Saturday, April 3, 2010

Misc Update


I've been watching college tape all day.  There's more to go.  I'll post the notes on Alex Hall on Monday morning.  Let's talk about a variety of topics. 

* Jay Glazer said some interesting things in a recent interview.  Listen to Jay.  He's very well connected and what he said goes along well with some things I've heard.  The Eagles are getting good offers.  The Eagles are trying to find the right deal.  Also, Andy Reid is trying to do what he can for Donovan.  Andy genuinely has close ties to the players.  That's why guys like Trot and Hugh came back after leaving.  We make fun of Big Red for plenty of things, but his players do care for him.  Even guys like John Welbourn who burn bridges often end up regretting that.  Reid wants to put Donovan in a favorable situation, if that is possible. 

* There is no timetable for the McNabb deal.  PFT will run a zillion stories.  Most are full of baloney.  Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network and local columnist Bob Ford think McNabb is sticking around.  I don't know why it is so hard for people to accept that Kevin Kolb will be the starting QB in 2010.

* Howie Roseman made a recent comment that indicated more trades are possible.  Any more Eagles players on the block?  Complicated subject.  Forget the rumors about Asante Samuel.  He's here for the next few years.  I know other teams have inquired about DTs Mike Patterson and Trevor Laws.  The only way Patt goes is if the team gets a strong offer and covets some DT in the draft.  The Eagles are not shopping him.  Laws could easily be trade bait. 

We still could be looking to deal picks for players.  I continue to wonder if the team has any interest in LBs Derrick Johnson or Rocky McIntosh. I have asked around about Rob Sims and if the rumors are true.  No one seems to know anything about this. 


RE:  Hypothetically speaking, let's say you knew you could have one of the following: Eric Berry and a 2nd/3rd round type CB or Earl Thomas and Kyle Wilson. Which combo would you rather have? 

That's a really tough question.  I'd take Berry and the CB.  I see Eric as a great player.  The other names involved are very good, but not great.  Getting Thomas and Wilson would be really hard to do.  You'd need a couple of 1st round picks, one of them in the Top 20 (or higher). 

RE:  Interest in RB Jonathan Dwyer? 

Legit interest.  We've looked at him, Toby Gerhart, and Charles Scott.  All 3 guys are in the 230-pound range.  Reid would probably like a big back to pair with Shady McCoy.  Bell is here on a 1-year deal.  Gerhart is the best of the trio.  Good athlete.  Very good feet for a big back.  I just don't know if we'd spend an early pick to get him. 

RE:  Ellis Hobbs?

I'm not sure what to say about Ellis.  He didn't really impress me last year.  I think the rookie we take in the 1st or 2nd will have every chance in the world to win the RCB job.  I'll talk about CBs in an upcoming post. 

RE:  Safety?

I have not heard a thing about FS.  No one is talking about Atogwe.  There isn't much chatter about the RFAs around the league.  I'm guessing we take someone in the draft. 

RE:  AQ Shipley

He is here as a camp body, for the most part.  Nick Cole and Mike McGlynn will fight for the C job.  Dallas Reynolds is next up.  Shipley is behind them. 

RE:  rose colored glasses with Sheldon

Spuds was talking him up at times this year.  I don't think you'll find that I was that high on him.  I've had concerns the last couple of seasons.  I know I've talked on the phone with some people and sounded my worries.  Sheldon's speed has been more of an issue the last 2 years.  He hasn't gotten beat a ton, but the opportunities have been there. 

I wrote this back in February:

* CB

The Eagles gave up 27 passing TDs last year. Unacceptable. FS is part of the problem, but CB is even bigger. Sheldon had his struggles. Joselio was shredded by Dallas late in the year. We need to get younger and faster. It won't surprise me to see the Eagles add a pair of CBs. They might even go for one in FA.

RE:  LB talk

Am I excited about Fokou?  No.  I'm curious.  He showed promise last year, but I am hardly his biggest advocate.  I don't think the Eagles are dumb for penciling him in as the SAM.  Fokou is a player I did like coming out of Maryland.  I'm just unsure about him as the starting SAM.  The Eagles have been impressed with him in practice and on the field.  I'm glad we have Hall here to push him.  I like competition.  Young guys need to know they can't be complacent.

