Saturday, April 24, 2010

Early 4th - CB Trevard Lindley


The Eagles just added a CB.  They took Trevard Lindley from Kentucky.  I'm not thrilled with this pick.  Lindley is a little stiff in the hips.  He has good feet.  He has very good ball skills.  Lindley had a real good Junior season and thought about coming out, but decided to stay in school.  Wasn't as good in 2009.

Here are my notes:

Veteran SEC corner had a down season in 2009.  Probably should have come out after his Junior year.  Missed some action this season and didn't look as good.  Solid cover guy.  Lindley has good feet, but is a little stiff in the hips.  He has great ball skills.  Picked off 10 career passes and broke up 43.  Had a ton of solo tackles in his first 2 seasons (92).  Ran 4.50 at his Pro Day.

Went to the Senior Bowl.  Looked okay.  Played the same as he did during the year...up and down.

Probably a late round pick. 

Odd pick in my mind.  I'll watch a couple of his game tapes and see if there is something I'm missing.


Joe said...

I don't get the impression this kid wants to play at all...or at least he was not thrilled with being picked by the Eagles....sounds like he may have expected the Pats to pick him.

Cliff said...

I like this TE pick - Clay Harbor from Missouri State. I've felt all along that we needed to add depth at TE if Ingram isn't 100% or, frankly, not able to fully adjust from his college-style offense (Florida) to our WCO.

We all liked what we saw from Cornelius in the Preseason, but we can't take anything for granted. Good pick-up.