Saturday went well for the Eagles. Sunday was okay, but not as good for us. The hope was that several of the bigger WRs would shine and several RBs would have good days. No potential Eagles targets stunk it up or anything like that, but we didn't see a lot from the guys in the middle of the pack. You hope those guys show something so that you can have safety options. You need guys that appeal to you in the 3rd or 4th round.


Hakeem Nicks is the WR I'm enamored with. Charley Casserly had him timed at 4.49. That is good for Nicks. He's not known as a blazer. I didn't get to see as much of him as I wanted, but I love what I see on game tape. He's got some Boldin-esque qualities. He could be our target at 28. He could slide to the early 2nd, but we'd have to trade up to get him.

Kenny Britt (6'3, 218) ran well for his size, but I'm not sure he's a guy that does a whole lot for me. McNabb can be erratic. We need WRs with exceptionally good hands. Britt has pretty good hands. I love his size/speed numbers, but I don't know that he's a good fit for us.

Brian Robiskie had an excellent day. He caught the ball very well. He has excellent hands. He ran in the 4.5 range, solid for him. He's a polished receiver that should be able to contribute as a rookie. At 6'3, 209 he has some size and could help in the RZ. He would be in play at 28 or the early 2nd.

Plenty of smaller guys had good days, but I don't see the Eagles adding a smaller WR. Mike Thomas and Deon Butler had very good workouts. I like both guys a lot, but not for us.

Some guys had solid days (Tiquan Underwood, Demetrius Byrd), but aren't players that I covet. They have size and could fit in here in the future, but wouldn't necessarily do much in 2009.

USC WR Patrick Turner was impressive. I've gone back and forth as to whether he'd be a good fit here. He is 6'5, 221. Don't fall into the trap of thinking he's Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett. Those guys couldn't run, but thought they could. Patrick was a possession receiver at SoCal and seems to understand that's what he'll be in the NFL. He showed the ability to get down and play smaller if needed. He has good hands and catches the ball very naturally. Patrick is very good on slants. He might just be a mid-round big guy who could help.

Louis Murphy has size and speed. I'm just not sure where to project him in the NFL. He was underused at Florida. He's got NFL ability and skills. Where do you take him? Does he ever become a starter?

I didn't get to see any of Austin Collie. He's a kid with some size and speed from BYU. Don't laugh. Austin has legit ability. He's 6'1, 200. He had a 6.78 time in the 3-cone. That shows you good agility for a guy his size.

Ramses Barden is another big guy I wanted to really check out. I was especially hoping to see him run the gauntlet drill. I'm not sure how good his hands are. Because of McNabb I only want guys with top flight hands. Barden is 6'6, 229. He has okay speed. He'd be a mid-round guy.

At this point the only 2 WRs I strongly like for us are Nicks and Robiskie. Other guys could certainly be of interest, but aren't ideal targets.


Knowshon Moreno had a solid day, but wasn't special. That's actually good for the Eagles. He might actually make it to pick 21, should they be interested. I'm still highly unsure of that. Moreno did make one sensational catch on a downfield pass. I'm sure that got Big Red's attention.

Beanie Wells was solid, but timed slower than I expected. He's still a 1st round RB, but isn't a lock to go top 20.

LeSean McCoy claimed to have the flu and didn't work out. He only weighed in at 198. In watching him this year I figured that was about his weight instead of the listed 215. Now you wonder if the flu caused him to shed pounds or if that was an excused because he's struggled with adding weight. RBs always want to be at or over 200 pounds.

Donald Brown had a good day. Value makes him a tough fit for us. He's not worth pick 28 to us, but has very little chance to make it to our 2nd round pick. He goes 210 pounds and has very good feet. He did well in the athletic tests.

Shonn Greene confirmed why I'm not interested in him for the Eagles. He failed to follow instructions in one of the drills. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but the Eagles failed with Ryan Moats because he couldn't learn the playbook. Greene missed the 2007 season due to academic issues. This guy has good ability, but I'd be shocked if the Eagles took him.