Stew is coming off a torn ACL, but remember that it happened in early August.  He'll have 13 months from injury to opening week.  I don't see any problem with counting on him to be a key part of the defense.  Had he been hurt in October I would be concerned.  Guys need as close to a full year as possible to get right.  Also, Stew's game was never built on speed/athleticism. 

We are more uncertain right now than last year.  But that argument works against itself.  We thought we had a terrific crew last May and look how things fell apart.  The Eagles will add talent to the position.  McDermott will want to get better there.  The LB play in 2009 was a problem. 


Kenny said...

I wonder what we could get for Laws? If we do get rid of him I wonder if we try to get Brian Price from UCLA

Steven said...


That would be interesting but if we do target Price we would have to do it in the first round. So if the Eagles do target him I assume they would try to trade Patterson. It doesn't make sense for the Eagles to draft a guy in the 1st round only to have him be a 3rd string player.

craftyhaas10 said...

Would Trevor Laws be a fit as a 3-4 DE? Would a possible trade of Laws for Derrick Johnson be equal compensation?

Dan said...

Tommy, do you think we move Macho back to CB or does he stay at safety?

Kenny said...


I think it depends on if we get another 2nd rounder. I read recently somewhere that he was dropping but I agree he probably wouldn't last til pick #55. Even if he did and Daryl Washington was still there I might go with Washington over him since we need more help at LB.


Laws played 3-4 DE his last year at Notre Dame but we would probably have to add a draft pick to get Derrick Johnson.

Eddie said...

I believe macho at least takes over the starting nickel because if anyone remembers the Atlanta game he completly shut down Tong Gonzalez(not completly but he did a great job). so if we draft a starting FS he can compete with hanson for that job but for outside corner he is too slow to effectively play the deep ball.

Kenny said...

I was just reading Clark Judge's article about how the time is right to trade McNabb and one coach or gm said that they didn't see us being able to get a 1st for McNabb, and then it went to talk about how Al Davis isn't afraid to pay players and it mentioned Shane Lechler's name. Would you guys be fine with getting Oakland's 2nd rounder and Lechler for McNabb? He would save us from going through another season of having Sav Rocca punt for us.

T_S_O_P said...

37.2 and 37.1 net average are the number 1 and 2 net distance records in Eagle history. They belong to Sav. I really can't remember all this hate for Dirk 'Boogie Nights' Diggler. Well maybe from me there was.

Sav is a directional punter (last year certainly), who puts his punts outside the numbers more times than inside. That has led to the success in net punting average, much like Feagles. He enters his 4th year as an Eagles punter under his 4th ST coach. April may want more in the way of length over direction, I don't know.

On to answering the question, are you sure we will even have to punt once Kolb is QB?

T_S_O_P said...

craftyhaas10, Laws and Johnson were both the first pick by their respective teams in their draft year, as well as not fitting their current defensive system very well, but that is where the similarity ends. Laws may sweeten a deal, but he can't be the main component of one. Laws, our 2nd and a pick next year, that is what I'd expect if the deal was on the other foot. I'd pay that as well. Or throw in Gaither as instead of the 2011 pick.

geoff said...

Just wanted to say Happy Easter!

Kenny said...


Sav and Feagles were in the bottom half of net punting last year although if Feagles had a stronger leg he probably would of been up higher. Sav just drives me crazy with some of his punts, yes he can bomb it sometimes but it seems like he has one really bad punt every couple of games. With somebody like Lechler I don't think that would happen as much.

mcud77 said...

TSOP, I think you vastly overrate the importance of Derrick Johnson to the Chiefs. They'd gladly accept a 2nd rounder alone for DJ, much less adding another pick and Trevor Laws. Actually, I think they'd probably value the younger, more affordable, 3-4 position friendly Laws to Johnson, who is mis-cast in a 3-4, is only under contract for one year, is older, and more expensive. Lets also not forget that DJ was benched for much of last year. He could still be a good player, but the chances of him being some star are pretty nil at this point. I'd be happy if he ended up being Shawn Barber for us. Just my two cents...

