Friday, April 23, 2010

Another DE in the Mix


The Eagles decided to add another DE at #86 and took Washington Huskie star Daniel Te'o Nesheim.  Interesting pick.  Let's start by talking about the player.  Teo (for short) is a relentless pass rusher.  He set the PAC-10 record for sacks.  He was a very good college player. 

Teo never looked like a top athlete on tape.  He was more of an effort guy.  He plays strong and physical.  He played on both sides and sometimes slid into DT.  Very fun kid to watch.  Never took a down off and played like his life depended on it.  The ultimate compliment I can give to a defensive prospect is that he's a Ravens kind of player.  And Teo is a Ravens kind of player. 

What does this mean for the Eagles?  Maybe Juqua Parker becomes trade bait.  I could see some 3-4 teams looking at him.  Maybe Victor Abiamiri is in for a change.  We could permanently make him a DT.  We could trade or cut him.  Hard to say not knowing his health status. 

We now have 4 DEs that are in their prime or younger:

Trent Cole
Darryl Tapp
Brandon Graham
Daniel Te'o Nesheim

Add in VA and Juqua and that is a lot of depth.  I like it.  You want young legs on the D-line if possible. 

Here is my scouting report on Teo:

Excellent effort guy.  Has pretty good size and is a physical player.  Good motor. Won't stay blocked. Good shoulder dip. Used a very good swim move to get sack, FF vs UCLA.  Plays both sides. Lacks explosive burst. More of an effort guy.  Realizes he isn't a speed demon and plays accordingly.  He stays low, which makes him tough to block.  He uses his arms well to keep blockers off his body.  Daniel is a strong, physical player.  He means business when it comes to making contact.  He will catch some blockers off guard with a power move and get them on their heels.  Able to overpower some big OL.  Sometimes will slide in to DT.  Good production, but sacks tended to come in bunches.  12 of his 29 career sacks came in 5 games.  Did have 46 TFLs and 8 FFs. 

Had a good showing at the Shrine Game.  Had a terrific workout at the Combine.  Tested better than I would have expected. 

I wish that athletic ability showed up more often on game tape.  I'm not sure if he is good enough to start in the NFL.  I do think he could be a valuable role player and STer.  He'll probably go in the 4th or 5th round. 

For those who haven't read it, here is a real interesting article on pass rushers in the 2010 draft.

I know we still need a CB.  So do Howie and Andy.  I have to believe they have a plan in place.  I'll do some snooping and see what I can find out.  I'm at a loss just like you.  I like the players we took and I like the picks we have for tomorrow.  I just want us to add a CB so that I can feel better about that spot.  Ellis Hobbs isn't my idea of a good starter. 


Myron said...

With all of these DE picks in this year's draft, you have to wonder if perhaps Victor Abiamiri is done? Either they don't like him or he has some injury issues that will end his career?

Anyway, as I said in the draft thread, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Te'O-Nesheim is actually the best player to come out of this draft for us.

According to that footballoutsiders article he has elite vertical jump / short shuttle numbers:

"When it comes to sleepers, SackSEER rates two prospects above the rest: South Carolina linebacker Eric Norwood and Washington defensive end Daniel Te'O'Nesheim. Eric Norwood's Combine numbers are similar to those of Clay Matthews a year ago, and he had better college sack production. Te'O'Nesheim has been billed as a productive, high-energy player who lacks the athleticism to compete at a high level, but his 37-inch vertical leap and a 4.18-second short shuttle at the Combine are enough to convince SackSEER."

Baloophi said...

Here's a long highlight package on Te'o:

Cut the music unless you want to feel like you're in a Guy Ritchie heist film.

What's intriguing to me is that he was used as a tackle a fair amount.

Interesting soundbyte from an Andy interview re: VA - "with the injury he's a little bit of a question mark." I don't think that's what you say when you want to trade somebody, but still, interesting...

eagles nut said...

Tommy, Do you think it's possible the Eagles are looking at Te'o-Neishem as a conversion to SLB a la Gocong. I don't like when they do that but that's their MO. Te'o's short shuttle and cone times were very good indicating good COD. I realize that doesn't necessarily mean a guy can play LB but the Eagles could be intrigued with the possibility.

