Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roster Talk


I predicted the roster in an earlier post and missed by one. I had the team moving Reggie Brown and keeping Mike Vick active. That didn't happen, but everything else went as I had thought.

Here is the current roster:

Offense = 26

QB: McNabb, Kolb, Feeley
RB: Westy, McCoy, Buckley, Weaver
TE: Celek, T. Curtis
WR: D-Jax, K.Curtis, Avant, Baskett, Maclin, Gibson, R. Brown
OT: Peters, Sh. Andrews, Dunlap, Justice
OG: Herremans, St. Andrews, MJG, Cole
OC: Jackson, McGlynn

Defense = 24

DE: Cole, VA, Howard, Clemons, Parker, Babin
DT: Bunkley, Patterson, Laws
LB: Jordan, Gocong, Fokou, White
ILB: Gaither, Mays
S: Mikell, Demps, Harris, Jones
CB: Samuel, Brown, Hanson, Hobbs, Patterson

STs = 3

P: Rocca
K: Akers
LS: Dorenbos

M. Vick - on special reserve list for 2 weeks

Dave Spadaro said in his column today that you can expect more activity in the next 24-36 hours.

Heckert said one thing to keep in mind with Vick is that the team can activate him any time they want. He is suspended for 2 games, but the special list the Eagles put him on keeps Mike from practicing. That way he doesn't count for a roster spot. If they activate him he can practice (not play), but would count as one of our 53 guys.

Possible Moves:

* Adding a TE --- If you listent to Tom Heckert you'll come away thinking that the team may just stick with 2 TEs. He pointed out that often the third guy is inactive. As long as you keep one on the Practice Squad you can get by with 2.

* Help at MLB --- Omar Gaither is the starter. Joe Mays is the backup. For now. The Eagles are seeing what else is out there. They cut Matt Wilhelm, who they hoped would be a good veteran backup. Didn't happen. If the Eagles can find the right guy they'll have some options with Mays. Joe can stay on the roster or could be signed to the PS.

* Dealing a QB --- I'm not sure this will happen. The Eagles really like AJ Feeley (or is that his wife?). They won't move him just to make a move. AJ could fit into long range plans as a backup. AJ tried the starting thing and found out that he's not meant to be handle that job full time. He likes Big Red and the Eagles. Kolb still wants his shot at starting in the future, whether here or elsewhere. Obviously Vick is a short term addition.

* Dealing a WR --- This will happen. The question is whether we get some value back or have to accept a bag of rocks. Keeping 7 WRs on the roster for the whole year would be wasteful. Reggie Brown is the obvious player to trade. He has value as a starter or #3, but not really beyond that. That may sound funny, but think of a starting pitcher who's ineffective out of the bullpen if you want a fair comparison. I could see some teams asking about Hank Baskett, but I'm not sure we'd be willing to deal him. Hank is a good blocker, STer, and effective backup receiver. He's got value as the #4/#5 guy.


* Thank god we cut Booker and Schobel. They didn't deserve to make it.

* Jack I. and Bryan Smith were recent early picks, but didn't play well enough to be in the top 53.


LB Ryan Fowler - TEN

TE Alex Smith - NE

LB Justin Roland - SF



T_S_O_P said...

Joe Zelenka LS/TE, not that they have ever used him as the later?

Thomas Williams 2nd year player from USC would certainly offer more than Mays though not a Mike

T_S_O_P said...

What about Leonard Pope, he has all the physical attributes; is he as dumb as a rock or what?

Cliff said...

Winston Justice is still on the team. Heh.