TMA05 said...

Kenny, Feagles was 31st, Rocca 15th. That is in the top half, albeit just, so to lump the 2 together is a bit unfair. He was top 12 in returns with 39 of his punts being returned (a smidge over 50%) and top 8 in return yards (Discounting punters who did not play 16 games). Of all the punters above him, they all punted less (some significantly less) times than him. Had they punted 76 times, Sav would be No. 1 on that list.

I don't think Sav should go unchallenged, but I'd prefer Howard the LB over Lechler the Punter.

T_S_O_P said...

Mcud, which version of Barber?

Johnson despite losing his starting role, from the Nickel still played and dressed in every game, intercepted 3 passes and return 2 for touchdowns. If I'm overating Johnson who has a proven track record in the NFL, then surely you are overrating Laws who is all youth and potential and has proven that he is replaceable in the NFL.

Maybe my offering was too much, but not by much. Laws would on sweeten that deal for KC

Eric said...

McNabb to the Redskins!

So Cal EaglesFan said...

breaking news.. .

Word from adam schefter is that mcnabb is now a redskin terms are not known yet.
Here is the link...

anthony said...

37th pick this year and either 3 or 4 next year ?

Ben said...

Don't like this...

Cliff said...

I am about to FREAKING lose it. There has to be more than the 37th. Has to be.

No way the Raiders offered worse than the 37th pick.

Calm down. Calm down. I'm acting like a TATEr.

Damon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Ogrodnick said...

Mcnabb to a division rival without getting a 1st is assinine and inexcusable.

Cliff said...

According to PFT, this was the best offer. Can't believe that.

Dan said...

Uh. Wow. I was feeling pretty sure we'd send him to the AFC. I would have taken LESS to move him to an AFC team.

I really hope we intend to use all these picks to make something else big happen.

I feel like there has to be more to this move...waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Kenny said...

I'm upset that it is within the division but he probably won't do much behind that o-line.

Adam S. said...

I'm dumb founded right now. I can't believe that this was the best offer. To a division rival no less. One that was a QB away from being succesful. That can now use the 4th pick on the best LT in the draft. The more I think about this the more it angers me.

Damon said...

Didn't we get a 2nd for AJ Feely? I am surprised at how little we got for Mcnabb.

bthackra said...

Redskins 2nd is better than the Raiders or Bills. Value wise this seems equal to a late 1st. Obviuosly this seems a bit lower value than you were expecting Tommy. Question is, was another team(s) offering more than this 2 months ago?

Myron said...


I thought April Fool's ended 3 days ago.

Say it ain't so. We're going to have to watch Donovan McNabb kick his old team's ass twice every year now?

And we only get a 2nd round pick for the privilege of watching it happen?

I'm speechless. McNabb to Buffalo, Cleveland, or Oakland for a 2nd I could stomach. But the REDSKINS?!

What the fuck. Seriously.

Kenny said...

With that o-line I don't think we will be getting our asses kicked

Myron said...

Hello? Do you realize that Shanahan is going to draft an elite LT with his first round pick now?

McNabb is going to kick the Eagles' asses TWICE A YEAR NOW, and all we get is a 2nd round pick in compensation.

That 2nd round pick better be used to trade up for Eric Berry. That's all I'm saying.

ZackISM said...

I think every Eagles fan should hope the cap returns next year. We will have a ton of cap room and likely a higher draft pick than we are used to.

Big fan of moving on from McNabb, not sure sending him to a division rival was the best idea.

ZackISM said...

Reid just said "we'll see" regarding wether the Eagles can compete for a title this year.

Rebuild Tommy? 100%. Salary dump in preperation for a new cap? 100%.

This Eagles team winning the title in 2010? 0%.

Kenny said...


How do you know if Okung is going to be there? There is a lot of talk that the Lions might take him, and how do you know he is going to be elite right away?

Nathan said...

First, Tommy did you see this coming? Also, how much of this do you think was Reid trying to look out for McNabb? Reid alluded to it during his press conference, quite a bit actually, but I would have to hope/think it wasn't the main reason we sent him to the Redskins. I hope that this was the best offer we could get. Also, how much of the deal had to do with Donovan not wanting to sign an extension with a team like Oakland, Buffalo, etc.?

