Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 is Officially Done

That season is in the books. We're on to 2009. I guarantee the Eagles will possibly win the Super Bowl. Bet on it.

Everyone is trying to make some kind of post-Super Bowl analysis to figure out what the Eagles need to do. What did we learn from the game? What do we need?

I personally didn't get a lot out of watching the SB. I thought the Eagles were better than those teams. We beat both in the regular season. The problem is that the NFL postseason is no longer about who the best team is. NFL playoffs have become the NCAA Tournament.

Sometimes the best team is crowned champion. The 2003 Pats were the best team in the league and won the SB. Since then you can argue the best team didn't win. Other teams were crowned champion and that's what we remember. Tennessee was the best team from early on through the end of the regular season. They got out to a quick start in their playoff game, but then RB Chris Johnson got hurt and things came apart. They didn't even win a postseason game. The dominant regular season went out the window.

The Eagles have been on both sides of the situation, upsetting teams as well as getting upset, so I don't say this with any sense of bitterness or anything like that. Just an observation.

What did the Eagles learn? Get hot at the right time. Don't play away games in domes in the playoffs if at all possible.

I know a lot of fans are going crazy for Larry Fitzgerald. He's the best WR in the NFC. He was the best receiver in the playoffs. Great player. Santonio Holmes actually had more impact in the SB. He played great. There's nothing Holmes can do that DeSean Jackson can't. Eagles fans should focus on that.


I saw a couple of FB prospects this weekened. Frank Summers played RB at UNLV, but moved to FB in an all star game and looked good. He's basically a bowling ball with legs. I watched some tape of Marcus Mailei of Weber State. He is 6'1, 245 and looks like a solid prospect. Solid blocker.

Cal TE Cameron Morrah is probably not on my list for us. Very talented kid, but he came out early. Didn't show good hands in the game I watched.

OT Eben Britton could be a 1st round target for the Eagles. He'd play RT for us. I'm not sure he's worth a 1st value wise, but if you need someone to play OT you better grab them early. He isn't a project like Justice. Britton has started for 3 years, 2 at RT and this season at LT. He did come out early, but had a RS year. He'll be 22 when the season begins.

If the Eagles can't sign Jordan Gross, then Britton might be our best option. I'm really not into bringing back Tra or Jon.


T_S_O_P said...

"What did we learn from the game? What do we need?"

Literally, is the answer to return a dead set scoring opportunity for the Cards into a pick 6? Stronger redzone D. Add to that, an ability to go down the field with just over 2 minutes remaining in the game and score a TD.

I have to agree with your thoughts on the Eagles being a better team.


I watched some tape of Marcus Mailei of Weber State. He is 6'1, 245 and looks like a solid prospect. Solid blocker.

This is the guy I like. I'm not sure whether Weber ST are a running team but he was the 3rd leading receiver in reception on '06.

rick said...

The question of who is the best team is speculative at best. I'm sure the Giants and Giants fans feel they were the best team too. The only thing we have are the games and you have to win 'em all at the end of the year. Cards fans could point to a few bad calls in the SB and claim they were the best this year. I understand your point that the 'best' team doesn't win every year but that's why we play the games... I console myself with the idea that the Eagles are 1 of the best, for this year at least. Next year, expectations go way back up.

I have a hunch Tra will be back for 1 or 2 more years. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if we went out and got both Jordan Gross and Eben Britten. What can you tell us about Britten and could you see him moving right into the starting RT spot as a rookie?

Also, I left a late response to your Senior Bowl piece.

Stephen said...

How good exactly is Jordan Gross? He's a name I hear a lot of lately, but is he a top tier talent?