Friday, February 27, 2009

Update Time

The reports are now saying that Dawk has gotten to Denver and signed a deal with the Broncos. See earlier post for my initial thoughts.


The reports say Lito is going to be in NY to take a physical and that the deal is done. The Eagles get a 2009 5th round pick and a conditional pick in 2010. It could be as high as a 2nd or as low as a 4th. Smart deal for the Eagles and Jets.

If Lito plays up to his potential, he's worth a 2nd and 5th from the Jets perspective. The Eagles get a reasonable pick this year. You generally expect 5th rounders to make the team. Also, it frees the Eagles up to trade a 5th (they have 2 others) for a future pick. You can deal a 5th on Draft Day for a 4th in the future.

It was smart to get a 2010 pick from the Jets so that there won't be as much guess work involved. Both teams will know how Lito performed and what fair compensation is. Good deal for both sides.


orangecrush007 said...

If Lito starts the majority of games will it be a 2nd rounder? He was an early 2nd rounder. I hope we get that back. But he also gave us a lot of good plays. THey should really start giving bonueses to the players they have. It was like pulling teeth to get Westbrook money. Now Andrews is going to be playing next to his brother who is making bukoo bucks. That would be hard on any human being.

I heard Hanson is making more than Sheldon Brown. That's not right. I also bet they move Brown to safety. They have to have a plan if they gave up dawkins. They wont be dependent upon a rookie nor Demps.

Stephen said...

I cant believe it. Thats just absurd, how could Dawkins ever not be an Eagle?

Words cant do justice how I feel right now, I just don't know what to say. If anyone deserved to go, ditch Mcnabb, ditch Andy Reid, ditch somebody else but Dawkins? How can we get rid of Dawkins before he hoists a lombardi for us?

What has Dawkins done besides deliver amazing games and seasons for us while handling himself with the utmost class, and true class not lets play games with the media bullshit like mcnabb does, and yet his time is up before some of these other people?

Go back and watch the Dallas game and tell me Dawkins doesnt have enough left in the tank for at least another year or two.

If money ends up being the issue I hope Joe Banner chokes himself to death on the extra cap space we have next year.

Tom Ballman said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

Can you forsee a need on D, regardless of Dawk's final destination for a top notch cover linebacker in the draft. An Ike Reese - like LB who can read/react better to seam routes and crossing routes from the TE/H-Back position. With Bradley on the field all the time, there seems to be too much reliance in dime coverages. jordan's got the speed, but a rotational/package LB player seems to me a critical element that I hope the FO doesn't overlook. Thoughts?