Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Day is Upon Us


Finally.  I've waited a long time for these 3 days. 

I'm in the process of finalizing a post on the Eagles and the draft.  It will be done shortly.  There are a ton of rumors floating in the media.  Behind the scenes is basically the same talk.  Teams are on lockdown.  All the rumors floating around are basically speculation or generalized reports. 

I don't have any inside info at this time.  We're hearing the Eagles could deal up to pick

#5 KC

#7 CLE

#9 BUF

#10 JAX

#11 DEN

#12 MIA

The Chiefs make the most sense.  They have a lot of holes still to fill and there isn't great value at the #5 spot.  They do have extra picks already, but the more the merrier. 

Buffalo could also use an extra pick or two.  They are rebuilding.

The Jags don't have a 2nd rounder and would love to acquire one. 

Miami traded their own 2nd round pick to Denver in the Brandon Marshall deal. 

I think we'll move up if the price is right.  The question is whether Eric Berry is available and just how much teams are looking for in the deal.  We'll pay a good price, but won't sell our souls. 

Stay tuned. 


N / said...

Are you certain Berry is the only player we would trade so many resources for? I wouldn't complain (if we don't sell the farm in the process) but what about Haden or Morgan? (Not necessarily at the 5 spot, but top 12...)

T_S_O_P said...

I've been looking for the thread on SNB. I'm trying to work some magic alarm that will wake me if (BIG IF) the Eagles take Berry.

Ian said...

Tommy my heart is just racing i can't wait seems like the draft came so fast after the season, probably cause we we're one and done in the playoffs, and i stopped following the nfl after that but i'm really excited and hope the eagles keep me entertained today instead of tomorrow... :)

VC said...

Tommy - what do you make of Lombardi's comment that the skins will draft Berry? Skins floating that to get someone to deal up (CLE? us?)?

Ian said...

No it means that they want the eagles to trade with them instead of KC so they are letting out rumours that they will snatch berry. I just don't see how they would do that, i mean they can't even draft a good tackle since they have no 2nd either.

seems like they are trying to ruffle our feathers.

Myron said...

Why would they trade up to #5? Berry looks like a great player, but trading that far up is too costly no matter who the player is.

I say, go to to #10-#12, and simply wait to see which player drops to us. One of the top 4 DBs is bound to still be there, whether it's Earl Thomas, Kyle Wilson, or Joe Haden. Hell, even Berry might slip that far given the right circumstances.

So basically speaking, I think the smart thing to do is just to trade up to 10-12 and wait. Don't play mind games with the top 5 teams, just settle for Thomas or Wilson if you can't get Berry.

VC said...

Ian - agree thats the most likely scenario but Shanahan has been known to make unexpected moves....

Brian said...

I hope they don't make a big move up for anyone other than Berry. To me, he is the only one worth giving up one of our 2nd rounders (and I assume more).

Tommy, what do you think you they realistically would be willing to give up to get high enough for Berry? I am reading how so many of these teams want to move down and get more picks, I am hoping we could get a bargain. I assume they wouldn't give up their top 3 picks, but would they give up #24, #37, and #70 (assuming that would even be enough)? It would be great if they could somehow do it without giving up #37, but that's probably not likely.

Ben said...

Mel's top 3 CBs were listed as:

1. Joe Haden
2. Kareem Jackson
3. Devin McCourty

No Kyle Wilson? Tommy you've also mentioned that some teams will have Kareem as their #1 CB. Why do you think Wilson is falling? I don't think he'd be our target if we get to 10-12. I think it would be for Joe Haden or Earl Thomas.

Myron said...

Here's the problem, though.

From what I've seen, Kyle Wilson = Derrelle Revis 2.0.

Very similar player in terms of the press coverage and man-to-man skills this kid has. I have a feeling he will be the best CB of the 2010 draft.

Joe said...

Am I missing something? We have a bunch of holes to fill after getting rid of a bunch of players. I think we might just use our picks.

Ben said...


You've probably seen more Kyle Wilson than me, so I'll trust you that he looks legit. From the highlights I saw I pictured him as Sheldon with more big play ability.

I just wonder what coaches and scouts are seeing in him that makes them like Kareem (didn't he have low production at Bama?) and McCourty more.

Kevin said...

@ Joe, apart from FS & RCB, we don't have any other holes. Sure we can get a #5WR, #3RB, #3TE, #3QB...but those are depth picks and ST players. Unless we get Pouncey/Morgan, no other player we draft could start for us.

Myron said...

Ben: "Sheldon with more big-play ability" sounds pretty good too. :)

I'd buy that for a dollar, as the old saying goes.

Joe: That's why I'm advocating we move up to 10-12 and say, surrend the low 2nd or high 3rd rounder only, if that's possible.

We can still move up and keep most of the good picks, just not as high as would be necessary to grab Berry.

Edward said...

Hey Tommy, you gonna be starting a live eagles draft thread on Scoutsnotebook like in years past? Can't see one for this year. Really enjoyed those the last few drafts.

Myron said...

Edward: it's the thread titled "Draft Day" in Football & Draft Talk forum.

Edward said...

Awesome found it, cheers Myron.

Baloophi said...


Trading up before the draft and waiting to see who falls to you is bad business. You don't know who is going to be there so you'd be trading on a blind market. You said "one of the top 4 DBs is bound to be there" so that means you value Eric Berry and Kyle Wilson the same?

Teams wait to trade simply because of leverage... for both teams. On the seller side, if there's suddenly a run on QB's right before your pick (for example), you can significantly raise the price as teams get anxious about "missing their guy." From the buyer's perspective, you wait because if 5 OTs and 3 QBs suddenly go in the top ten (or whatever) then you'll be able to get a guy you want for less if not at your original spot. You don't just give away draft picks because you think better talent will be available a few spots in front of you.

Also, from my understanding, GMs talk to other GMs to get a ballpark idea of what it would cost to move up/down with various teams. When your pick comes up and you think team X wants player Y then you hop on the horn and tell them that team Z wants him too and see what you can get. That's when the pre-draft poker plays out.

As in anything, holding your assets as long as possible maximizes their value. Trading up before you know who you're trading for is needlessly risky.

Brian said...

Reading a lot of rumors that the Birds will be trading up for JPP.
I hope not.

Tommy, you said no way in an earlier comment - is that your opinion or do you know that the Eagles don't value him that much?