Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st Half Notes


Some quick thoughts...

* TE Tony Curtis is playing well. You can see he's got blocking skills. He's not been driving guys off the ball, but looks okay. He is catching the ball well. This is very encouraging. Curtis could be a good backup TE.

* LT King Dunlap has looked good at times, but did give up a sack. He engaged the defender initially, but let the guy fight his way off the block. NYJ ran a stunt where the guy came free off the left side for a sack, but I couldn't tell which player was exactly responsible.

* MLB Joe Mays hasn't stood out.

* LB Moise Fokou is tackling very well.

* Mike Vick is moving around okay. He's run a couple of good option plays. He is 0-2 as a passer. That needs work.

* QB Kevin Kolb has been up and down. His blocking hasn't been ideal. He has made some good throws.

* You can see the lack of speed for both RB Eldra Buckley and WR Danny Amendola. Both guys have done some good things, but each had chances for big plays if they had any kind of real speed. Amendola has a couple of really good plays. He is quick and elusive. Also he's deceptively strong.

* I was impressed with LeSean's McCoy's short TD run. He fought his way into the endzone. Those are the kind of runs we need to see from him.

* Sean Jones??? Do something.

* Jason Babin had a sack.

* Macho Harris caught my eye on a couple of plays.

* Brandon Gibson played very well.

* Dmitri Patterson got hurt late in the half. I hope he's okay.

* Jack Ikegwounu is doing okay. He had a pick on a bobbled pass.



orangecrush007 said...

Ike has looked better than Lito

I thought Kolb pass very accurately

I like Buckley over Eckel adn Booker

I want to see Bryan Smith now

orangecrush007 said...

booker is SO cut he cant play special teams either

orangecrush007 said...

have i said this yet Booker is SOOOOOO done!!

Stephen said...

Amendola deserves to be on a roster somewhere, I have to imagine he'll get picked up by somebody if he doesn't make our team.

Ike both helped and hurt his cause this game.

Buckley may not have the speed but he does the tough inside running well enough, has a nose for the first down marker.

I don't think any of our safeties look especially good outside of Q Mikell. Macho Harris obviously has some instinct and does tackle well. Demps and Jones both have been mostly mia this preseason.

I thought Kolb looked good. He missed on a couple of balls but every quarterback misses on a couple of balls. Kolb threw some really nice ones, the touchdown down the seam to Curtis was a very nice pass. The other one that caught my eye was the leaping grab by Gibson. Kolb put the ball right over the fingertips of a defender but low enough to make it a relatively easy grab for Gibson, who also ran a good route. Good route, good throw, good catch. I like to see that kind of thing.

The one thing I've seen about Kolb these 2 preseason games is I don't understand this whole Kolb has a weak arm thing. He's no Mcnabb or Vick, but he definitely has more on his throws than a noodlearm like Chad Pennington. I'm honestly clueless where the whole he doesn't have an nfl arm thing comes from.

Vick still clearly getting his feet under him. Didn't show much as a passer except that he can hit his checkdown targets but looks like he's getting more comfortable taking off.

Our linebackers had a terrible game, they just gashed the heck out of us in the running game.

I have no clue who makes it at WR. Honestly I would be ok if they kept either Gibson or Amendola, the only guy I really don't want us to keep around is Reggie Brown.