Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy Week

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm not in denial. Or jail.

I've been busy studying college prospects. The East-West Shrine Game was played on Saturday. The Senior Bowl practices started on Monday and the game is this Saturday. Those two all-star games will feature the bulk of the Senior players who get drafted in late April.

The Eagles should be intrigued by plenty of guys. I'll list a quick few that have caught my eye as our kind of prospects:

* OT Sebastian Vollmer - Houston --- He played LT for UH this year. He played RT in the EWSG. You took one look at him and immediately thought of...Jon Runyan. Vollmer lists at 6'8, 315. He carries it well. He looked good as a run and pass blocker. Really impressive kid. I'll be watching a lot of tape on him.

* FB Quinn Johnson - LSU --- I have him as the #1 FB and he's done nothing to disprove that down in Mobile. Outstanding blocker and okay receiver. Might be good, actually. Doesn't get many chances to catch the ball so I'm not sure what his ceiling is in that area.

* RB Cedric Peerman - Virginia --- Lists at 5'9, 210. N-S runner with some speed and a physical style. If the Eagles wait til the 3rd or 4th, Peerman could be of definite interest.

* TE Shawn Nelson - So Miss --- Measured in at 6'5, 238. Good frame. Has stood out as a blocker. We know from college he can catch the ball. Might have played his way into being the #2 TE prospect in the draft. The Eagles might prefer Shawn to Pettigrew actually. Shawn is an outstanding receiver and solid blocker. Pettigrew is the opposite. Since we're a passing team Shawn might be more our kind of guy.

* CB Alphonso Smith - Wake Forest --- Playmaker. Excels at man coverage. Yes, he's only 5'8 and 3/4, but the kid can cover and plays the ball like...Asante Samuel. It wouldn't shock me to see the Birds grab a CB in the 1st. Sheldon didn't set the world on fire in the postseason.

No OL has stood out at the Senior Bowl as a slam dunk RT target for us. There are several guys I'm interested in. I think we need to see the game to really get a feel for the OL. Those guys are better judged off game tape than drills.

No Safety has looked great, but I love the way Louis Delmas hits a player every chance he gets. Even when he's not supposed to...


I'll be working on the Game Review for the playoff loss hopefully tonight. I need to get that posted.

I'll work on the Season Review next week and then focus on some kind of Offseason Preview.


Mark said...

Take your time, Tommy, we can nothing else to do ya know?

Tommy Lawlor said...

Here's my DGR so far:


then comes inconsolable weeping

jmercado said...

Love the commentary. I'd have no problem with the Eagles taking a CB in the 1st round. I'd love their first 3 picks to be a CB, OT, and RB in no particular order if guys that can help right away are on the board.

Stephen said...

You can summarize the DGR Tommy, After all it probably reads something like "and the Eagles gave up another pass to Fitzgerald, and theres Fitzgerald again, and oooo Fitzgerald gets interfered with, and someone falls down covering Fitzgerald..."