Andre Brown of NC State had a good day. The Eagles could absolutely be interested in him. He actually reminds me of Buck in terms of size and skill. He should be on the board at the 2nd round pick. The question is whether he'd last to the 3rd.

Rashad Jennings also looked solid. He's 6'1, 234 and I'm sure AR is interested. Does he last to our 3rd Rd pick?

Cedric Peerman had a very good day. He led the RBs with a 4.45 time in the 40. He would be an excellent backup RB. I don't know if he would ever be a full-time starter at the NFL level. He's either 3rd or 4th round material.

Mike Goodson could be of real interest to AR. He is a gifted receiver. He didn't show great speed, but was athletic. He's a 3rd to 4th kind of guy.

Gartrell Johnson didn't have a good day. He's 5'10, 219. He isn't fast or all that athletic. He still caught my eye as an Eagles target. He has thighs the size of New Jersey. He's got a big butt. That thick of a build down there gives you a lot of power when you run. It would have been very nice to have him on some 3rd/1 runs or 3rd/goal situations. Gartrell is a late round guy because of his limited athleticism, but I'd love to see the Eagles pick him up.

Kory Sheets had a good workout. He's athletic and catches the ball really well. I'm just not into him for the Eagles. Do we really need a 3rd down back? If the team added a bigger runner early and took him late I'd be okay with that. I just don't value him for the Eagles in the first 5 rounds.

Guys like Jeremiah Johnson, Marlon Lucky, and Javon Ringer don't grab me as anything special for us. They'd be nice role players and I'd be fine with taking them late.

I was hoping to get a better feel for Glenn Coffee. He's a physical runner. He has some size. He has some speed. I just don't know how much I like him yet.

The smart thing might be for the Eagles to try and trade up in the 3rd round. They could go for Andre Brown or Jennings at that point. Mike Goodson could be a fall back option. They could then add a complementary runner late. For Brown or Jennings that might be a gifted receiver like Lucky or Sheets. For Goodson you would get a power guy like Gartrell Johnson.

The Eagles could also be aggressive and go for Mike Goodson in the 3rd and Cedric Peerman in the 4th. That would give them a pair of quality rookies to add to the mix. You'd hope one would step up right away as the primary backup. I love the thought of adding Moreno, but I'm just not sure how realistic it is. Heck, it might not even be smart.


I've gotten a few questions about Gibril Wilson. I wanted him last year, but Mikell is now our SS. Dawk will re-sign to be the FS. Wilson won't be an Eagle. He'll go somewhere and start. Maybe Spags will bring him to the Rams to pair with Atogwe.

I watched some tape of Daniel Loper this morning. He played some LT in a Titans blowout. I didn't get to see him much in pass pro because they were running to work the clock. He did a very good job of blocking on the 2nd level. He has good hands and really mashed on LBs. He doesn't have LT feet from what I saw. I'm intrigued, but I'd really like to see him in pass pro.

The Eagles could have him pegged as a key target, but I'm not sure they'd trust RT to a guy in his situation. It would be one thing for him to come here as the #3 OT and fight for a job. It'd be one thing to have him come be part of a situational rotation. Taking a relative unknown and setting him at RT with at least a medium salary is risky. The Eagles have all his preseason tapes. They've studied him thoroughly. If they like him, they'll go for it. I wouldn't count on that being their primary strategy.

Interesting article today about Jason Brown:

He had 28 starts at LG prior to this year. He started all 16 games at C. His preference is to play C, but he wants to be paid G money. Could we lure him here to play LG with big money? Should we? Could we lure him here to play C with big money? You could then deal Jamaal Jackson (to BAL maybe?) or move him to LG.

I guess the question really boils down to whether the Eagles feel that Brown is worth elite money. If so, go get him. If not, stick with JJ and focus on RT.

All the freaking variations can really make your head spin...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eagles Perspective on the Combine

Things went great for the Eagles on Saturday. That is when the OL and TEs worked out. Clearly the Eagles have needs at both spots. The hope was that enough guys would look good that the Eagles would have multiple targets. That would give them flexibility on draft weekend.

