Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Article is Posted

Nothing brilliant. Just an article about how the team should approach the offseason from a general perspective. I'm still working on specific ideas for the Eagles.


Les Bowen is reporting some interesting info. There could be some changes on the Eagles staff. Doug Pederson returns as a coach in training. That still leaves QB coach open.

There is the possibility of Pete Jenkins retiring, although I wonder if that is purely speculative. Former STs assistant Ted Daisher could be returning to take over STs. Rory Segrest could take over DL if Jenkins leaves.

I'm not too thrilled with Segrest job on STs last year so a change there would be fine with me. Can't say I want Pete Jenkins to leave. The DL did some really good things last year.

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shlynch said...

I would also be sorry to let Jenkins go. Especially if Segrest is the answer. If they moved, say, Caldwell to DL coach with Segrest as QC coach with a DL focus, I'd feel a little better about that.