Monday, September 28, 2009

Game Review is Posted


This was certainly more enjoyable than last week's DGR.


This is an interesting Eagles team. We played a good team in the opener and got the best of them, largely due to turnovers. Some people will rip me for calling CAR good, but they were at that point. They may wind up lousy, but were highly thought of heading into the year.

The next week we played another good team, the Saints. This time mistakes killed us and the scoreboard was heavily in their favor.

Sunday we played a bad team and whipped them. We're breaking in a new OL. Our backup QB has played 9 of 12 quarters this year. We missed Westy for basically the last game and a half. Kevin Curtis has been slowed by injury. We're breaking in a new FS. We're on the #3 MLB.

And yet, we're 5th in defense, 7th in offense. We're 2-1. This really is a very talented team. I hope they stay reasonably healthy. The sky really is the limit for this group. We've got some real tough tests ahead, but you also have to remember that Andy's teams normally are at their best in November and December. That's always a reassuring thought.



Stephen said...

Akeem Jordan is really playing well so far this year imo. He just seems to be around the ball a lot. I'm curious about the change in nickel D, he struggled a bit in the PS I know but I haven't noticed anything particularly bad about him so far in the RS.

Shady's 15 yard cutback run was a thing of beauty. This kid is gonna be a player in this league, once he really gets his feet under him he's going to do some good things for us.

Maclin is coming along, I loved that sideline catch, thats the kind of catch I want to see my first rounder make. He is definitely taking some lumps when he's out there, remember he got rocked a couple times in the preseason as well.

Desean Jackson is an elite talent and we are very fortunate to have grabbed him in the 2nd round. This guy is just a playmaking machine. His long TD was exactly the kind of play we need people to make in the WCO. Reminded me a bit of Jerry Rice... haha no seriously it did kind of remind me of Rice catching one over the middle and taking it to the house.

On an unrelated topic, how about all these bad looking teams this year GE? I can't remember the last time there were so many times I thought were just abysmal. We've got the Rams the Bucs and the Browns as full on train wrecks, then toss in teams like Oakland, KC, and assuming Detroits win was just a fluke over another bad team throw in the Lions as well. Thats 6 teams vying to get past 3-13 and they might only get there by beating each other.

Jamarcus Russel I think is single handedly undoing Oakland. He had that game winning drive last week but keep in mind that WITH that drive he barely topped 100 yards passing on the day. Here's some stats for you, he's 31 of 75 passing (41%) with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions with a passer rating of 39.8 through 3 games. This is after his underwhelming performance last year to boot.

I loved Mangini yanking Quinn too, after what Anderson did I think 6 of 8 passing with just 1 pick was actually looking pretty good.

Oh and Greg Lewis somehow someway keeps popping up around the league. I was disappointed, I wanted to see the 49'ers win, I like Mike Singletary and I don't like Brett Favre.

Prem Prakash said...

Stephen, I caught your comment about Desean and Jerry Rice. After the td play I said the same thing to my buddy sitting next to me. I had to admit I was getting ahead of things putting Desean, or anyone, near in the same league as Rice. Still, there is a special quality to the kid that can make a fan dream.

Maybe I missed it, but I don't think I've seen anyone in this forum commenting on Maclin as a return man. It looks to me like he doesn't position himself well and ends up catching the ball with his hands and not into his body. I think he even caught one ball behind him.

One more odd point, I'm glad Winston Justice is playing pretty good. The guy got off to such a tough start. Says something about a man if he can shake off that much criticism and set himself right.

Cliff said...

Don't know if y'all are watching, but it's the 4th quarter of the MNF game and Wade Phillips just ripped off Andy Reid's signature redzone play-calling.

Thought Andy had passing consecutive times on the 1 yard line trademarked.

Stephen said...

I saw that Cliff, consecutive fade passes from the 1 yard line seemed even above and beyond anything Andy would try, he normally mixes up the type of pass at least.

I'm glad it wasn't just me Prem, I've seen so many NFL films highlights of Jerry Rice taking one of those slants or ins all the way after seperating from the initial defenders, Desean coulda been Rice on that play. Obviously Desean isn't Rice and isn't going to be in Rice's league but he definitely is an elite talent.

Maclins ST troubles are perplexing, wasn't he the primary return man at Mizzou? Some of peanuts swagger and confidence needs to rub off on Maclin I think.

Chris said...

Jackson sure looks like a stud to me...too bad the Iggles rarely get the credit they deserve for a pickup like that among the masses. I for one was disappointed that we did not get Sweed but obviously I am no scout. I still wish we had stayed put and grabbed Nicks but maybe we don't need that physically dominant receiver.

Chris said...

oh and thanks as always for the insightful is a wonderful alternative to seeing a cartoon spuds in tights and a cape on the PE intro...must go in for therapy now.