TE is especially deep. The Eagles can target different guys in each round. Brandon Pettigrew didn't stand out in Indy, but he's more football player than athlete. The question here is if he gets to pick 21 and then whether the Eagles want a blocker first kind of TE.

Jared Cook had a great workout. He's big at 6'5, 246. He can run, jump, and catch the ball. And his blocking is better than you might think. He could be a target at 28...if he lasts that long.

Shawn Nelson had a good workout. He'll be #2 on some teams' boards. Travis Beckum checked in at 6'3, 243 and lifted well. That helped him. Cornelius Ingram (6'4, 245) had a good day. He should be a 2nd round pick.

James Casey of Rice had the best hands of any TE. He isn't a blocker, but boy can he catch. Cal Junior Cam Morrah looked good. Blocker/receiver Anthony Hill was good. Blocker/receiver Richard Quinn had a good workout. John Phillips and Kory Sperry each helped themselves. Sperry could be of real interest if the Eagles sign a FA and then want an athlete to develop from the 4th or 5th round.

I'd be ecstatic if the Eagles went for any of: Pettigrew, Cook, Nelson, Ingram, or Beckum. All 5 guys have good hands. All could help our offense.

The OL choices aren't as good, but are still solid. Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith will both be long gone. Andre Smith had a bizarre weekend. He could go top ten or at pick 25. Michael Oher could be on the board, but I'm hoping he's gone. He's not my cup of tea for the Eagles. Eben Britton had a solid day. He looked pretty athletic. William Beatty ran well and lifted well. His agility and pass pro ability aren't ideal, though. The Eagles prefer guys with long arms. Britton does not have long arms. That doesn't rule him out, but it hurts his case.

One guy did emerge. Jamon Meredith of South Carolina looked very good in the drills. He looked agile, fluid, and athletic. He has experience at LT, RT, RG, and LG. The Eagles could target him in the 2nd round. Meredith had a down Senior season so that could affect his value. The problem is that there's a dropoff after him.

Phil Loadholt was up and down. He looked okay in some drills. He's just not meant for LT in pass protection. I still have a sneaking suspicion that the Eagles will love his size and long arms. He would be a 2nd round target.

I'll add some thoughts on WRs and RB on Monday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Agency Update

MmmBop decided to stay in Philly. This is the best news of the offseason so far. Joselio Hanson signed a 5-year deal and the Eagles now have a good trio of CBs. That gives them more freedom on draft day. CB goes from a potential need position to one of luxury.

Hanson is a good fit for us. We leave him in the slot, where he is most comfortable and most effective. We put him in position to succeed and he gets the job done. He can hit, tackle, and cover. Hanson got his first pick last year. Now we need him to start making multiple plays.

#4 CB is still a question. Jack Ikegwuonu is the main guy right now, but we don't know what kind of shape he's in. Dimitri Patterson is in the mix. I think we could spend a mid-round pick on someone depending on how confident the team is in Jack.


One of my favorite moments from the show M*A*S*H is when Klinger brings Col. Blake a letter from home. It says that his father is dying and Klinger should be allowed to go home and see him. Blake opens a folder to read some past letters. They involve various scenarios (dying relative, sister pregnant, etc.). Blake's favorite letter is "half the family dying, the other half pregnant".

That is this year's FA class...half re-signed, half franchise tagged.

Honestly, I'm glad some guys aren't available. I can't say I was real excited about the thought of the Eagles going after Vernon Carey, Max Starks, or Bo Scaife. I'm ready for some offseason moves, but I don't want marginal players at premium prices. The Eagles probably weren't going to be interested in most of these guys anyway, but now we're at least saved a bunch of griping by fans and media who want the team to sign anyone. Let's call 'em the "grass is always greener crowd".

Andy did say that he thinks Dawk and Tra will get re-signed. That's pretty good news. We'll take care of FS and LT for 2009.

