Saturday, April 24, 2010

7th Round - DT, S Added


The Eagles had a pair of Comp picks at the end of the 7th round and took two players that I'm shocked were still on the board.

DT Jeff Owens
S  Kurt Coleman

Jeff is 6'1, 304.  He did 44 reps at the Combine and is a really powerful guy.  At the Senior Bowl he was one of the best DTs at shedding blocks.  Here are notes on him:

Stout, strong DT had a solid comeback in 2009 after tearing his ACL in '08. Shorter build makes him tough to block. Owens has a big upper body and plays with a lot of power. Able to stack and shed. Uses his hands well. Effective against double teams. Knows how to hold his ground. Not much of a playmaker. Only had 13 TFLs in his career. Showed some athletic ability early in his career. Ran a sub-5.00 40 at his Pro Day. That's good speed for a DT. Did 44 reps at the Combine. Barrel chest and short arms helped.

Played in the Senior Bowl.

Mid to late round prospect. Could be a real good backup. Showed starting potential prior to ACL injury.

Kurt is one of my favorite players in the whole draft.  Every time I watched Ohio State to try and study someone I would see Coleman making play after play.  He lacks ideal size at 5'10, 192.  He isn't a great athlete.  This kid is just a tremendous football player.  The Eagles should be ecstatic to have him.  I think Coleman will be a starting Safety in the NFL in due time.  I project him to Mikell's backup for now.  Notes:

3-year starter who I like more and more as I watch him. Not a great athlete. Not a physical specimen. Just a good solid Safety who got better each season and developed into a real good player. Football player, not an athlete. And I mean that as a great compliment. Finished his career with 9 INTs, 10.5 TFLs, 5 FFs, 13 PDs, and a pair of blocked kicks. Equally good against run or pass. Smart player. Knowledge, instincts allow him to jump routes. Covers the slot receiver in some sets. Not a natural centerfielder, but he can cover some ground. Made a great play in the early 4th Qtr against Michigan when he got over to the sideline and picked off a pass. Went up high for the ball and made an impressive grab. Held on as he fell to the ground. Hits with power. Solid tackler. Takes good angles in pursuit. Coleman got suspended by the Big 10 (+1) for a questionable hit on Illinois QB Eddie McGee. Didn't look like a dirty play to me.

Kurt didn't have a great postseason. He was up and down at the Senior Bowl. That game shows which players have the most pure talent and athletic ability. That's not Kurt. He did okay at the Combine. That's not his forte either. You need to see him playing for his team in a real game to appreciate what a good player he is.

I think he'll go in the 4th or 5th round.

One thing that I really love this year is that we drafted veteran Safeties.  We didn't go for athletes or projects.  We added guys that know how to play the position.  They just have to learn our scheme. 


Defrim said...

If you like them, then I like them.

Ted said...

For some reason the Kurt Coleman comment made me think of Tim Hauck, who I hadn't thought of in years.

Steven said...

I am disappointed in this draft.

Our RCB is Ellis Hobbb and our backup OT is King Dunlap*

Cliff said...

Man, I had two OSU alumni-friends who went on and on about how much of a steal Coleman is. They spoke of him like he was family or something. Haha. I guess that's how I feel when you unappreciative Eagles fans fail to consider Macho in our discussion of CB depth.

Chris said...


I'm here in Columbus and see Coleman all the time. I do think we got really good value with him. He is one of those 'heady' or 'crafty' players. He isn't that bad an athlete either, just not exceptional in any facet.

Incidentally, Walter (from Walter's Football) gave a lot of our picks A's (Graham, Allen, Chaney, Owen and Coleman). But he was wondering what was up with all the DEs drafted when we had other needs at CB (doesn't like Lindley as he's too slow and though better CBs were available) and on the O-line.

HÃ¥kan said...


That makes two of us.
Just give him #46 call him a starter. ;)

Prem Prakash said...


The headline I saw last might said Campbell went for a 6th. A 4th actually seems more like his worth. At the same time, considering he's been a starting qb, it indicates the low market value for less than stellar qbs. So, we're likely to see Vick in an Eagles uniform, and probably a lot of wildcat,

Eddie said...

hey i dunno if anyone plays madden but now they are allowing fan to influence the rookie ratingss so find our first 3 round draft pick and make add 5 to every attribute, and i found all the giants, cowgirls, redskins players and put -5 on each.

Edward said...

Walter comes across as a total fanboy when talking about the Eagles. I value his opinions on other teams but not the Eagles.

He gives picks bad grades because they weren't a different position. Kinda not the point Walter..

Steven said...


I agree. He also talks like one in his mock drafts

"fat andy loves fat offensive linemen"

"someone made this pick while andy was getting cheese steaks"

He also hates Jason Peters and thinks the Eagles should replace him.

Arno said...

According to this site:

the Eagles signed:
David Pender, CB, Purdue

Another one of your list Tommy.

bp said...

Man, what a crazy draft. After several perceivable 'reaches' in the mid-rounds (for situational defenders and special teamers), a host of bargains in the last three. I must say, I was highly impressed with the way Roseman handled his first go-round at the helm. No doubt Bobby April - wherever he is - is giddily drooling over the sheer number of athletes he'll soon have at his disposal.

