Saturday, January 24, 2009

Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl is Saturday at 7pm and will be shown on the NFL Network. A few future Eagles will be featured in the game. Guys like McNabb, Westbrook, Avant, Max, Mike McGlynn, Trent, Brod, Patt, Stew, and Sheldon have all played in the game in the last decade. A few busts have also been in it, most notably Tony Hunt who was the MVP. It is the premiere showcase for Senior draft prospects.

As an Eagles fan I'm looking for:

* OT , RB, FB, TE, WR, CB, S

There are several RT candidates.

* Phil Loadholt - 6'8, 343 - Oklahoma
* William Beatty - 6'6, 291 - UConn
* Xavier Fulton - 6'5, 300 - Illinois

Kraig Urbik of Wisconsin will probably play only at RG, but he did start games at RT in his career. He's 6'5, 323 and could be the kind of player the Eagles are interested in.

RB to watch...

* Andre Brown - NC State
* Cedric Peerman - Virginia
* Rashad Jennings - Liberty

These guys are mid-round kind of players who could come in and fit our rotational style. All 3 have either size or run hard.

FB to watch...

* Quinn Johnson - LSU
* Eric Kettani - Navy
* Tony Fiammetta - Syracuse

All 3 looked good this week. Eric is more the runner. The other guys are outstanding blockers.

TE to watch...

* Shawn Nelson - So Miss

I know everyone is in love with Brandon Pettigrew. Forget about him. Brandon is a blocker first, then receiver. We need someone who can catch first, then block. Shawn has been that guy this week. I know Eagles fans want a blocker. So do I. Just not with a high pick. The blocker to watch is Anthony Hill of NC State.

WR to watch...

* Brian Robiskie - Ohio State

He's polished. He's 6'3, 207. He has good hands. This might be the kind of player we need to add to the rotation.

CB to watch...

* Alphonso Smith - Wake Forest

He's an inch shorter than Sheldon. He has 21 career INTs. Very quick. Plays the ball well. Makes plays.

S to watch...

* Louis Delmas - Western Michigan
* Patrick Chung - Oregon
* Michael Hamlin - Clemson

We have a likely FS of the future in Quintin Demps. We need a SS. The guys listed above could play either spot. Delmas is a hitter and playmaker. Chung showed good man-cover skills. Hamlin is a little bit of everything.


Brad said...

Is your list of interested positions in order? Just wondering if that is how you would prioritize the needs for the team.

Also, do you believe Demps is seen as the FS of the future? Most people seem to think we would be looking for a FS of the future still in this draft. I take it you think we should be looking for a SS? Any reason for this, Q is still pretty young, especially for a SS, and does not have much mileage on him.

On Demps, I was encouraged by his work on special teams this seen, as a cover man in addition to returns. I also think it was unfair to put so much on him in the most important game of the year and think many fans will remember that game and tend to write him off. I do hope he can improve his tackling though, and become a solid FS for us.

Tommy Lawlor said...

The list is somewhat in order. RT is the biggest mystery to me. Some stuff just needs to be addressed. FB isn't a spot that has to be solved early in FA or in the first 3 rounds of the draft. It just needs to be dealt with.

I think the plan is for Demps to get a shot at being FS of the future. If a great player was available, you'd go for him. That isn't the case this year.

Next season Taylor Mays and Eric Berry could be 1st round FS targets.

You draft a SS to be ready for the future. Mikell will be 29 next September. He's no spring chicken.

rick said...

I would be surprised if we drafted a CB early - a late round project would make more sense to me. I'm thinking we would go safety in the 2nd rd. which might put us out of the running for Delmas, but Chung and Johnson could be available. I agree that we'll probably avoid Pettigrew in the 1st and take a TE like Nelson or Beckum in the 3rd. 1st round: RB and best OL Mack or Britten. Also, I'd like to see us draft a FB and K @ the 4th and 5th rounds.