Sounds more and more like Buck is gone. Let's hope he goes somewhere that uses him as much as he deserves.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Agency Ain't Lookin' So Hot

ProFootballTalk is reporting that the Panthers are finalizing a deal with Jordan Gross. That sucks. We all basically knew it would happen, but it was fun hoping some miracle might happen.

I wrote a piece for talking about Free Agency. The sad fact is that there aren't many good targets for the Eagles. Most of the best players appear to be on defense. That's the area where we're strongest. We need to patch some holes on the depth chart with draft picks, but that's about it.

Offense is where we could use help. We need line help and some good role players, but the pickings aren't great. You never know who the Eagles will like that we don't, but I just don't see many attractive targets. Maybe I've gotten "programmed" by the Eagles over the years to focus on the downside of FAs.

Here's the article:

I caught some flak for not speaking highly about TJ Houshmandzadeh. The sad fact is that some Eagles fans are so desperate for a big name WR that they ignore the evidence. TJ is a possession receiver, not a playmaker. He could help our team, but wouldn't have a significant impact the way some think.

My biggest fear with FA is losing Buck. I don't like the FA group of RBs. Buck is a perfect fit for us. I just have the feeling that the Eagles are going to nickel and dime him and he'll leave. Buck isn't a great player or anything like that, but he's been a very good backup for us the last 3 years. I would be happy for Buck if he went to a place that actually used him. It'd be interesting to see what he could do with 150 or more touches.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season Review...Finally Done


Sorry it took so long, but USA kept having those House marathons and that just ate up all my free time.


Why is it that so many fans get caught up in public comments by Eagles officials? Tom Heckert says Reggie Brown will be here in 2009. Really? As opposed to announcing to the world that the team doesn't want him?

We saw this in the 2007 offseason. The Eagles had no intention of bringing back Dhani Jones. What did Heckert say publicly? "We plan on him fighting Gocong for the SAM job. We think Dhani is a good football player."

They went to the draft and tried all weekend to trade Dhani. They found no takers and released him on Monday morning after the draft.

Heckert, Reid, Banner, and anyone else talking is saying what they think should be said...not the truth. You don't announce to the world that a player has no value to you and then try to deal him. You have to make other teams think, even if on a small level, that you are willing to keep a guy around in order to get any kind of value from them. This is all just part of the offseason game.

If Tom Heckert tells you the sky is blue in February you had best go outside and look up to confirm it. Don't trust his actual words. You have to read between the lines to try and really pick up any info as to offseason plans.

We'll find out pretty soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Couple of Quick Thoughts

I'm busy finalizing the season review. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm going back and re-reading game reviews to make sure I'm fair to all of the guys. Except Lito and Matt Schobel.

I've been thinking a lot about NFL targets. One name we haven't discussed is OL Jason Peters of Buffalo. He held out last summer and skipped Training Camp and the preseason. Peters reported early in the season and struggled for much of the year. He was elected to the Pro Bowl, but that was a complete joke.

Peters signed an extension with BUF in July of 2006. The following offseason they gave a huge deal to G Derrick Dockery and a sorta huge deal to T Langston Walker. Neither player was as good as Peters, but they had much better contracts.

The Bills can leave him at his current salary and worry about another holdout/distraction. That doesn't seem smart. That leaves them with the choice of paying him or trading him.

I'd love for the Eagles to aggressively go after him should the Bills put out feelers. Not only is Peters an outstanding player, but he played right beside Shawn Andrews at Arkansas. Maybe Jason's presence would make Shawn more comfortable and help us with his situation. You could almost think of one dealing landing you 2 Pro Bowl blockers.

I imagine the Bills will find some way to work things out and keep him. Pro Bowl LTs are not easy to come by. Just something to think about while we wait for some real news.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Couple of Roster Tidbits

When I get confused I like to step back and get real basic. That means typing up my own short and long depth charts. That way I get a better feel for the roster. Sometimes just looking at the roster on the can give you false confidence in some spots and a feeling of need in an area that is actually okay. It sounds funny, but things are different when you type in each name and see how they fit together.