Baloophi said...

@ Tommy

Before the draft you wanted 4 from this list...

We got these two:

DE Brandon Graham
DE Daniel Te'o Nesheim

Missed on these:

RB Ben Tate
RB Charles Scott
WR Andre Roberts
TE Tony Moeaki
OT Jared Veldheer
DE Jerry Hughes
DT Torrell Troup
LB Sean Lee
FS Eric Berry
FS Earl Thomas
CB Kyle Wilson
CB Kareem Jackson
CB Devin McCourty

But still have a shot at these:


tobylove said...

After watching that highlight film, I feel like doing about a 100 pushups. And that's a big deal for me.

I realize it's just a highlight reel... but I've never seen a highlight reel that good.

Kid uses his arms well.

LOVE the pick.

That's all I have to say.

Tommy Lawlor said...

RB Charles Scott is still alive on my wish list. And he's good value in the late 4th or 5th round.

RE: Teo

He will play DE for us. Relentless pass rusher. The kind of guy you want coming off the bench.

Chris said...

I loved the Allen pick but I'm not crazy about another DE, especially one Mayock had listed as a 6th or 7th rounder. I wouldn't have minded picking him there or even in the 5th but we picked him in the 3rd.

We really need another CB (I'm hoping for the guy from IUP) and someone who can man the SAM LB (someone with experience with it and not someone we move to it from another position). I was hoping for Lee from Penn State but we helped Dallas with that.

Chris said...

Incidentally, with one of the many picks we've stockpiled in the very late rounds I'd like us to draft LaMarcus Coker. He was a Freshman All-American RB at Tennessee but got kicked out for drugs (pot).

Supposedly he's got his life back together and hasn't caused problems lately (he played for the Hampton Pirates). Why take a shot on him? Well, he is / was as fast as Chris Johnson, C.J. Spiller or Jahvid Best (he was multiple time TN state champ in the 100m and 200m and was clocked in the mid 4.2s).

Might as well take a flyer on him as if he pans out he could be really good.

bp said...

After being a little upset at the price we paid to move up for Graham yesterday, Roseman more than made up for that economic disappointment with all the picks accumulated in trading down today.
The Allen pick was dead on, and I really like Te'o-Nesheim, and think he'll be a good fit for us.
That being said, I have a hard time imagining he was truly the highest rated guy on our board there.

With Griffen, Wootton, Sapp and other generally higher rated pass rushers still available, was there another team we were legitimately worried might take him before our 1st 4th? I'd have much rather picked up an Decker, Ghee/Franks/Cox, Owusu-Ansah, Dwyer, Chaney, or Edds and bet on the fact that we could still get Te'o at 105 (or 121, for that matter).

But otherwise, a very solid second day.

Cliff said...

I'm not mad at the Daniel Te'o Nesheim pick because all indicators point to he being a good player. This just fits in with the annual "WTF? Did the Eagles reach big time?" philosophy of drafting in the 3rd round.

Cliff said...

A few interesting players I sort of want the Eagles to look at today:

RB Joe McKnight
RB Jonathan Dwyer
WR Jeremy Williams
CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
LB Eric Norwood
OT Bruce Campbell
TE Aaron Hernandez
QB Jarrett Brown

Each guy has his caveats, of course: McNight isn't the "big back" we need to compliment Shady, but we do have Bell for at least 1 season. McNight could be this season's LoBo (but hopefully with more contribution). Bruce Campbell reminds me of King Dunlap (lots of physical gifts, but raw and little experience). I'd like to add a TE. Hernandez isn't much of a blocker, I don't think, but he's a little insurance if Ingram isn't 100%.

Chris said...

@Cliff - I like your list, especially RB McKnight (has long speed I think Shady lacks), CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (good size and speed) and OT Bruce Campbell (an athletic marvel for Juan Castillo to mold).

A couple others I'd like at positions of need:

C - Matt Tennant
OLB - Ricky Sapp
CB - Dominique Franks

Chris said...

I forgot LB A.J. Edds from Iowa. He'd be a perfect fit.