Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Links Day


You may have already seen them, but I had a few things post on yesterday.

* Thoughts on the pre-draft poker faces that teams put on

* Thoughts on the Eagles at TE

* Thoughts on CB as the biggest need vs adding a DE

I also did a podcast interview last night with the guys from EaglesFanCast.  The interview lasted almost 50 minutes, but it didn't feel that long.  When Chuck made that comment I figured we were about half done.  We talked about McNabb, the draft, and lots of Eagles stuff.  I even managed to rip SalPal before we even really got going.  All in all, it was a good night. 

Here is a link to their site:

The podcast is at the bottom of the most recent blog entry.  You can listen or download. 


RE:  Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

Good looking prospect.  Has size (6'1, 207), speed, and some skill.  Could go in the 2nd round.  He had a shoulder injury.  As long as that checks out he'll go in the 3rd or worst case early 4th.  Finding big guys who can run is hard.  They don't last long.  The knock on him is being a D-2 guy.  That is a legit concern.  We didn't get to see him in an all star game so we have to project how he'll handle good competition.

Eagles could be interested.  He could be a CB or FS target.  The problem is that we'll address both spots early because we need starting caliber players.  AOA is somewhat of a project.  Do we spend a late 2nd or early 3rd on that guy, having already taken a CB and/or FS?  Maybe. 

RE:  bust rate at DT

I think most talented DTs thrive in college because they are simply bigger, strong, quicker, and/or faster than the guys blocking them.  In the NFL these DTs face blockers that are big, strong, athletic, and skilled.  All of a sudden you can't get by on physical ability.  You need effort, positional ability, and a gameplan.  Effort is obvious.  If you aren't better than the guy across from you, try to outwork him.  Positional ability is having a honed skill set.  In college a guy doesn't focus on hand placement, footwork, and stuff like that.  He's worried about explosion or power.  Gameplan is the need to know how to use moves and countermoves.  You also need to know when to do certain things.  On 3rd/10 you have to be alert to screens and draws.  That isn't the time to recklessly fly off the ball.  Be quick, but alert. 


Baloophi said...


Thanks for the procrastinative devices and for the ovaltine joke.

Tommy Lawlor said...

The Ovaltine joke is Ralphie's gift to all of us.

Baloophi said...

Ralphie is now a producer, believe it or not. Ironman, Four Christmases, The Breakup...

Randy has not fared as well...

So Cal EaglesFan said...

Hey Tommy,

I keep hearing that Bryant is falling and being taken off draft boards due to off the field problems and maturity issues. If he was there at 37 or our late second round pick would there be any interest? I personally think we are pretty set at WR with a great top three but would Bryant's talent be too valuable that late?

Netherman said...

Just saw your latest draft on scoutsnotebook and if the Eagles could land Wilson, Allen, and Lee, I would be one happy happy camper.

Myron said...

So if Earl Thomas, Kyle Wilson, Joe Haden, and Eric Berry are all off the board by #24, and the Eagles are sitting there without trading, and Jerry Hughes is still on the board, do you take him?

I'd say: yes. He looks like a potential playmaker in the NFL, and if you pass on him he is most assuredly going to be snapped up by the Jets, Saints, or Colts in the first round.

If you take him in the first, I'm sure you still have your choice of cornerbacks like Kareem Jackson, Devin McCourty, and Brandon Ghee in the second round, or a safety like Morgan Burnett or Nate Allen.

Jerry Hughes would be a really great pickup because a.) as a rookie you could rotate him in and out of the LDE spot on passing downs and b.) he could be a great backup for Trent Cole (god forbid he ever goes down) and heir apparent as RDE later on down the road.

bthackra said...

What impact do you think the departure of Heckert will have on draft day?

What made Heckert so good at draft day manuevering and knowing who will fall to them? League connections and reading the tea leaves or something that is more easily replicated by Howie/Andy?

I agree with your comments from the podcast. A trade down from #24 seems possible the way the 'mock' drafts are currently projecting the run on Defense before our pick. Marginal difference between players seems small if Wilson, JPP, Graham, Hughes are off the board.

Can I get a prediction out of you? Which player do you think has the highest liklihood of being on the team post draft? Any round or could even be an existing pro on another team.

Baloophi said...


Hughes played LDE at TCU and is thought of as a pure pass rusher (versus a well-rounded end). Out of curiosity what makes you think he could eventually become Cole's replacement at RDE and - thus - be worth #24?

Myron said...

RDEs are mostly pass-rushers, no?

Look at RDE Dwight Freeney on the Colts. Pass-rushing specialist who almost makes no tackles except for those of the QB.

I see Hughes as a pass-rushing specialist in the same vein.

Chuck Stanley said...

Thanks for coming on last night Tommy! You were awesome as always, and can't wait to have you back on. I was cracking up when you were ripping Sal Pal... classic stuff.

Jeppe84 said...

Hi Tommy

First of all, I would like to thank you for a fantastic blog - I follow it all the way from Denmark!

I would like to know if you see any possibility in the Eagles trading a late draft pick for Ted Ginn Jr.? I think he would be a perfect 5th receiver and of course return man for us... That would help us pick the best CB regardless of returnabilities.

Pitmanite said...

had a great time listening to you on the podcast last night tommy. i'll make sure to check back after the draft.

aaron said...

Sorry for the non football post here, but have you ever imagined what someone sounded like before actually hearing them speak?

I knew you were from further south than Broad St so Im not sure why your voice was as surprising to me. I always envisioned John Candy in The Great Outdoors meets Jon Gruden in a good mood. Oh well I will go back to my Zagnut now.