Monday, January 5, 2009

Game Review and Monday Thoughts

The DGR is posted:

I've gotten some interesting comments from non-Eagles fans. One told me he thought we dominated the Vikings. I don't agree with that. Another asked me about being on Cloud Nine. I'm not there. I expected to win that game. Beating the Vikings was nice, but I've got bigger fish to fry. I want this team to go to Tampa. I'll settle for the Meadowlands this week.

I like the vibe from Eagles fans that everyone is happy with the win, but focused on the big picture. I remember beating the Giants in 2006. The mood after that game was more celebratory.


I flipped over to the NFL Network after the game yesterday. I wanted some analysis or interviews or just some more NFL talk. Instead I got the inane ramblings of a lunatic mind.

Deion is great to listen to when he's telling a personal story or if he's explaining pass coverage. His general thoughts and analysis leave a bit to be desired.

He was all over the fact that McNabb got benched by Reid, is unappreciated by Eagles fans, and will force his way out of town. Rich Eisen and Steve Mariucci offered their 2 cents that McNabb may not feel like that. Deion would hear none of it. He is 1.9 million percent sure.

How could a QB want to play for a coach who benched him in such a way as Reid did to McNabb? How could that happen?

Here's the beautiful and ironic part. In 1994 Deion played for SF. In early October the Eagles beat the Niners 40-8. Steve Young looked like crap and got benched. He and George Siefert got into a shouting match on the sidelines. They didn't implode. No one demanded a trade. They went on to win the SB. If only Deion put on his thinking cap he could have talked about that situation.

One area where I think he lacks understanding is the relationship that Reid and McNabb have. Andy drafted Donovan and has been his only NFL coach. Deion had 37 different head coaches (just an approximate total). He never developed the kind of bond that Donnie and Big Red have. Deion is judging things from his mercenary perspective. He openly shopped himself around the league 3 times. McNabb has been an Eagle for a decade. How can Deion expect to understand what's going on in McNabb's head?

Can't we find some ex-player who knows the game, has opinions, and has a personality, but also is reasonable and rational?

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Stephen said...

Deion would need a thinking cap in order to say something meaningful.