Tommy, in the wake of the Charles Scott pick, what's your take on the RB depth chart? It makes me wonder whether the third RB spot might ultimately end up being a camp battle not between the rookie and Eldra (with his special teams usefulness) but between Eldra and Mike Bell.

As far as the Kafka pick goes, this* was by far the most useful scouting report I could find.

*while from a slightly different critical perspective than 'The Wire', I've found 'Home Movies' to be a close rival for my bicentennial brilliance of social commentary award.

Eddie said...

Well me being Canadian i hope Martell Mallett makes the team even if its only on Special teams but that seems unlikely because With LeSean whos the starter, Bell is the backup and special teamer, and Scott who will be the 3rd string. and Yes Sapp, Keenan Clayton, Riley Cooper, Jamar Cheney, Kurt Coleman could make the majority of the special team unit if they make the team will keep our starters fresher becase they dont have to run down kick and will decrease the chances of our starters getting injured. to that point Dallas draft last year was mostly Special Teams, and they became the healthiest in the league.

Prem Prakash said...


This guy Kafka must be a pretty good baller. There's a statue of him already in some place called Prague.

Eddie said...

to prove my point that cooper is a amazing Special teamers and will make an immediate impact.

Eric said...

Tommy, what's up with Tony Washington? I know he had the whole thing about sleeping with his sister, but is that really keeping teams away?

He looked like a major sleeper at the combine. Is his film that bad?

Wouldn't he be the type of tackle turned guard the Eagles would want? He'd be quick to the second level.

Matt said...

Tommy, looking at the UDFA list I am again perplexed by 3 WRs. Having a bunch of WRs early in the offseason seems to be a trend. With those 3 guys, we will have 11 on the 80-man roster. It seems extremely excessive with such a young group. Do we really need 6 other guys to press Baskett and Cooper for a roster spot? Or is there something I am missing?

Ben said...

vid of all of grahams senior bowl game snaps. check it out

Baloophi said...

@ Matt

RE: receivers

Usually just camp bodies. We've got 4 QBs and a billion DBs so you need receivers out there running routes.

Mark said...

I like what I've read and seen of Te'o (TO2). However I have to seriously question drafting a 2nd DE before a CB (and not till the 4th round) when they need an upgrade there so desperately. I'm afraid they took the BPA strategy too far.

Eric said...

You want a bunch of receivers. You don't want 4 or 5 guys constantly running routes.

They'll tire out rather quickly.

Edward said...

Its hard to believe how many times Graham got doubled in that game and he still made as many plays as he did. He was even playing at his less natural spot at RDE. Really impressed with that footage, he beats his man one on one 5 times out of 10.

Edward said...

Watching again and comparing him to a player like Eversen Griffin he does look like a marginal athlete, will that be much of an issue at the next level? I guess again that playing LDE rather than RDE should help with that. How does he compare athletically to Trent Cole at the weight he is now? Any thoughts Tommy?

Kevin said...

Graham translates well to the next level because of his many pass-rush moves. Freeney only has two moves (first step outside + spin inside as a counter), but he can get away with that because of his elite speed. Graham has good but not great fit and has sneaky strength. So he can outquick slow OTs, bullrush zone blocking OTs, spin OTs who cheat and I've seen him use #92's hump move before.

Graham is a football player, he'll find a way to beat any OT that has a weakness. Given that he'll be up against RTs, none of who are perfect, he'll be fine.

So Cal EaglesFan said...

Hey Tommy,
Word is John Henderson is being released today. Would the Eagles be interested in bringing him in to be the third DT and team up with Anthony Dixon in certain packages to give the Eagles two 330+ DT in the middle? I love Bunk and Patt but it could be interesting to see a rotation with two huge backup DTs.

Baloophi said...

@ Mark

RE: 2nd DE before CB

Interesting theory on it from the team at Igglesblog.

Scroll down to Sam's analysis (after the pictures of Andy Reid's attire).

Cliff's notes version:
McDermott runs a different defense than JJ where getting an effective 4 man rush trumps elite coverage from CBs. Reid alludes to this when he says an effective pass rush makes everyone better.

Joe said...

A good pass rush is very important, but if a qb goes to a 3 step drop and we don't have CBs that can press...we will just get picked apart.

Kevin said...

Joe, having fast LBs is what kills the 3 step drops, not quality CBs.

Joe said...

Kevin, you may be right re: LBs, but my main point is that even a ferocious pass rush can be tamed if the opposing offense has an effective quick passing attack. So whether it's LBs, DBs or other, we need to be able to defend that. Brees, Romo, et al have all made that part of the gameplan against the eagles now.

bp said...

Seems like we picked up some interesting UDFAs at the two positions we went light on in the draft...

Austin Howard, Northern Iowa
Jeraill McCuller, NC State
Zipp Duncan, Kentucky

David Pender, Purdue
Josh Morris, Weber St (some debate as to whether he signed with us or the Ravens)
Devin Ross, Arizona