Sunday, February 15, 2009

Couple of Quick Thoughts

I'm busy finalizing the season review. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm going back and re-reading game reviews to make sure I'm fair to all of the guys. Except Lito and Matt Schobel.

I've been thinking a lot about NFL targets. One name we haven't discussed is OL Jason Peters of Buffalo. He held out last summer and skipped Training Camp and the preseason. Peters reported early in the season and struggled for much of the year. He was elected to the Pro Bowl, but that was a complete joke.

Peters signed an extension with BUF in July of 2006. The following offseason they gave a huge deal to G Derrick Dockery and a sorta huge deal to T Langston Walker. Neither player was as good as Peters, but they had much better contracts.

The Bills can leave him at his current salary and worry about another holdout/distraction. That doesn't seem smart. That leaves them with the choice of paying him or trading him.

I'd love for the Eagles to aggressively go after him should the Bills put out feelers. Not only is Peters an outstanding player, but he played right beside Shawn Andrews at Arkansas. Maybe Jason's presence would make Shawn more comfortable and help us with his situation. You could almost think of one dealing landing you 2 Pro Bowl blockers.

I imagine the Bills will find some way to work things out and keep him. Pro Bowl LTs are not easy to come by. Just something to think about while we wait for some real news.


ZackISM said...

Wouldn't signing a injured Stacy Andrews (assuming the Bengals don't franchise him) have the same or better results (related to Shawn)?

He'd probably come cheaper and while he's not as good as Peters when they are both on top of their games, he's still a very good player, and like his brother a excellent athlete for the position.

Aaron said...

Happy Presidents Day Tommy,

Just curious if you think someone, anyone, will come out and explain what in fact Shawn Andrews "situation" really is. There has been plenty of speculation, and hearsay but a definitive statement should be given, no?

How about I offer you a case of PBR for the details? ;)

I would LOVE Peters btw.

Tommy Lawlor said...

No one has asked me to be quiet about this, but I choose to. If Shawn ever got labeled by the Philly media he'd have a hard time overcoming that. The Eagles are smart to be quiet on this situation and keep things as ambiguous as possible. I can tell you for a fact that not even everyone at the NovaCare Complex knows what the heck is going on with Shawn.

One hint. He had a bus ticket from Arkansas to Dallas dated 11-22-63. And he fervently blamed Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs failure. Damn. I've probably said too much.

to self...(I wonder if they bought the red herring?)

shlynch said...

Wait ... so you are saying that Shawn Andrews shot JR Ewing?

Tommy Lawlor said...