Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eagles Perspective on the Combine

Things went great for the Eagles on Saturday. That is when the OL and TEs worked out. Clearly the Eagles have needs at both spots. The hope was that enough guys would look good that the Eagles would have multiple targets. That would give them flexibility on draft weekend.

TE is especially deep. The Eagles can target different guys in each round. Brandon Pettigrew didn't stand out in Indy, but he's more football player than athlete. The question here is if he gets to pick 21 and then whether the Eagles want a blocker first kind of TE.

Jared Cook had a great workout. He's big at 6'5, 246. He can run, jump, and catch the ball. And his blocking is better than you might think. He could be a target at 28...if he lasts that long.

Shawn Nelson had a good workout. He'll be #2 on some teams' boards. Travis Beckum checked in at 6'3, 243 and lifted well. That helped him. Cornelius Ingram (6'4, 245) had a good day. He should be a 2nd round pick.

James Casey of Rice had the best hands of any TE. He isn't a blocker, but boy can he catch. Cal Junior Cam Morrah looked good. Blocker/receiver Anthony Hill was good. Blocker/receiver Richard Quinn had a good workout. John Phillips and Kory Sperry each helped themselves. Sperry could be of real interest if the Eagles sign a FA and then want an athlete to develop from the 4th or 5th round.

I'd be ecstatic if the Eagles went for any of: Pettigrew, Cook, Nelson, Ingram, or Beckum. All 5 guys have good hands. All could help our offense.

The OL choices aren't as good, but are still solid. Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith will both be long gone. Andre Smith had a bizarre weekend. He could go top ten or at pick 25. Michael Oher could be on the board, but I'm hoping he's gone. He's not my cup of tea for the Eagles. Eben Britton had a solid day. He looked pretty athletic. William Beatty ran well and lifted well. His agility and pass pro ability aren't ideal, though. The Eagles prefer guys with long arms. Britton does not have long arms. That doesn't rule him out, but it hurts his case.

One guy did emerge. Jamon Meredith of South Carolina looked very good in the drills. He looked agile, fluid, and athletic. He has experience at LT, RT, RG, and LG. The Eagles could target him in the 2nd round. Meredith had a down Senior season so that could affect his value. The problem is that there's a dropoff after him.

Phil Loadholt was up and down. He looked okay in some drills. He's just not meant for LT in pass protection. I still have a sneaking suspicion that the Eagles will love his size and long arms. He would be a 2nd round target.

I'll add some thoughts on WRs and RB on Monday.


Stephen said...

Can we take Phil and put him over at RT in our offense? I'll take a top RT prospect this year and pair him with Tra Thomas and worry about LT next year if need be...

Tommy Lawlor said...

Phil could play RT for us.

LT would be put off for a season. Plus you'd have additional time to see what you thought of King Dunlap. After this summer we may think he deserves a chance to start in the future or we may see he's just a practice body.

Stephen said...

Im of the opinion that someone named King Dunlap can only possibly have a career as an NFL lineman or a professional wrestler, so I guess we'll find out soon enough which of the 2 he is...

tobylove said...

Or in nascar.