Thanks in advance Tommy. I know we all have a million questions/thoughts/comments right now and you're going to give us as much information as possible as soon as you can.

Myron said...

Kenny: They either get Okung or Bulaga, both elite tackles.

Or they get Suh/McCoy and their suffocating defense becomes positively smothering.

Either way, the Redskins are going to be legit next year, and there is a very good chance that we see McNabb and the Skins not only beat the Eagles twice, but win the division.

Nathan said...


I don't think you're going to find too many head coaches in the NFL right now who say they have a legitimate Superbowl Contender. They may think/hope that, but aren't going to announce that to the press.

Also, as Tommy's alluded to several times you can't look at this as just salary dumping. It may seem that way, but just because we're cutting/trading "names" doesn't mean we're doing it for the sake of dumping salary. The Eagles have no problem paying players a high salary as long as they are earning it. All of the players we've gotten rid of weren't earning the high salary they were commanding/owed. I would rather bring in some fresh faces who we can build around for the future then try and add some band-aids here and there and try and win a Superbowl. We don't put all of our marbles in one basket and hope it works. Because what happens if we don't win? Then not only are you screwed because you didn't win now, but you've screwed yourself to win in the next 3-5 years. How many rings has Daniel Synder won in Washington by signing high priced free agents and trading draft picks for other? This is not the Eagles philosophy. I know it can be frustrating as hell, but it's the way we are.

Pitmanite said...

don't like trading to division rival, but it seems like some of you actually thought we could contend next year??? our defense is so far away from being a championship defense that this upcoming year is all about adding as many draft picks as possible. with two picks in the 2nd through 5th rounds, we have the opportunity to grab multiple starters on defense with all of these picks. again, not a fan of mcnabb to division rival, but wasn't expecting much this year anyway, so can't say i'm outraged.

Steven said...

I guess that Alex Hall report will have to wait

Eddie said...

i think Colt McCoy will be there at 37th. any thoughts tommy or anyone else?

Kenny said...

Sal Pal said on The Fanatic just now that the Eagles turned down a better offer from the Raiders. Anybody know if that is true?

Eddie said...

ESPN just brought this out. It looks like Campbell had a similar season without a good O-Line and A pro bowl WR, and great Rookie, and A probowl worthy TE.
McNabb vs. Campbell

2009 Season McNabb Campbell
Completion pct. 60.3 64.5
Passing yards 3,533 3,618
TD-Int. 22-10 20-15
Passer rating 92.9 86.4

arby said...

The value that we got from him was the value I pretty much called right after the season. That said, I'm sad to hear the news even though I was ready to move on. Why? He was a great QB for us, frustrating as hell sometimes, but somebody who provided us with thrills and promise for over a decade. Not to mention all the accomplishments (OK, we don't need to mention the missing one today...). I wish him well. Maybe in the Redskins system with their running game, he will become re-energized. All the best Donovan!

Myron said...

I woudln't be surprised if they did.

According to Jason Cole in this article:

McNabb basically "strong-armed" the Eagles into trading him to the Redskins instead of the Raiders or the Bills. McNabb refused to sign contract extensions with the other teams, and the Eagles knew that their only recourse was to send him to a team in which he could exact his "revenge" on them.

Read it.

Eric said...

Myron, even if Okung is an All-Pro in year one, that entire line is bad. The entire thing needs to be overhauled. It's at least a 2 year project.

Stephen said...

This is one of the true head scratchers. I'm so jaded about the Eagles at this point that it doesn't really affect me, but I don't believe there are words to describe how unmercifully shitty it is to only get a 2nd rounder for Mcnabb, and to trade him to a division rival no less.

Please stop with the Redskins hyperbole, whether or not Mcnabb comes back to "kick our ass twice a year" or not remains to be seen, I personally think he'll struggle in that offense as it is very similiar to ours but with less effective weapons.

Ezra said...

Adam Caplan has 2 NFL sources that say Haynesworth was offered and the Eagles said no.

Cliff said...

Of course Fat Albert was offered in the trade, his contract is ridiculously stupid.