Friday, February 27, 2009


I've made a few M*A*S*H references over the years. The greatest episode of that series (and quite possibly TV history) is Colonel Blake's final episode. He gets enough points to go home. Henry flies off in a chopper. In the next scene Radar walks into the operating room without a mask. The doctors yell at him, but see that he's got a stunned look on his face. Radar then announces that "Colonel Henry Blake's plane crashed in the Sea of Japan. There were no survivors." I still get chills thinking about that scene. Great emotional impact as you learn the loss of a loved one. I bring this up today because Brian Dawkins is no longer an Eagle. I've checked with my sources and the news is legit. Dawk is now a Bronco.

...stunned silence...

I took it for granted that he was coming back. Brian Dawkins is a lifer. No two ways about it. Reality check. Football is a business. LaDainian Tomlinson is possibly going to be cut by the Chargers. Mike Vrabel was traded by the Pats. Dawk is a Bronco. Being the heart and soul of a team or unit only matters during the year. February is a time for business. The Eagles apparently wanted Dawk for a year. He wanted a longer deal. He is now gone.

I'll write more about him tomorrow. This is a complex story. Dawkins has started to show his age. I think the Eagles were wise to only offer him a year. However, I hate that they didn't offer enough money to get him to take the deal. Crazy situation. Sad day.


I'll watch some tape of him tonight. I'll post a scouting report on Saturday.

I could be wrong about his health. There is a chance Stacy comes back in time to play a full season. I'm just hesitant to think that is likely. College kids can come back in 6 to 8 months. They're facing college competition and can get by at 80%. NFL guys need to be all the way back or close to it.

Plus, a torn MCL and ACL complicates things. Even if the MCL wasn't a severe tear that is still a complication that slows down the process of getting back to full speed.

I hope I'm wrong and Stacy is fine by September. We'll see what happens.


tobylove said...

Even though you were dead on target with Windy City Heat, I'm going to doubt this one until it's on the Eagles site, Broncos site, or

come back dawk!

orangecrush007 said...

the eagles were right again. Dawk might have one or maybe two but its too risky. its time. Love you Dawk. Thanks for the memories.

What about Brown from Baltimore? Are the Eagles interested?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'm hearing that Jason Brown isn't in the Eagles plans.