Friday, January 2, 2009

Wildcard Stuff

I posted a game preview:

One thing I didn't talk too much about in there was possible concerns. I think we're the better team, but that doesn't make us a lock to win.

Turnovers are always your biggest fear. Westy put the ball on the floor last week, but it didn't cost us. You never know when someone is gonna fumble. You can't account for a tipped ball being picked off. And so on. That kind of stuff just happens.

Over the years we've been pretty protective of the ball. I don't anticipate any problems, but playoff games are like full moons...they make people do strange things.

Another potential trouble spot would be big plays. The defense has been good about limiting big pass plays the 2nd half of the season. Long runs haven't been a factor all year. No one went 30+ on us on the ground all year. If we can force MIN to drive the ball, our defense is good enough to stop them. If Berrian or Peterson can break a big-gainer that will be huge for them.

Our defense is disciplined and tackles very well. Those are the big keys to limiting big plays. I don't expect the Vikings to be able to come up with anything beyond intermediate gains.

Finally, our offense has been known to go into a funk at times (see WAS game, CIN game, NYG '07, JAX '06, etc). Our offense has its key weapons and we're not facing great Safeties/CBs do I don't see this happening. Still, the worry of it is spending some time in the back of my mind.

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