Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season Review...Finally Done


Sorry it took so long, but USA kept having those House marathons and that just ate up all my free time.


Why is it that so many fans get caught up in public comments by Eagles officials? Tom Heckert says Reggie Brown will be here in 2009. Really? As opposed to announcing to the world that the team doesn't want him?

We saw this in the 2007 offseason. The Eagles had no intention of bringing back Dhani Jones. What did Heckert say publicly? "We plan on him fighting Gocong for the SAM job. We think Dhani is a good football player."

They went to the draft and tried all weekend to trade Dhani. They found no takers and released him on Monday morning after the draft.

Heckert, Reid, Banner, and anyone else talking is saying what they think should be said...not the truth. You don't announce to the world that a player has no value to you and then try to deal him. You have to make other teams think, even if on a small level, that you are willing to keep a guy around in order to get any kind of value from them. This is all just part of the offseason game.

If Tom Heckert tells you the sky is blue in February you had best go outside and look up to confirm it. Don't trust his actual words. You have to read between the lines to try and really pick up any info as to offseason plans.

We'll find out pretty soon.


shlynch said...

Looks like our instincts on the OL are right so far, if Brookover's sources are correct about Tra probably being resigned.


Tommy Lawlor said...

I read that. I don't love that move, but it sure makes sense.

rick said...

also, looks like Justice is History as word is that are trying to shop him. Let's see..how much is an expendable OT famous league-wide for a certain evening performance last year worth coming from a team desperate for a new OT? Answer: not much.

shlynch said...

It pleased me that the "Justice being shopped" article came out the day after Tommy's "remember Dhani Jones" post. Eerily prescient.

rick said...

shlynch - I thought of that too, in spite of my previous comment.