Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Any Cuts?

Teams are starting to cut dead weight off their rosters. Will the Eagles make any such cuts? The only guy I'm totally in favor of dumping now is TE Matt Schobel. I very much look forward to the day he's an ex-Eagle. Far be it from me to hate a guy, but...I hate Matt Schobel. I don't wish ill upon the guy, but I would be happy if he were made the ambassador to the Sun and was sent there to negotiate.

Lito and Reggie are trade bait. I don't think we'll get great value, but something is better than nothing.

I can live with them keeping Winston Justice...just in case.


New mock draft is posted.


I'm finding more and more prospects who could be Eagles targets:

* RB Mike Goodson - Texas A&M -- Versatile guy with speed and elusiveness.
* TE Jared Cook - South Carolina -- Great hands. Good size. Very good speed.
* SS Otis Wiley - Michigan State -- Can cover and tackle. RS ability.

I can't help but think that Oklahoma LT Phil Loadholt has Eagles written all over him. Andy and Juan seem to love massive guys with long arms. He has some athletic ability. Phil isn't my ideal player, but I could see them taking him in the 2nd. No scoops, just a hunch.


T_S_O_P said...

Re: Cook

Do you foresee some teams grading him with a first? We surely will, if we ranked LJ with that grade. Doesn't mean we'll pick him there.

Tommy Lawlor said...

He could have a 1st round grade. All depends on his Combine numbers and if he has any "issues". I've not heard a bad word about him, but that doesn't mean much.

rick said...

What do you think combining Lito and Reggie in a trade would get us in the draft? Also, and I know this is Eagle heresy, but I would consider trading David Akers if we could get a high enough draft choice in return. Then take the kid from Florida State who's knocking 'em in from 50+ yards. The drawback on him is he doesn't have much experience.