Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Agency Update

MmmBop decided to stay in Philly. This is the best news of the offseason so far. Joselio Hanson signed a 5-year deal and the Eagles now have a good trio of CBs. That gives them more freedom on draft day. CB goes from a potential need position to one of luxury.

Hanson is a good fit for us. We leave him in the slot, where he is most comfortable and most effective. We put him in position to succeed and he gets the job done. He can hit, tackle, and cover. Hanson got his first pick last year. Now we need him to start making multiple plays.

#4 CB is still a question. Jack Ikegwuonu is the main guy right now, but we don't know what kind of shape he's in. Dimitri Patterson is in the mix. I think we could spend a mid-round pick on someone depending on how confident the team is in Jack.


One of my favorite moments from the show M*A*S*H is when Klinger brings Col. Blake a letter from home. It says that his father is dying and Klinger should be allowed to go home and see him. Blake opens a folder to read some past letters. They involve various scenarios (dying relative, sister pregnant, etc.). Blake's favorite letter is "half the family dying, the other half pregnant".

That is this year's FA class...half re-signed, half franchise tagged.

Honestly, I'm glad some guys aren't available. I can't say I was real excited about the thought of the Eagles going after Vernon Carey, Max Starks, or Bo Scaife. I'm ready for some offseason moves, but I don't want marginal players at premium prices. The Eagles probably weren't going to be interested in most of these guys anyway, but now we're at least saved a bunch of griping by fans and media who want the team to sign anyone. Let's call 'em the "grass is always greener crowd".

Andy did say that he thinks Dawk and Tra will get re-signed. That's pretty good news. We'll take care of FS and LT for 2009.

Sounds more and more like Buck is gone. Let's hope he goes somewhere that uses him as much as he deserves.


Ilya said...

Gibril Wilson was cut. What do you think?

Tommy Lawlor said...

That really shocked me. He doesn't interest me for us right now. The timing is bad. We've got Q at SS and Dawk is about to re-sign. Wilson isn't coming here to be the #3 S. I had interest in him last year, but as it turns out, playing Mikell was the best thing for us.

ZackISM said...

Jason Brown a legit target?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I like Jason quite a bit. The problem is what to do with him. I assume Jason wants to stay at C. Do we cut JJ or move him to G? Jamaal was okay in '08, but certainly could be upgraded.

I'd have no problem with them making this move. Heck, sign Jason and then trade JJ to the Ravens. He's a big guy that could handle the NTs in their division. He'd also be a better fit on a running team.