Friday, January 23, 2009

DGR is Posted

Thank god I'm done with that. I can now concentrate on the draft and the offseason.

I was very encouraged by the play of our WRs, Brent Celek, and Victor Abiamiri. I think we can try to upgrade at TE, but Celek is capable of being the starter and being effective, if not good.

I'm excited about Victor taking over at LDE next year. We need better play at LDE. Juqua had a quiet game. He's meant to be a role player.


Someone mentioned we need to focus on RZ play in the offseason. I agree completely. Last year we made STs a huge part of the offseason plan. We loaded up on returners to address the issue.

This year we need to do the same with the RZ.

We must look for a strong, physical WR. We must improve at FB. We must find a TE who can block in running situations. Send Matt Schobel to the worst gulag in Siberia. We must think about OL change. The lack of push on GL runs was pitiful.

I'll be writing out specific thoughts in the coming weeks.


Stephen said...

OL would be my biggest priority in the offseason, and to think 2 years ago we thought we had our interior trio set for a long time. Jamal Jacksons regression and Shawn Andrews doing whatever Shawn is doing have really thrown a monkey wrench into things.

Now we're faced with 4 out of 5 OL spots up in the air this offseason, with the 1 guy (Todd) potentially needing to be moved to a tackle spot.

I want to kick Jamal and Shawn in the shins.

Tommy Lawlor said...

We have had some bad luck in that sense. The OL was great in 2006 and has regressed ever since. Where are Richard Cooper and Ian Beckles?