I did this earlier today. A couple of things hit me in the head. I had completely forgotten about the presence of Dimitri Patterson. He was the CB we signed late in the year when Mike McGlynn went on IR. The Eagles thought enough of him that they put him on the roster. That shows you this is a player that they think could help them in the future. He's not a developmental project.

I think Patterson is important because he gives us a hedge with Jack Ikegwounu. Dimitri has been around the league for 3 or 4 years. He'll be 26 this summer. He could play if we needed someone to fill in at CB. Jack is still a mystery.

Patterson could also be a small hedge against losing MmmBop Hanson. He's a FA and could have some suitors. I think Hanson is limited to being a Nickelback, but we've seen teams take chances on role players in the past.

The CFL star we signed, Byron Parker, played CB up there. I figured we put him outside, but has him listed as a Safety. Interesting. He was a ballhawk in the Great White North. I have no idea what kind of a hitter/tackler he is. I always like the thought of adding someone with good hands to the secondary. If the team really thought he could be a centerfielder type of FS they could slide Demps to SS and avoid taking a Safety in the first 5 rounds. I still think they'll end up taking a SS to develop for the future.

It does feel good to have a strong rotation already in place on the DL.

OL and RB are sorta empty.


Someone asked why I'm so down on Shawn Andrews playing next year. Let's just say I have heard quite a few things that the general public doesn't know. The Eagles organization isn't sure about his future. I've talked to numerous people about him and no one knows what to expect. You simply cannot count on this guy.

It isn't anything personal I have against him. I've been a big fan of Shawn's since his Sophomore year at Arkansas. I love dominant run blockers. I hope he gets his head right and comes back to the team. That would be huge for us.

Another person wanted to know about replacing Jamaal Jackson. Possibility. Jamaal looked really good in 2006. I thought we had a Pro Bowl type C on our hands. He's flat-lined the last couple of years. Jamaal isn't a bad player by any stretch, but I am worried about him. He's not heading in the right direction career wise. If Jason Brown of the Ravens makes it to the market I would absolutely have interest in bringing him in. He looks like a terrific young OL. I'm not looking to replace Jamaal unless I know it is an upgrade. I have no interest in some veteran like Jeff Saturday. I'd rather spend a mid-round pick on a guy to develop and challenge JJ in the future. Jason Brown is the one guy who absolutely interests me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Staying with the OL

In the comments section of the last post, Lynch talked about this scenario:

* Tra Thomas is re-signed to a short term deal, effectively one year if not literally. Herremans moves to RT.

* McGlynn, Cole and a first-day rookie compete for the LG job.

* Andrews is backed up by the runner up in the LG competition.

* OT is a serious consideration throughout the draft for the Eagles, and if the talent warrants it, then they jump. Depending on who they get, they may move Herremans back to LG, or move the pick to LG for a year.

* If they don't get an OT they like in the draft, they hope that Andrews bounces back this year and hope to have him and Herremans at OT in 2010, with two of the McGlynn/Cole/rookie guard combo at the two guard spots.

I've been finalizing a plan in my head and you and I are close. I simply don't think you can count on Andrews at RG. Spads hasn't told me anything personally, but his comments on about whether Andrews is part of the plan should tell you that situation is highly unstable. The Eagles almost always paint the brightest picture for the fans. If Dave has an article questioning whether we can count on him that is not good.

The idea I've been kicking around is very similar (as I mentioned).

* Re-sign Tra for LT. I'm not a huge fan of this, but it is the path of least resistance, so to speak.
* Mike McGlynn battles whoever at LG.
* JJ stays in the middle.
* Nick Cole is the RG.
* Todd moves to RT.

* You then spend either a 1st or 2nd round pick on an OL you feel comfortable being a key backup in 2009. William Beatty of UConn makes a lot of sense. He has plenty of LT experience. He could also play RT or possibly G.

* Mike Gibson and Chris Patrick are possible backups. I'd still like a veteran OL to add to the mix. Scott Young will be a FA, but I don't know if he'd have any interest in coming back here. Max Jean-Gilles remains a question mark because of his injury, but he could factor in. You don't need a guy with a bunch of starting experience, but you want someone who isn't new to the league.

