Friday, April 23, 2010

2nd Round Thoughts


We have pick 37 and 55.  For now.  I have to believe that the Eagles are looking to pull off a trade.  I'm sure Howie and Andy want to jump back and add a 3rd rounder.

If we do stay at 37 there will be some interesting players on the board.  There will potentially be a lot of talent on offense:

QB Jimmy Clausen
QB Colt McCoy
RB Dexter McCluster
WR Golden Tate
WR Arrelious Benn
WR Damian Williams 
TE Rob Gronkowski
OT Charles Brown
OT Rodger Saffold
OT Bruce Campbell
OT Vlad Ducasse
OL John Jerry 

There will be some good defenders.

DE Sergio Kindle
DE Everson Griffen
DT Brian Price
DT Lamarr Houston
NT Terrence Cody
LB Sean Lee
LB Daryl Washington
FS Nate Allen
FS Morgan Burnett
FS Taylor Mays (if he's on our board)
CB Brandon Ghee
CB Chris Cook
CB Jerome Murphy

That is a list of 25 guys who have a chance to go in the 2nd round.  Not all of these players will be on the Eagles draft board.  We do stick to value, but need is part of that.  You can bet we'll look CB, FS, OL, DT, and possibly RB.

The good news is that we can move down and still have good players to choose from.  There is enough offensive firepower to drive down some defensive prospects.  I think trading down is the smart play unless the team is enamored with someone on the board at #37.  That could be an O-lineman.  We'll find out just how much the Eagles believe in Stacy Andrews.  If they really trust him and value him this year then going OL at 37 is strictly a luxury.  If there are doubts about Stacy then going for a blocker would make total sense.

SalPal and Adam Caplan are reporting that McCluster is an Eagles target.  That's a little too convenient, don't ya think?  The secretive Eagles let a rumor get out to a pair of big time reporters?  The Eagles are likely trying to create a trade market for pick 37.  If one or two of the QBs is on the board you know teams will be interested.  Talking up McCluster could be a way to get the Pats to move up for him. Dexter seems like the kind of player that Andy Reid would covet so the rumors have viability.  This isn't some idiotic scenario being thrown out.  McCluster to the Eagles is a good rumor.  That could entice Belichick or some other coach/GM to move up and secure Dexter.  Why him?  McCluster is the poor man's CJ Spiller (runner/receiver/returner).  Teams that love role players or need big plays should be interested in Dexter.  He could be like a Darren Sproles type for someone.  Think about how many teams struggle to move the ball or score points.  One big play in a game from Dexter could be the difference in winning and losing.

My ideal scenario would be to move back and add a 3rd round pick.  We'd then do this:

2nd - FS Nate Allen
2nd - CB Jerome Murphy
3rd - OT Jared Veldheer

Allen would give us the proven, veteran FS we'd love to have.  He has size, skills, and athletic ability.  Plus he started 39 games for USF.  Murphy is a gifted cover guy who can press and be physical.  He can play the run.  He was good the last 3 years, staring for 2 of them.  He played some in the slot and has KOR experience.  Veldheer is our Jason Peters insurance policy.

We'll find out soon enough.  


Ben said...

I actually love McCluster as a target, although it probably is a smokescreen. He's a luxury pick, but he'd be a nice addition.

We don't need QB, WR, or TE (we essentially drafted Ingram for this year). We don't need an OT since we just extended Justice and got Peters. OG? Definite possibility, but we'll see.


Brian Price would be a great addition, but he'd be a backup, and Sean Lee, Daryl Washington, Nate Allen, and Morgan Burnett (and a corner) are all possibilities.

Dollar Brand said...

Let's hope your ideal scenario comes to fruition tonight. That would be sweet. Quality OT depth would be great.

Re: SalPal
His exact words were Reid was smitten with McCluster. Smitten? Like smitten with Little Debbie?

Myron said...

Tommy, I hope they investigate Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, I have a feeling he might be a gem later on down the road.

Elite speed (4.3 40) and he's big and strong (6'0" 210lbs) for a corner/safety.

Only thing keeping him out of the first round was the small-school pedigree.

Brian said...

i like that you call nate allen a veteran.

David said...

Allen it is!