Friday, January 9, 2009

Couple of New Players

The Eagles added a couple of guys recently:

G Kevin Duckworth

WR Danny Amendola

Both guys will come in to compete for roles in 2009. Here's the pre-Draft write-up I did on Kevin...

We had him as the #8 G in the 2007 Draft class. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he does have some ability. I see him more as a camp body than anything.

Amendola is interesting. Anyone who saw last year's Hard Knocks knows the kid has some talent. Danny has good hands. He has some quickness. He knows how to get open. He lacks ideal size and speed. He projects as a #3 or #4 WR at best. People will want to compare him to Wes Welker, but Wes was more of a playmaker at Texas Tech.

The Eagles tried to sign Amendola to the Practice Squad last summer, but he turned down more money from Philly to stay in Dallas. He thought he had a chance to develop down there. Things didn't work out and now he's headed here.

I am interested by the situation. The Eagles really wanted this guy. Why? In the past Andy hasn't really gone after many guys like him. Big Red loves to collect big WRs (Gaperson, McMullen, McCants, etc.). I think going for a guy like Amendola is smart. He has PR experience. He has some KOR experience. He was very productive in college (204 catches, 15 TDs). Danny might lack measurables, but he's an overachiever type. We've had plenty of guys with measurables who didn't pan out. I'm all for adding guys like him. Here's a link to his career stats from Texas Tech.

Neither guy has much of a shot to make the roster in 2009, barring injuries. They are players to help in Training Camp and/or put on the Practice Squad for the future.

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