* Shawn has to be thought of as the 10th OL. You better find 9 guys you're comfortable with. If Shawn plays, that's great. You simply cannot count on him. At the same time, you feel some obligation to leave room for him. That's why having Nick Cole at RG makes sense to me. Nick is serviceable, but you wouldn't hesitate to replace him with Shawn. And Nick can go back to being on the bench and being a role player/backup.

* King Dunlap is a mystery. He has LT potential, but still probably needs a lot of work. He'll be active the whole offseason. That will help. Last year he was an interesting project. This year he has to show growth. We've seen plenty of guys look good then let up and get cut. Calvin Armstrong really regressed from year 1 to year 2. Let's hope King stays hungry and has a better summer than he did last year. He's the type of player that needs to develop. That means building on what you did the year before. King was solid in 2008. We need to see improvement this year. You can't count on him in your OL plans, but you hope he comes along to the point where you have to account for him.

OT: Tra, Todd
OG: McGlynn, Cole
b/u: Patrick, Gibson, rookie T/G , mid-level FA
??: Shawn, King, Max

This isn't an ideal scenario, but also doesn't rely on unlikely events. Obviously Gross hitting the market would change things. If Jason Brown hits the market that could change things.

The biggest downside is that you have a lot of new faces/inexperience as backups.

I completely left Winston Justice out of this. I don't think you can count on him in any significant way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More OL Talk

I still can't get my head completely wrapped about the line situation. There are so many odd variables that it can drive you crazy.

* What the heck is up with Shawn Andrews?

* Does the team have confidence in Todd at LT?

* Are they interested in re-signing Tra? Or Runyan (gulp)?

* Will Jordan Gross hit the market?

* Does Max Jean-Gilles factor into the equation for '09 even as a backup?

* Can Mike McGlynn win a starting job?

* What does the team think of Chris Patrick?

* Can Mike Gibson be a good backup?

Other than that I have a good handle on things.

One thing I started wondering about is whether Andy and Co. would trade the 2 1st round picks to move up in the draft and grab a LT. According to the trade value chart pick 28 is worth 660. Pick 21 is worth 800. That would give us 1,460 points. The #7 pick is worth 1,500 points. #8 is 1,400.

In our latest mock over at SNB we had Eugene Monroe go 6th, Jason Smith 8th, and Michael Oher 9th. The Eagles have the ammo to move up and get one of those guys. I guess the question is which guy they really like and if he is attainable.

Value Chart -

I have been asking all my sources for any OL hints. Nothing. I have come up with 655321 different scenarios and I don't know if I have come close to figuring out what they will do.

The key is solving LT. That can be Todd, Tra, Gross, or some draft pick. I guess the first pieces of the puzzle will fall in the next 10 days when we find out who does and doesn't get the Franchise Tag.

Depending on what we do at OT we may need to add some FA backups for the OL. Shawn is a question. Max might not be healthy. Cole might be a starter. McGlynn might be a starter. Todd might be an OT. Weird.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Any Cuts?

Teams are starting to cut dead weight off their rosters. Will the Eagles make any such cuts? The only guy I'm totally in favor of dumping now is TE Matt Schobel. I very much look forward to the day he's an ex-Eagle. Far be it from me to hate a guy, but...I hate Matt Schobel. I don't wish ill upon the guy, but I would be happy if he were made the ambassador to the Sun and was sent there to negotiate.

Lito and Reggie are trade bait. I don't think we'll get great value, but something is better than nothing.

I can live with them keeping Winston Justice...just in case.


New mock draft is posted.

I'm finding more and more prospects who could be Eagles targets:

* RB Mike Goodson - Texas A&M -- Versatile guy with speed and elusiveness.
* TE Jared Cook - South Carolina -- Great hands. Good size. Very good speed.
* SS Otis Wiley - Michigan State -- Can cover and tackle. RS ability.

