Saturday, April 24, 2010

4th Round Picks - Role Player Roundup


The Eagles added 3 players in the late 4th round. 

LB Keenan Clayton
QB Mike Kafka
TE Clay Harbor

I like these picks. 

Clayton comes here to be our Nickel LB and a STer.  He is 6'1, 229.  He excelled in coverage for the Sooners.  Think of him as an Ike Reese type, but with much better athletic ability.  Here is a limited write-up I did on him:

Undersized LB, but talented and productive.  2-year starter.  Good tackler. Good blitzer.  Had 6 sacks in his career.  Excellent athlete with good coverage skills.  Picked off 3 passes in his career.  Broke up 15.  Had a very impressive 8 FFs.  Showed really good athletic ability at his Pro Day:  4.57, 10-7 BJ, 6.85 3-cone. 

Projects to Nickel LB in the NFL. 

Kafka is a good QB prospect.  He is the kind of player the Eagles like, from a size and skill set perspective.  He lacks ideal experience, but had a real good postseason and did himself a lot of good.  We need a backup to develop behind Kolb.  Kafka is 6'3, 225, good size for a QB.

Real interesting prospect.  Only a full time starter as a Senior.  Had a few starts due to injuries prior to that, but was hardly the most experienced guy in the world.  Mike had a good Senior year and showed a lot of promise.  Too bad he is out of eligibility.  I'm not sure he's ready for the NFL, but Mike does have potential. He had Northwestern up on Penn State when he got hurt and had to leave the game. Kafka is a leader and tough guy. He has some athletic ability. He's accurate, but I do have concerns about the fact he comes from the spread offense. Can he make pro throws?  Most of his passes went to receivers that were wide open by the design of the play. That's great in college, but in the NFL a passer must be able to make a good throw to a tightly covered receiver. Had a crazy bowl game against Auburn.  Kafka was 47-78-532. He threw 4 TDs and 5 INTs.

I was impressed with his Pro Day throwing.  His motion looked tighter and more efficient.  His passes were accurate and had good velocity.  Decision-making is still a mystery because of the spread offense. 

Kafka played in the Shrine Game and helped himself. He led the game-winning drive. He made some pro throws. His passes lack the kind of velocity you ideally want, but he was accurate. He did throw at least one downfield ball. You could also see his athletic ability on the play that set up the TD. Kafka responded well to the pressure of the final drive. He didn't panic at all and did a good job of running the offense.

Mid-round target.  Lacks ideal experience and comes from a spread offense.  I do like his potential.  Might go in the 3rd, but I think of him as a 4th rounder. 

Harbor, 6'3, 252,  is a guy that I've followed all year.  This isn't some guy who just had a good Pro Day and got scouts attention.  Really good player.  Here is my report on him:

Athletic small school player.  Good receiver.  Caught 40 or more passes each of the last 3 years.  Finished with excellent numbers, 150-1906-10.  Has pretty good hands.  Good RAC ability.  Went to the Shrine Game.  Had a good catch & run on a bootleg play.  Showed his agility and athleticism.  The step up in competition didn't seem to bother him.  Had a terrific workout at the Combine.  Ran in the 4.6 range, did 30 reps, and had a VJ of 40 inches. 

Late round target.  Could be an H-back for some teams.  I think he's best at TE.  Could also get looks at FB, but that would seem to be a waste of his athletic ability. 

Harbor played in the Shrine Game and showed that he can play with guys from big schools.  His athleticism translates to the field.  He could be a terrific STs player for us.   Think of him as an insurance policy for Cornelius Ingram. 


Cliff said...

Sapp as a SLB prospect?

David said...

Yet another DE, fantastic.

Cliff said...

I'd love Myron Rolle here. Bring someone in to groom behind Mikell and add to ST's.

We know Rolle is a good learner. Haha.

Cliff said...

Man, I was really hoping we'd select RB John Conner, too. I wanted so badly to nickname him the Terminator.

Eddie said...

players i want the eagles to draft now is Johnathon Dwyer, Kurt Colemen, Charles Scott, Triston Holliday, Marshall Newhouse. if we can pick 2 or 3 of these players ill be happy and the picks i hated was Te'o until i slepted and he kinda grew on me, but i totally hate Mike Kafka because i wanted to groom John Skelton.

Adam S. said...

I'm hoping Sapp is a SLB prospect(ject). He seems like a good candidate. At least I hope cuz this seems like a lot of DE's so far.

I agree that Rolle would be a nice pickup at this point. The only thing that concerns me is how eager he is to put in his time and learn behind somebody before starting, if ever. With the intellegence and education he has it isn't like he has nothing to fall back on if the NFL doesn't work out.

Adam S. said...

I also hated the DTN pick, until I saw that highlight tape. WOW, i know it's ahighlight tape but it was impressive none the less.

I'm fine with the pick this morning.

Chris said...

Sapp, I think will be used as a SAM. He has classic size and speed for the position (easily has size and speed to cover Witten types). He was considered a top prospect before this year but has performed erratically. He is someone who if they coach up can be a plus starter.

Eddie said...

i think we are either going to trade parker or release him because with all those DEs ,we really wont need them all and plus parker is 31 so more old people leaving town.

Myron said...

Not taking CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah when they had the opportunity, and then watching as Dallas snapped him up - In my mind, that was the first big mistake.

They should have at least taken a chance on this kid in the 4th round. He has elite 4.3 speed and very nice size. I think he'll be a better pro than Trevard Lindley.

And, seriously, do you think the Eagles might have enough DEs by now?

Again, is there some new 6 man front they've designed that I'm not aware of?