Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick Thoughts - Win Over KC


Good game. We won 34-14 and the score really doesn't tell the story. We are the more talented team and played like it. That's a good sign. Winning is important above all else, but how you do it is pretty darn important.

The offense piled up 420 yards and 34 points. Remember when the offense used to really struggle when Westy missed a game? Things have come a long way when we can have this kind of success with a new QB, rookie RB, rebuilt OL, and young receivers. Crazy.

We threw the ball well. Kevin Kolb played even better than last week. He wasn't flawless, but had a darn good game (24-34-327, 2 TDs in the air and 1 on the ground). The OL played much better and consistently gave him time to throw.

The running game needs work. Shady ran for 84 yards and a TD in his first start. I loved the burst he showed. It makes a difference when a runner can get to and through a hole in the blink of an eye. The blocking was up and down. I need to study the tape before saying too much.

DeSean Jackson (6-149-1)and Brent Celek (8-104-1) were great. They moved the chains as well as giving us big plays. Kolb showed good rapport with both receivers. That bodes well for the future. I think Celek may need the bye week more than any Eagle. He took a pounding today. After watching LJ Smith for the last few years it is a friggin pleasure to have a TE that catches everything and fights for 1st downs.

DeSean looks like he's on his way to being an elite type of WR. He got in the endzone 4 times last year. 2 came on receptions, 1 on a PR, and 1 on the ground. 16 games and 4 TDs. This year he has 3 scores in 3 games. Huge. Big plays are good, but TDs are great. D-Jax is off to a great start.

The defense was lights out. KC had 0 yards at the end of the 1st Qtr. They finished with 196. It seemed like many of those came on draw plays on 3rd/long. The Chiefs scored 2 TDs. We helped on both. The offense turned the ball over on downs near midfield to set up the first score. The other TD came after Jeff Garcia bobbled the snap late in the game.

Sean McDermott had an aggressive gameplan. He loaded up guys at the LOS and we blitzed on a regular basis. We only finished with 3 sacks, but Cassel was under a lot of pressure. We only forced one turnover. That was disapppointing. Chris Gocong got Larry Johnson to fumble and Q Mikell fell on it.

There are some things I wasn't happy with, but I'll get to them in the review. We're now 2-1. We have the bye week to get healthy and then some winnable games in the near future. Things are pretty good.

RE: Q Demps

Someone asked about him. He is banged up. That's why he missed the last 2 games. He'll have a chance to get back on the field when we take on Tampa in a couple of weeks. He needs to impress on STs and as a role player to have a chance to win his starting job back.


Stephen said...

Vick looked rusty and the wildcat plays we ran weren't very explosive. At this point no one is changing what they do defensively because Vick is in the game, and I'm confident that that was the idea behind having him out there in the first place. The idea being of course that defenders "have to account for Vick".

I actually think the best plays come when Desean Jackson or Shady Mccoy take the wildcat snap, they seem to be consistently making good gains so far.

Stephen said...

Oh and I'll leave it to you to write a lengthy bit about that 4th and 1 playcall. Only we would empty the backfield and run a designed rollout out of the shotgun on 4th and 1. When the chiefs marched right down the field and scored I was ready to murder AR.

T_S_O_P said...

I heard from the KC boards, Go_KC_99 stated

"Sloppy sloppy sloppy game, the Eagles at home coming of a loss is going to be hard enough without consistently shooting ourselves in the foot on a regular basis. Sloppy game. Did I say that?"

Cliff said...

Vick didn't look special, but the first play he ran you could tell the defense was affected by his presence. He ran a simple option play and the D was hesitant to go at him, fearing he'd pitch the ball or take off himself. Result: 7 yard gain.

I don't know what the point of having Vick line up as QB and hand the ball off in the I-formation is. The D sees the formation and Vick and has to think run all the way. Result: no gain.

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