Thursday, April 29, 2010

Couple of Things


I did a post-draft podcast with the guys from EaglesFanCast.  It went over an hour so Chuck split the show into a couple of segments.  The first one is posted.



One of the cool things about the internet is the ability to see highlights of draft prospects.  A few years back a guy named Toby and I would scour the web in search of videos.  They were hard to find.  Now you just go to YouTube.  Agents, schools, and fans put out some really cool vids. 

Derek at IgglesBlog found a real fun video of OT Jeraill McCuller.  Check it out and it will get you excited.


The one thing you have to remember with most videos is that they are highlights.  The point is to show you the player at his best.  That video doesn't show McCuller in pass pro against top competition very much.  Ultimately, that is what will decide whether he makes it in the NFL or not.  Watching McCuller mash on undersized LBs is great fun, but doesn't really help you judge him as a prospect. 

I do think Jeraill has a shot to make the team, but it will be tough because he doesn't have good feet.  Pass blocking is real tough for him.  We'll see how he takes to pro coaching.  He played in a pro style system at NC State and got good coaching.  What we see may be as good as he's gonna get.  You just never know how a guy will handle the NFL.  I remember watching Todd Herremans back in 2005 in the Cactus Bowl (D2 all star game).  He struggled with edge rushers in that game and I gave up on him as an OT.  We drafted him and Juan coached him up.  I got to Training Camp and Todd was the #1 LT because Tra was having back issues.  Pro coaching made a huge difference with Todd.  He was nowhere near his ceiling when we got him.  McCuller might be. 


Kevin Kolb signed a 1-year extension that keeps him here for 2010 and 2011.  He wasn't due to make much money in '09 and the Eagles wanted to pay him like a starting QB.  He's now making more than Mike Vick so that will eliminate some potentially annoying questions from the SalPals of the world.  Kevin made a comment about "being able to put this behind us".  Mike Florio of PFT instantly assumed that meant the contract had been an issue.  Is everything a friggin' conspiracy?  Do we really have to read into every comment, looking for the most negative possibility?  Maybe Kevin hates the business side of football and is happy that he doesn't have to worry about any contract issues for 12-18 months.  It doesn't necessarily mean that he was upset with the Eagles or that he was overly-focused on his deal.  I love Florio and PFT, but the desire to find some hidden meaning in every set of comments does drive me a bit crazy. 


I'll write out some thoughts on this subject on Friday. 


Macho Harris will play CB this year.  Is he fast enough for the outside?  Maybe.  Macho ran 4.68 at the Combine.  That isn't fast enough for CB.  However, if you remember last year all of the DBs at the Combine ran slow.  It seemed like something was wrong with the timing system.  At his Pro Day Macho ran better.  Here's the info from Gil Brandt:

Virginia Tech CB Victor ‘Macho’ Harris (5-foot-11 1/8, 197 pounds) does not have the fastest straight-line speed of those in this year’s defensive back class, but he relies on his quickness. He posted a senstational 4.0-second short shuttle at the Hokies’ pro day on Thursday. This ran a 3.98-second short shuttle at the combine last month that placed him second among all participants.  Harris’ other numbers were also solid. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 and 4.50 seconds, had a 34-inch vertical, a 10-foot, 1-inch broad jump and did 13 bench-press reps.

I honestly don't know what I think of Macho as a CB.  I loved him at Va Tech, but he was very similar to Asante in terms of gambling.  Can we afford 2 CBs that play like that?  Heck, maybe that's what they want.  I'm as confused as everyone when it comes to RCB and what will happen. 


Alexander said...

McCuller has some nice plays against a some good players in there....Worilds, Allen Bailey, even our own Sapp and Moncur

But, as you say, he does seem to stand straight up off the snap, and there must be a reason a 330 pound ACC tackle with a mean streak is going undrafted

Stephen said...

I feel like the conspiracy theory stuff is leftover from the Mcnabb era, people still think that our QB press conferences are going to be loaded with passive aggressive innuendo.

Kevin doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would be bothered by the media or allow himself to become a victim figure.

Cliff said...

Stepehen, only time will tell. The Philly media is 2nd only to NYC in it's degree of bullshit.

I can foresee Romo-like headlines in Philly that claim Kolb ignores Desean on the field becaus he and Celek are best buds.

Clifford said...

Tommy, what are things to watch for as the first mini-camps gets underway?

jamie said...

RE: Macho Harris

i think i remember him absolutely killing Gonzalez in that atlanta game. he looked very very good on a man like that

yoink said...


Am I the only one that thinks Marlin Jackson is going to end up as the RCB? I know when we signed him we really didn't have a need at CB, so we tagged him as a safety. Well, now we have a much bigger hole on our right side. If healthy, Marlin is big enough to match up with any big WR and I for one would like to see what he's capable of. Thoughts?

Brian McGinnis said...

Tommy, what do you think the odds are that Joselio Hanson ends up winning the RCB spot? He's certainly got the contract for it, and Macho seems like he'd do better in the slot instead of on the outside if he's making the switch to CB.

Tommy Lawlor said...


Marlin could win the job, but we have to see how healthy he is and whether he runs well enough for CB. He's torn 2 different ACLs in the last 2 years. That's not good.

Joselio has zero chance to be a starting CB. I love the guy to death, but he was getting torched at the end of the year. The question with him is whether he can keep his job as the Nickel CB. Joselio needs a strong spring/summer just to make the team. Watching Patrick Crayton catch the ball and run away from him was horribly painful. Hanson looked s-l-o-w.

Myron said...

I think the Eagles would be best served by getting bigger, more physical corners who sacrifice some speed at the expense of press ability and tackling ability.

Think about the bigger, more physical receivers that lack elite speed but compensate with strength and RAC ability that will be prominent in the NFC East in the next 5 years: Hakeem Nicks, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Devin Thomas, etc. The Eagles are really the only team left in the NFC East who put an emphasis on undersized, speedy receivers.

Ideally, you want some Bobby Taylors at CB if you are playing in the NFC East right now.

I'm hoping in 2011 we can get a shot at, say, Patrick Peterson. I personally think that Asanate Samuel has one, two years left with the Eagles, max, and CB will be the #1 priority heading into 2011.

Cliff said...

I like our undersized, speedy receiver THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

izzylangfan said...

Now Favre can have his ankle surgery and pretend that is the reason he is missing training camp. Great
QB, colossal jerk.

Sorry, I know this is an Eagles blog but just had to vent.