I can't help but think that Oklahoma LT Phil Loadholt has Eagles written all over him. Andy and Juan seem to love massive guys with long arms. He has some athletic ability. Phil isn't my ideal player, but I could see them taking him in the 2nd. No scoops, just a hunch.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FA Stuff

I posted some OT notes. They are listed toward the bottom of the page, in the NFL section:

We all know Gross is the #1 target. Who's next? Sadly, there is no clear cut answer.

The player I'm most interested in is Atlanta RT Tyson Clabo. You can see some Runyan in him. The bad news is that he's a RFA. I can't see Atlanta going cheap with his tender. I like Clabo, but not enough to give up a high pick for him.

Khalif Barnes and Max Starks are both risky players with talent. Those could be high-risk, high-reward situations.

Vernon Carey could be a target, but he's ideal for a running offense, not our pass happy attack.

We just found out that Jon Runyan had microfracture surgery on his injured knee. That is actually good news for the Eagles. It will keep him from getting interest from other teams. He won't be ready to play until July/August. The Eagles could look at him as a backup plan should something else not work out.

I still don't have an ideal backup scenario. Let's hope Gross avoids the Franchise Tag and hits the market.


I watched some tape of FB Leonard Weaver of Seattle. He's not much of a lead blocker from what I saw. He is a gifted runner and receiver. He could be an interesting target for the Eagles. Say you let Buck go and add Weaver. You then add a rookie RB and FB.

Weaver and the rookie could split time at FB. Weaver would be the power back. The rookie tailback should be an early enough pick that he has starting caliber talent. You'd work him into the offense.

This isn't a likely scenario. Just an idea to toss out there.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been under the weather a bit and that's kept me off the computer more than I'd like.

So TJ Houshmandzadeh wants to be an Eagle. Great. I'd love to have him. I hope he's coming here to catch 60 passes and play for a reasonable deal. In other words...forget about it. TJ wants to go somewhere and be "the man". That ain't a happenin' in Philly. We don't break the bank for possession receivers and then run the offense through them.

I know fans love the thought of adding a big name, but how many have carefully looked at his numbers. TJ averaged less than 10 ypc this year. Sure, he had Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball, but Reggie Brown had better numbers when he was a rookie and Mike McMahon was throwing him the ball. Reggie had 26 catches for 354 yards that year in non-McNabb games.

TJ will be 32 next September. He doesn't have speed. He is a workhorse receiver that hauled in more than 200 catches the last 2 years combined, but still isn't happy. This is a guy that people are excited about?

The only thing I really like about him is what he'd do for us in the Red Zone. TJ had 28 TDs catches from 2005-07. That's excellent production. He is a big, physical receiver. That's what we need. Unfortunately I just don't think the overall fit makes sense, especially when he wants a big deal.

Anquan Boldin is back to talking about wanting out of Arizona. I would have interest in him. He'll be 29 this upcoming season. He's no spring chicken, but should still have several good seasons. Boldin is more of a playmaker. He has more career TDs (40 to 37). He averages more yards per catch (12.9 to 11.4). He has more plays of 40+ yards (19 to 6).

The problem with Boldin is that he wants money and you'd have to trade for him. I'd be willing to pony up a 1st round pick for him, but I'm not sure how much more I'd give. I know people will use the Dallas/Roy Williams deal as a reference point, but you have to remember 2 key things. Dallas clearly overpaid. Everyone sees that. Also, Roy is a young guy with huge potential. The best part of his career should be ahead of him. I'm sure Arizona will ask for what Dallas gave up and more, but I don't know that anyone will bite on that (outside of the usual wildcards...OAK, DAL, WAS).

I do believe that our WRs are good enough as is to win a SB. The reason I'd add Boldin is because he could give us a great group. And, like TJ, he is the one thing we don't have...a strong, physical receiver who excels in the Red Zone.

The draft will offer us some guys who fit the same profile. The player who I like the most in that sense is Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina. He lists at 6'1, 215 and looks big, thick, and strong. He's got good hands. He's tough and productive. Hakeem reminds me of a less athletic version of Boldin. There's no guarantee he'll pan out the same way, but they are similar.

