Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Still Alive


Sunday was quiet for me.  I watched several football tapes to check out our new Eagles, but did very little writing.  I was in post-draft coma.  I caught up on some TV (Treme is a good new show) and sorta vegged a little, but now it is back to the grindstone. 

I am in the process of writing a lengthy Eagles Draft Review.  I'm on page 387 right now and I haven't even covered a single pick yet.  I really like to set the scene.  Joking, of course.  I'll hopefully have the review posted on Tuesday morning. 

I do like Trevard Lindley more now than I did on Saturday.  I still have some questions, but he does have good feet, hands, and instincts.  That is something that a quality coach like Dick Jauron can work with.  

Rather than trying to write out a specific post I'm going to answer some questions.

RE:  Any interest in John Henderson

He probably expects to be a starter.  I'll pass.  If he was open to being a role player I'd absolutely be interested.  I have wanted to see a monstrous guy in the middle (not bulky, but actually tall).  I'd love to see him and Dan Klecko play DT together.  They could design a stunt where Klecko ran through Henderson's legs and confused all the blockers. 

RE:  Brandon Graham

I think very highly of him.  I had a talk with my buddy Ryan right after the Senior Bowl.  I told him that the question NFL teams had to answer was whether this guy is Dwight Freeney or LaMarr Woodley.  Obviously the Eagles thought he was a lot closer to Freeney. 

I love Brandon because he combines skill, athleticism, and effort.  Guys like that are not easy to find.  Some guys are athletes.  Some guys are grinders.  Some guys are polished players.  Very few players have all 3 traits. 

Any notion that he was going to last anywhere near pick 24 is out the window.  I did some checking over the weekend and there were multiple teams interested.  Peter King also reported that he knew a few teams who were upset when Graham was picked by us at 13. 

How does Graham compare to Trent Cole?  Graham is almost 30 pounds heavier than Trent was at this time back in 2005.  Graham  posted near identical numbers in the 40, 3-cone, and short shuttle.  That should tell you that he's a pretty darn good athlete.  He doesn't have the lower body strength that Trent did.  Graham dominated the Senior Bowl.  Trent was "okay".  Graham dominated at Michigan.  Cole was productive at Cincinnati.  Brandon has the higher ceiling.  He could be a special pass rusher.  Trent has obviously established himself as a very good NFL player while Brandon is still just a prospect. 

RE:  Why so many UDFA WRs?

We do this every year.  Just as other readers commented, it is done to keep all the receivers fresh in the passing drills.  Most of the guys are just bodies.  Kevin Jurovich is a player that some scouts really like.  He runs good routes, knows how to get open, and has very good hands.  Pat Simonds has great size, but was very up and down at the Shrine Game. 

RE:  Tony Washington

Good player and prospect.  His character issue is so bizarre that I don't know if you can bring him onto an NFL team.  Would the media handle that well?  Fans?  I was told he was a good kid at Abilene-Christian, but some incidents stay with you for life. 


Eric said...

Thanks for the Tony comments. I get the whole stigma that follows him. He was 16 though and made a mistake in the eyes of our society.

He's well beyond that, I would assume.

Oh, well. Would most fans even notice him though? The media are the ones that would report this so highly.

Michael said...

so wait, you talked to Buddy Ryan?


Anders said...

Hello Tommy.
What is your take on Harris moving back to CB?

arby said...

Glad to hear you survived GC99.

Once again, twas a pleasure to hang out w/you and friends on Draft Day/s.
Thanks for all you do (this PBR's for you).

Kevin said...

Michael- I thought the same thing when I read that! My buddy Ryan. It made me chuckle