Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More OL Talk

I still can't get my head completely wrapped about the line situation. There are so many odd variables that it can drive you crazy.

* What the heck is up with Shawn Andrews?

* Does the team have confidence in Todd at LT?

* Are they interested in re-signing Tra? Or Runyan (gulp)?

* Will Jordan Gross hit the market?

* Does Max Jean-Gilles factor into the equation for '09 even as a backup?

* Can Mike McGlynn win a starting job?

* What does the team think of Chris Patrick?

* Can Mike Gibson be a good backup?

Other than that I have a good handle on things.

One thing I started wondering about is whether Andy and Co. would trade the 2 1st round picks to move up in the draft and grab a LT. According to the trade value chart pick 28 is worth 660. Pick 21 is worth 800. That would give us 1,460 points. The #7 pick is worth 1,500 points. #8 is 1,400.

In our latest mock over at SNB we had Eugene Monroe go 6th, Jason Smith 8th, and Michael Oher 9th. The Eagles have the ammo to move up and get one of those guys. I guess the question is which guy they really like and if he is attainable.

Value Chart -

I have been asking all my sources for any OL hints. Nothing. I have come up with 655321 different scenarios and I don't know if I have come close to figuring out what they will do.

The key is solving LT. That can be Todd, Tra, Gross, or some draft pick. I guess the first pieces of the puzzle will fall in the next 10 days when we find out who does and doesn't get the Franchise Tag.

Depending on what we do at OT we may need to add some FA backups for the OL. Shawn is a question. Max might not be healthy. Cole might be a starter. McGlynn might be a starter. Todd might be an OT. Weird.


T_S_O_P said...

There could be pages and pages written on this. I was putting together a reply for the EMB and it just became so monsterous.

Without the information from within the team's coaching dept, it is nearly impossible to put together a offseason scenario that includes the Oline, which will not cause contention.

However, 2 questions; Patrick is listed at Tackle, could he offer any competition at LG?; and if Andrews returns to full health, how likely (% guess) that he moves to Tackle?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I think Patrick might be a better fit at G in our offense. I'm not worried about him starting. I'd just like to know if they feel he could be a dependable backup.

Andrews? I would not count on him at OT. I'd plan for him to be the RG. If he goes off the deep end again you don't want to be without your RT. Missing your RG is easier to fix.

shlynch said...

Using the "new" trade value chart that the Eagles are alleged to have tried to push upon the league, our two picks gets you to between #4 and #5.

That out of the way, the way I would approach the line is like this:

* I think that Gross gets Franchised (and/or resigned before hitting the market)

* Tra Thomas is re-signed to a short term deal, effectively one year if not literally. Herremans moves to RT.

* McGlynn, Cole and a first-day rookie compete for the LG job.

* Andrews is backed up by the runner up in the LG competition.

* OT is a serious consideration throughout the draft for the Eagles, and if the talent warrants it, then they jump. Depending on who they get, they may move Herremans back to LG, or move the pick to LG for a year.

* If they don't get an OT they like in the draft, they hope that Andrews bounces back this year and hope to have him and Herremans at OT in 2010, with two of the McGlynn/Cole/rookie guard combo at the two guard spots.

Carol said...

I havent heard King Dunlaps name pop up recently, he seems like a forgotten man out there though I thought he showed some solid potential out there last preseason. Whats the news with him?