Friday, January 30, 2009

Coaching Changes Official

Good and bad news.

I hate to see Pete Jenkins retire. What a quitter. The man is 67 years old, but that's hardly an excuse. Jeff Feagles is 65 and still punting. Kurt Warner is 68 and he's in the friggin' Super Bowl.

Pete did a terrific job for us. He brought in 2-gap stuff to a defense that had done very little of that. Trent Cole developed on his watch. Bunkley is looking like he could be a star DT. Abiamiri showed very good potential this year.

I'm not too worried about Rory Segrest taking over for Pete. Rory has spent time helping with the DL in Philly. Hopefully he's learned from Pete. He'll bring a youthful energy and enthusiasm to the job. And I'm sure Pete is always a phone call away for advice.

I'm happy to see Ted Daisher take over STs. We needed some change there. Segrest had his ups and downs, but 3 blocked FGs in one season is crazy. Ted has some good pieces to work with. I'd love to see STs become a strength of this team again.

Can't say I have any particular thoughts on Urban taking over the QB coach role. Doug Pederson coming back to the team is a good thing. We'll see if he can develop into a good coach. He obviously knows the offense and NFL football.

Interesting to read that David Culley is getting more responsibility. He'll now help with the gameplans. I hope his first suggestion is to cut back on the number of passes.

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Stephen said...

Very unfortunate news about Jim Johnson too, if he were to be out for a protracted period I wonder what we would do at DC.