Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st Half ... not bad


PHI 31
CAR 10

I wasn't expecting that. The defense has been especially good. They've set up 10 points with takeaways and scored a TD. That's great. Deangelo Williams is incredibly hard to tackle and has made something out of nothing a few times, but we're keeping him somewhat under control.

VA has played very well. The DTs have been rock solid. How about the LBs? Gonzo played the Wildcat well and broke up a pass. Jordan got a sack up the middle.

Sheldon Brown got tired of dropping picks and is having a great day. He's got 2 INTs and good returns on both. He's played really well.

The offense has been okay. We are 2 of 2 in the RZ. That's big. The pass protection has been surprisingly good. Westy has run very well. It would be nice to see some sustained drives.

STs has been up and down, but that's expected in the opener. Loved the 48-yard FG from Akers and Peanut's long PR for a TD.


Cliff said...

Tommy, man, you need to start a 2nd half thread so we can post some comments.

I, for one, am pissed we had a FG blocked.

Dollar Brand said...

Wow. Did not expect that after such an inauspicious beginning. the defense looked very good all game after that. Only thing that tempers my excitement at the moment is the Donovan injury.

Cliff said...

Sheldon Brown had a huge game today, too. I wonder why we didn't trade him in the off-season.

Stephen said...

Donovan has cracked ribs, could potentially be out for a couple of weeks. Thats awful news on the heels of a great victory.