We do need to add a WR to the mix, but I don't think we need to make any desperation moves. We're much better right now than many people realize. Adding a guy like Boldin or a high pick could give us one of the top WRs groups in the whole NFL. How crazy would that be?


I'm gonna watch some pro tape this weekend. I'll check out Leonard Weaver and Ray Willis. I'll look at Vernon Carey. I'll see if anyone looks like help for us.

Someone asked about Jordan Gross. Here's the deal. Jordan is a solid LT. He's athletic enough to handle edge rushers. He isn't a great pass blocker. He's more comfortable as a run blocker. I wouldn't rate him as a true blue chip LT. Those guys don't make it to FA (Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, Jon Ogden, etc.). I think Gross is an outstanding player, though. He has a good combination of size, talent, and experience. The Eagles would be lucky to get him.


I've gotten some questions about why the team would take a CB high, as I've mentioned as a possiblity.

Lito is gone. He'll either be on another team or another plane of existence. He will not be an Eagle. That leaves us with Sheldon and Asante as the starters. We're good there. MmmBop Hanson is a free agent. I assume we'll re-sign him to be our nickel back. The #4 CB right now is Jack Ikegwounu. He suffered a terrible knee injury last January. No one knows for sure what he'll look like on the field. I've asked my sources and nobody has a strong opinion at this point. Can you count on him? I don't. Hanson is solid in the slot, but lacks the speed to play outside as a starter. If one of the guys goes down we need Ike to take over. If he can't?

We added CFL star Byron Parker. That's good, but he's no lock to make the team. I think you add a CB somewhere in rounds 1-4. We don't need a starter. We need someone who could fill in as a starter if things go wrong. If the right guy is available early on, you take him and consider yourself lucky to be deep at CB.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 is Officially Done

That season is in the books. We're on to 2009. I guarantee the Eagles will possibly win the Super Bowl. Bet on it.

Everyone is trying to make some kind of post-Super Bowl analysis to figure out what the Eagles need to do. What did we learn from the game? What do we need?

I personally didn't get a lot out of watching the SB. I thought the Eagles were better than those teams. We beat both in the regular season. The problem is that the NFL postseason is no longer about who the best team is. NFL playoffs have become the NCAA Tournament.

Sometimes the best team is crowned champion. The 2003 Pats were the best team in the league and won the SB. Since then you can argue the best team didn't win. Other teams were crowned champion and that's what we remember. Tennessee was the best team from early on through the end of the regular season. They got out to a quick start in their playoff game, but then RB Chris Johnson got hurt and things came apart. They didn't even win a postseason game. The dominant regular season went out the window.

The Eagles have been on both sides of the situation, upsetting teams as well as getting upset, so I don't say this with any sense of bitterness or anything like that. Just an observation.

What did the Eagles learn? Get hot at the right time. Don't play away games in domes in the playoffs if at all possible.

I know a lot of fans are going crazy for Larry Fitzgerald. He's the best WR in the NFC. He was the best receiver in the playoffs. Great player. Santonio Holmes actually had more impact in the SB. He played great. There's nothing Holmes can do that DeSean Jackson can't. Eagles fans should focus on that.


I saw a couple of FB prospects this weekened. Frank Summers played RB at UNLV, but moved to FB in an all star game and looked good. He's basically a bowling ball with legs. I watched some tape of Marcus Mailei of Weber State. He is 6'1, 245 and looks like a solid prospect. Solid blocker.

Cal TE Cameron Morrah is probably not on my list for us. Very talented kid, but he came out early. Didn't show good hands in the game I watched.

OT Eben Britton could be a 1st round target for the Eagles. He'd play RT for us. I'm not sure he's worth a 1st value wise, but if you need someone to play OT you better grab them early. He isn't a project like Justice. Britton has started for 3 years, 2 at RT and this season at LT. He did come out early, but had a RS year. He'll be 22 when the season begins.

If the Eagles can't sign Jordan Gross, then Britton might be our best option. I'm really not into bringing back Tra or Jon.