Saturday, January 3, 2009

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We have a playoff game tomorrow, but there hasn't been much in the way of news to report. Asante Samuel did miss practice with a hip strain, but he's expected to play. It will be interesting to see him in the playoffs. Sammie has a reputation as a big game player from his time in NE. Let's hope that shows up against Minnesota.

No more word on Pat Williams. Some reports have him missing the game, others have him projected to start. Basically...wait and see.



Mike Shanahan is out of a job. When I heard he got fired I called a friend and said "Wouldn't it be cool to hire him as coach, but keep Andy as GM and JJ running the defense?"

Mike was a horrible GM in Denver. He ruined Mike the coach with some of his picks and signings. He also could not build a consistently good defense. They finished 14th or worse his last 4 years.

Mike is a great offensive coordinator. He is a great play-caller. Brilliant offensive mind. The thought of him running the Eagles offense is very intriguing. I'm sure many Eagles fans were going crazy at the thought of going after Mike.

The problem is that you can't hire him to run the whole organization. You have to keep Andy. Mike brought a lot of turds to Denver. He took chances on players that made no sense. Remember, this is the guy who drafted Maurice Clarrett in the 3rd round.

Andy isn't perfect to be sure, but he understands how to build a roster and keep one eye on the present at the same time you have one on the future. Would Andy be willing to give up his coaching spot to just run football operations? Not likely, but fun thought.

Jim Johnson would have autonomy on the defesne, which he basically does now. That side of things doesn't need changing right now.

The biggest player obstacle would be our OL. Mike likes his blockers lean and mean. Herremans and Mike McGlynn would fit. The other guys would likely be out. The good news on that front is that his kind of OL are easier to find.

The thought of Westy and Buck combining for 25-30 carries a game is fantasy material. Not quite Megan Fox fantasy level, but close.

In the end I think this will all be for naught. Reid loves being a coach. I don't think he'll give up his spot.


Anyone who saw the Rose Bowl had to drool at the thought of FS Taylor Mays becoming an Eagle. He's 6'3, 230. He's fast. He also hits like a ton of bricks. He really does a good job of controlling the middle of the field. Unfortunately our late season success put him out of our reach. Mays is a pick 10-15 kind of player.

RB CJ Spiller didn't have a great game for Clemson. The Nebraska defense shut down the Tigers offense. CJ had 7 carries, 4 catches, and a couple of good returns. He took a punt and KO back 33 yards. His value to the Eagles would lie in his versatility. He could be the primary RS. He can catch passes like a WR. He can be effective running the ball with only a few carries.

TE Brandon Pettigrew had 6 catches for Oklahoma State and also did a good job of blocking. He's the best complete TE in the Draft.

TE Davon Drew had a big game for ECU. He caught 5 passes for 120 yards, including a 42-yder. He's a former QB and more of a pure receiver. Like it or not, those are the kind of guys AR has gone after.

Iowa RB Shonn Greene has a lot of people's interest. He's a tough physical runner who gets behind his pads and punishes defenders. We'd all love a guy like that. Shonn missed the 2007 season because of academic problems. That's a red flag for us. He either isn't smart or didn't work hard on his grades. We run a complex offense. Ryan Moats failed here because he couldn't learn the playbook. Let's not repeat that mistake with Greene. I'd love to see us land a guy who runs like he does, but Greene isn't likely to be in Eagles green come late April.

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