Friday, April 2, 2010

Trade Done


Sheldon Brown and Chris Gocong have been traded to the Cleveland Browns for a 4th round pick, a 5th round pick, and LB/DE Alex Hall

That isn't a huge bounty for a pair of starting defensive players.  Contracts played a big part in this.  We all love Sheldon for everything he's done in his career as an Eagle.  Unfortunately he wants a big pay raise.  One of the delays in this deal getting pushed back 7 to 10 days is Sheldon's demands.  The Browns had to figure out how much they're willing to pay a CB who lacks ideal size, ideal speed, and just turned 31.  That generally isn't a player you want to throw money at.  Gocong is a RFA.  They need to figure out what they want to do with him. 

I was really hoping to net a 3rd round pick from this deal, but I'm hearing the Eagles really wanted Hall.  He is 6'5, 250 and they want him to work in at the SAM spot.  We needed depth there with Gocong on the way out.  I'll need to watch tape to give you specifics about Hall.  He had a good rookie year, collecting 3 sacks and a pair of FFs in 2008.  He got lost in the shuffle last year and didn't play as much.  He's talented, but will need some work. 

Essentially the trade is Gocong for Hall and Sheldon for a 4th and 5th.  The value isn't great, but most teams are being stingy with picks this year.  This is a real good draft class and no one wants to give up good picks if they can help.  I am glad we added a 4th and 5th to what we had.  We've now got some good ammunition to work with on draft weekend. 


I know there are some rumors about the Eagles being interested in OG Rob Sims, but I can't get that confirmed from any Eagles sources.  For now, I'm not buying those rumors as legit.  I'll keep checking and let you know if I stumble across new info. 


Eric said...

Honestly, I'm shocked they even got a 4th round pick for Sheldon. He's on the other end of 30 with some injuries the last couple of seasons. They got about that for Lito and he was at least to a All-Pro at one point and was much younger.

Gocong for a 5th? I'll take that. He never caught on, most likely the Eagles' fault, but nothing really ever came to fruition with him.

Alex Hall? I dunno. I'm not expecting a starter here. He'll play special teams which they need a lot of depth at.

Tommy, it popped into my head, but Lito is still a free agent. Were the bridges burned that much that he could never come back here and start? Obviously he was dealt because of his play as much as his contract demands, but you never know.

ryan said...

We havent really improved our D that much so far, Im expecting another bad D this year. Draft picks can only help so much. Do you think our D will be much improved?

Myron said...

I was starting to think that Howie Roseman was a smart guy after they ripped off the Seahawks in the Tapp trade, and got a solid deal on Marlin Jackson. Then this happens.

Yep, they got robbed. Getting table scraps for the best cornerback on your team and a solid starting SLB is not a move that inspires great confidence in this current version of the FO.

What's next, McNabb to Buffalo for their punter and a 3rd round pick?

shlynch said...


He's a damned good punter.

Dominic said...

After about 40 minutes to cool off, I am starting to see the logic in this trade. We got a high 4th and a high 5th, which gives us some solid ammunition on draft day. Hall looks like our prototype SAM (he's 6'5, 250 with a pass rushing pedigree), but of course he has yet to prove anything on the field. Bringing him in to compete with Fokou is likely to raise both of their levels of play.

The only discouraging thing is giving up our most consistent DB in an already struggling pass defense. You've got to think that that the Eagles are targetting Wilson at 24.

ZackISM said...

It's called rebuilding. Over 55% of the starters will be different from the team that took us to the 2008 NFC CG. I would guess 100% different from the 2004 Super Bowl (less Akers). This Eagles team won't be competing for the 2010 Lombardi.

ZackISM said...


You could put "potentially ascending" to just about every player on the roster...

Carson's said...

Zackism I don't mean to be a jerk but you're comments are getting old and repetitive. We know you think they are rebuilding and won't be good for a while. I prefer go wait until may or June to base my decisions. There is still a lit of off-season to go. It will definitely be a different team but I don't want to say they will be worse until they get closer to training camp.

Kevin said...

I'd take Moorman with no hesitation :)

Adam said...

Tommy, is hobbs penciled in as our starting corner now? Any chance macho demps or Jackson get looks at corner? It just seems we are thin there and how healthy is hobbs now anyways?

Myron said...

Well, if nothing else this at least sheds some light on the intentions of the Eagles in this upcoming draft.

At this point I will be shocked if they don't go DB in the first round. I'm thinking either Kyle Wilson, Devin McCourty, or Earl Thomas, or something drastic like a trade-up for Eric Berry.

Netherman said...

The only disappointment I have is that this may make it less likely they look at Edds. I really want a SAM that actually played SAM. However, I could easily see a third rounder or whatever it would have taken to get Edds now needed for a 2nd corner to replenish a very depleted looking backfield. I sure hope they have something up their sleeve to be so confident about giving up their 2nd (yes I said 2nd) best CB. Sheldon may have been more well rounded, but Samuel is without question our best CB.

Cliff said...

Pitmanite, I understand what you're saying in regards to my characterization of Hall as "ascending."

Yes, I'm being way more optimistic than most fans. However, I think Hall is "ascending" in contrast to Gocong, who had sort of flat-lined in our D. It helps that Hall is 6'5" and 250lbs. too. He's a manimal.

I'm not saying he's Bart Scott, but I don't think we lost anything in this LB swap (Gocong for Hall). The real debate should be the compensation we received for Sheldon Brown. Would we rather have received just a 3rd instead of a 4th and 5th? I'm much more iffy about that than I am Alex Hall.

So Cal EaglesFan said...

Hey Tommy,
Adam Caplan was talking about Alex Hall saying he has really good speed and sees the Eagles using him as a rush specialist. Could you see the Eagles using an exotic package on third and long with three down lineman and two rushers (Hall and possibly someone else)? I remember my favorite blitz the Eagles did last year was when Cole and whoever was playing LDE at the time Parker or Abiamiri would stand up and attack the "A" gap.

fyzx guy said...

remember Phil Savage is in the Eagles FO and knows the roster n Clev. Very well.

Brian said...

"Essentially the trade is Gocong for Hall and Sheldon for a 4th and 5th."

Tommy, by the draft value chart, that means the Eagles did get a 3rd round equivalent for Sheldon.

Cliff said...

Brian, thanks for adding that bit about the trade value chart. I meant to look that up earlier but swore I'd get some real work done before the weekend.

That's an important component of this trade debate because a lot of fans feel ripped off since we didn't get a 3rd round pick, specifically.

Christian said...

According to the old draft value chart. the 105th and 137th pick make up for the 95th pick. So it would be a late third round pick. But remember there are a couple comp. picks in between.

Not sure yet if I would prefer an extra 3rd instead of those two picks. Interessting question.

What´s your oppinion Tommy. Two better then one earlier?

But anyhow. I gonna miss Shelon for his attitude and his class handling the contract situation. Said some words before the season and then shut up and played like a man unlike Lito.